What is the Next Level?

Today is day 2 of the Problogger ‘Get back in your blogging groove’ challenge and the challenge is to write a FAQ post, a post that answers a frequently asked question and post it up in 24 hours.

For me, this challenge was hard to find a suitable topic for. I do get a lot of questions from people but it’s rare to get anything relating standard questions just now as I am slowly rebuilding up my audience. Therefore, I have decided to pick the main theme for my blog and to answer the main question most will consider when they read the name of my website … ‘what is the next level?’ and how does one know when they have reached it and how to know when they are a Next Level Guy? So let’s get into it …

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The 7 steps to get back into the gym

We’ve all heard the reasons why we should work out, as well as trying to navigate the acres of articles on how to work out, many contradicting one another but what if you need to start back at the gym after a long lay-off due to work or injury? Well, that is a predicament I found myself in and the subject of today’s blog article.

The gym is a magical place, somewhere that as the numbers go up, the fat drops off, the muscle grows as well as the confidence in amazing displays of personal record-smashing lifts. That’s how it should go, a wonderful arena of challenges, easily dispatched by your skilled hands as they hit the next level, then like Arnold, you can crush your personal records, hear the praise of the gym folk and be king of your confidence as you eat your well earned high protein feast.

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Are You Man Enough In The Bedroom?

2 Girls Teach Sex Special Report:

man enough?
When you’re man enough in bedroom, you can get your girl into any position

Are You Man Enough In The Bedroom?

By Shawna Lenee
Special for


That is what the “A” stands for in the P.A.V.E. system I show in the 2 Girls Teach Sex DVDs, and it’s the topic of your 10th and final lesson.

I saved one of the best lessons for last, and I mean it. There are few things that turn a girl on MORE than a guy who commands authority in the bedroom. When you act like a man it makes us feel like women =)

There are a lot of ways to be authoritative with your girl. Here are six you can use to get on the right track, tonight!

1) Take charge!

This starts right from the beginning. Don’t ASK for sex. Just make your move! YOU must lead the interaction.

Here’s a great way to show her you’re in control: Once you have her turned on, naked, and ready to go, tell her she isn’t ready yet.

Tease her, and tell her she has to beg for it before you will give it to her.

Then tell her what positions to get in, tell her what to say, tell her whatever… just make sure you are leading!

Make her orgasm on your command. When she is getting close, tell her you want her to come for you.OR tell her she isn’t allowed to come until you say it’s OK. Then keep doing her hard and make her wait for your OK.

That last one is an advanced technique =) (I explain exactly how to do it in my 2 Girls Teach Sex DVD program), and we girls looooove it. Try it out!

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The Total Human Cleanse & Definitive Guide To Detoxifying Your Body

Introducing a brand new product from Onnit. Feel like you need to cleanse and detox after a crazy 2015? Well, you are in luck!

It’s a new year. We’re ready to get systems cleaned out, primed and ready … so why not pick up Onnit’s brand new FREE Ebooks showing you how to cleanse your body ready for the mass improvement you will bring this year. Within the Total Human Cleanse readers will find what to eat, drink, and which Onnitsupplements is best for a perfect detoxification.  For that recommendation we have created the Cleanse Essential Pack.

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How to Seduce Women With Their Own Weapons

The weapons of a woman can be deadly.

All a beautiful woman has to do is to reveal a bit of her cleavage, look at you in a seductive way and whisper naughty things in your ear. That’s enough to make you fall for her.

You wouldn’t be the first man who would become a victim of the weapons of women. Thousands of men before you have lost their sanity and their money in the pursuit of beautiful women.

Don’t be naïve and believe that girls don’t know what they do. They know exactly what buttons they have to push and what words they have to say to make your heart melt. They know how to use their weapons and you should know how to use yours.

Just because women are masters in using their charm, their subtle signals, their way of communicating and their nasty tests to turn confident men into loyal puppies, doesn’t mean that you can’t do the same.

It might sound crazy but you can actually use the same weapons that women use. All you have to do is to learn from the other sex, to modify their weapons to your needs and to use those weapons against them.

Allow me to show you how you can attract and seduce gorgeous women by using the same weapons they use to make men addicted to them.


Get Noticed

What is the first thing that women do when they plan to attract a guy in a bar or club?

They spend at least two hours in the bathroom. They remove every single pubic hair, they make sure that all their holes smell like vanilla and they spend more time searching for the right clothes than you spend at work. They do everything in their power to look good, to smell good and to shine like movie stars. No

No woman wears high heels in a club because they are so comfortable. They do it because guys are magically drawn to long legs that stand on high heels. They know what they have to do to get the guys they want.

I don’t say that you have to spend two hours in the bathroom the next time you go out, but adopting this strategy is definitely not the worst idea. The strategy to use clothes, smell and grooming to get noticed among the other men can actually lead to success with the ladies.

The chance that she notices you while you stand next to two other dudes is a lot higher when you smell better, have a better haircut and the better clothes. You can say what you want, but the first impression is important. Make sure that you leave the best first impression you can.

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Onnit introduce the awesome new 90.28lb Bigfoot Primalbell

The search is over, the missing link in your Primal Bell collection is finally here.

Weighing in at 2.5 pood (90.28 pounds), the Bigfoot Primal Bell is our heaviest kettlebell released to date. Though elusive, this Savage Sasquatch has already been spotted on the social media accounts of Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, Joe Rogan, and Phil “CM Punk” Brooks.

This one looks amazing!

Want one? Click here!

Awesome Onnit News

Onnit’s 2014 Holiday Gift Guide
Holiday shopping is in full swing and Onnit is the premier destination for health & fitness gifts. From supplements and fitness equipment to gear and gift cards, the time is prime for holiday commissions. Use our new 2014 Holiday Gift Guide to help your audience make easy decisions this year.


Onnit’s flagship Earth grown nutrient based supplement, Alpha BRAIN, demonstrates statistically significant cognitive improvement for healthy, intelligent adults in a double blind, placebo controlled, randomized trