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Did  you  know  that  turning  a  mediocre  sexual  encounter  into  an  award-winning performance  is  just  a  matter  of  a  mind  over  body?

Lock yourself in your  partner’s memory  forever  with  a  lasting  longer  technique  so  creative  you  won’t  believe  it’s actually  so  easy  to  master.

Gabrielle Moore in one of my favorite sex experts, and that’s because her techniques  simply  work.  Every.  Time.

So when I  found  out  about  her genius  ‘Last Longer  Tonight’ program,  I  had  to  share  the  news  with  you. She  has  an  incredible  discount  on  this  program  YOU  can  get  it  now  for  only $7 USD,  but  the  offer  won’t  last  long,  so  hurry  up!

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Simple Ways To Make Money On The Side At University

Simple Ways To Make Money On The Side At University

Student life is expensive. In England, the average student graduates university with £32,220 in debt, the Guardian reports. Sticking to a budget and minimising debt is crucial for the majority of students, but what happens when you simply need more money to cover your expenses and live comfortably? There are only so many hours you can work at your part-time job since you also need to go to class and study. If you’re currently facing the decision between working more hours or taking out a bigger loan, you’ll be relieved to know there’s a third option. Creating an extra income stream will benefit you financially without being too time-consuming or difficult to achieve. You’ll also enjoy cultivating an entrepreneurial spirit which will come in useful throughout life after university.


Start a YouTube channel

Whether you love teaching, playing music, reviewing video games, or even pranking, make videos of yourself doing what you’re best at and upload them to YouTube. Consistent, engaging, and quality content will get views which can lead to a decent income stream. Adverts will play before your videos and you’ll earn a percentage of the money generated. Sign up to Adsense to get paid per view. If you use your channel to recommend products, using affiliate links is another effective way to monetise your channel. Once you build up a strong viewership, you can also be sponsored by brands to advertise their products.

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Making Memory Your Strength – Guest Post

Today’s post is a great guest post from Jackie Edwards. 

Super competitive but not a great sportsman? An amazing sportsman but have difficulty remembering how far you ran two days ago? We all secretly want to be the best at something in our lives. Be it our hobbies or careers, everyone wants to excel and be known as ‘the guy that is really good at something special’. How about a talent that is not only respected but can be very handy for many other areas of your life? – Your memory.

Being able to remember vast amounts of information has many advantages. From remembering why you couldn’t make it into work last Monday, to the names of everyone at the party, a great memory will serve you well. There are many different options, but to be a master of memory you have to train like a memory champion.


Different techniques to improve memory

There are a number of different techniques to improve memory ranging from quick and easy fixes for beginners, to more complex and harder to imbed strategies for those with more time and a greater desire to succeed. The Dual-n-Back training is relatively simple, requiring around 30 minutes a day, however in a recent study they found that 30% of the students using this strategy had an improved working memory.  Memory Palaces are quicker to use, you imagine yourself in a place you know well, like your home town, and place the objects you wish to remember in different locations. When you next envisage yourself walking around the town you should be able to remember the different items you left behind. It’s a quick method and requires very little practice.


Alternative ways to improve memory

If you are not the type to sit and learn techniques to improve your memory, there are other strategies you can use which won’t require any new learning. Regular exercise and a well-balanced diet are known to have great effects on the brain and keep it active. Being organized and keeping yourself busy helps the brain stay tidy and alert. Plenty of sleep help clear out toxins and socializing keeps depression and stress away, both of which can lead to memory loss.

So if you fancy being the master of memory and impressing with your skills you need to investigate the strategies that are best for you. However, if you are still struggling, one new study has found that looking at attractive women can boost a man’s memory. Must be worth a try.

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I tried … a DDP Yoga session with DDP

 What was it?

‘DDP Yoga’ is a type of yoga that originated as ‘Yoga for the Guys’ (or my favourite term for it – ‘Broga’!) but it has gradually evolved over time into a badass, low impact, challenging yet calming, awesome workout program for anyone of any age or fitness level. It can either be performed as an accompaniment to your fitness plan or it can be the only workout you do and still see a great transformation to your body.

‘DDP Yoga’ uses what is known as Dynamic Resistance. What is that you ask? Well, I’ll let DDP answer that:

Dynamic Resistance is what makes DDP Yoga so powerful and so unique. I guess you could call it my “secret sauce.” You don’t need weights, bands or gadgets; the only resistance equipment you need is your body, because dynamic resistance uses counteracting muscles to continuously resist your movement. In simple terms, it’s like flexing all of your muscles as you move from one position to another. Dynamic resistance increases your heart rate and gets you into your Fat Burning zone. It converts slow moving, easy activity into fat-blasting muscle toning that quickly builds a sexy, slender, strong body.”

‘DDP Yoga’ basically involves you performing a range of moves (which are dependant on the pack purchased), keeping certain muscles tensed as you move, while at the same time, you control your breathing. Sounds simple, right? Try it! Dallas has formulated the workout so that you work the entire body, challenge yourself (regardless of your fitness), burn fat , build muscles (many that you miss in typical workout programmes) and be pumped up enough to do it again at the end of the move set without putting any pressure or strain on your joints and limbs.

Basically, it does this sort of thing – what could you do with ‘DDP Yoga?’:


Who runs it?

‘DDP Yoga’ is brought to you by a former wrestler, actor and now turned Yoga-entrepreneur ‘Diamond’ Dallas Page, or as he is better known to his legions of fans, ‘D.D.P’! Dallas discovered yoga through his wife, while he was rehabbing an injury he had sustained in the ring. He was approaching the age where the majority of performers typically were forced to retire due to the effects of injuries and wear and tear accumulated from wrestling. However, Dallas found that through yoga, he managed to get into the best shape of his life. He went on to win the title when he returned to the ring and continued to perform in the top tier of wrestling for years after. It was at this point that Dallas realised the benefits of yoga and how it can change people’s life. He realised that he could help so many people but first, he would need to shift the unfortunate stigma that yoga had gathered over the years and find a way to get the masses into yoga and build a hot body. This lead to ‘DDP Yoga’ being born!


How is it run?

You attend on the day. After a quick check in at the desk to check your desk you enter into the hall. You are given a warm welcome and find a space to unroll your mat. You place your personal belongings to the side and stand by your mat. Dallas works his way around the room and introduces himself to everyone in the room and chats to all. His amazing wife Brenda, works around the room, checking your setup, making sure your mat is in a suitable position and you will have adequate room to work out and so will those near you, without any accidentally hits with limbs as you move into various movements.

Page and Brenda work from a small stage in the room, which is visible to all in the room. Page wears a headset so all can hear him as he introduces himself and explains his story, his philosophy for DDP Yoga and how it can change you and your life. After a short but amazing little focus on your breathing, which can be used to help you in all situations, Dallas and Brenda start by demonstrating moves and they both point out key things to focus on. Page wears a heart rate monitor to demonstrate how his low impact but challenging version of yoga works to help you burn fat, build muscle and make you awesome regardless of your injury history or current issues.

After taking the class through a variety of different fun moves, explaining it first and then we copy, we take a short break. We get to ask Dallas questions about him and Yoga during a quick breather and water break. Afterwards, we run through a full body session led by Dallas and Brenda and Murray (the first certified Scottish DDP Yoga coach, assisting, and helping participants to correctly move into the various positions). The full session is done to some great music and motivation from Dallas.

The session started at 1 and lasted till 4, followed by a group picture and individual pictures and a chat with Dallas.


Who attended:

This was one of the best things about the session in my opinion. There were men, women, old and young, fit and very unfit and everything in between. There were people with disabilities, those who had never tried Yoga before, those coming back from injuries, those who hadn’t worked out since climbing off the couch but everyone had a great time. There were no drop outs during the session, as all of the exercises could be modified to suit the individual and their capabilities. DDP and Brenda (his wife) moved around, encouraging, pushing people, driving them to be their best. At the end, some were commenting on how they couldn’t believe what they had achieved, Page encourages you to reach a new level in your mental belief.

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Amazon Prime Day affiliate offers

The third annual Prime Day will be held on 11th July. This year there will be hundreds of thousands of deals exclusively available for Prime members, with new deals added every five minutes. Prime Day will last for 30 hours, starting at 6PM BST on the 10th July, giving you plenty of time to get the best deals!

Prime is Amazon’s premium program that offers members fast delivery of products, instant streaming of thousands of movies, TV episodes, and music, secure photo storage and much more. You must be a Prime member in order to benefit from Prime Day deals, so check out this offer as soon as possible and take this opportunity to get a free Prime 30-day trial. To find out more information on this awesome deal, please click the graphic below. Further info is below for your consideration …



During the 30-day trial and then for a monthly fee of £7.99, Amazon Prime members can:

  • Enjoy unlimited streaming of thousands of movies and TV shows
  • Watch anywhere, anytime with unlimited access throughout the UK
  • Download movies and TV to their mobile or tablet to watch offline
  • Watch Amazon Originals in HDR on living room devices
  • Watch exclusive hit TV shows not available anywhere else in the UK
  • Get unlimited, FREE One-Day Delivery on millions of items
  • Borrow from thousands of titles from the Kindle Owners’ Lending Library
  • Secure, unlimited photo storage with anywhere access
  • Listen to over 2 million songs on Prime Music


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Investment opportunity – The Chapar


Dear Next Level Guy,

Love The Chapar. Now Own The Business.

I am excited to announce The Chapar will, as of Friday, 5th May, be launching a crowdfunding campaign on Crowdcube. We are raising £1,000,000. We’d like to invite you to take part and own a bit of this fastly expanding company.

The Chapar offers:

  • Expertly, Handpicked Outfits Just For You.
  • Free Delivery & Returns On Orders.
  • Delivery To Home or Work
  • Easy To Use
  • Dedicated Stylist
  • Pay For What You Keep


How the Chapar works:

Wear premium clothes without the hassle of trawling the internet or the high street.
1.Have a 10-minute phone call with a stylist.
2.Receive what they’ve chosen for you in 3–5 days.
3.Try on your stylist’s picks at home.
4.Keep what you love and we’ll collect the rest for free.


Why should you invest?

We’ve enjoyed rapid growth in our business, over 120% year on year, and we need to aggressively invest to keep pace with this phenomenal demand.

With already 120,000 members, we’re on a mission to make The Chapar one of the biggest and most respected names in men’s style.

Crowdcube, the world’s leading investment crowdfunding platform, allows you to invest in and own part of The Chapar from as little as £10.

I wanted to contact you, to invite you to participate in our exciting future. Your investment will give you equity in our business, meaning as we continue to grow so will your investment. Along with this, there are additional rewards and up to 50% tax relief available under the EIS tax incentive.


How can you find out more?

If you’re interested in hearing more, please get in touch via or visit:
We would truly appreciate your support and in having you as an integral part of this next exciting chapter in The Chapar story.

Now is the time to join in this amazing opportunity.

Yours stylishly,

Sam Middleton
Founder of The Chapar

Together, we are changing the way men shop.


Further information

Investments of this nature carry risks to your capital. Please #InvestAware.

The Chapar Promise.

We’re here for one reason: to help you find great clothes without the hassle of going shopping. There’s no commitment, no delivery costs, and you only pay for what you keep. Plus, our prices are the same as on the high street.

Chester House
Fulham, London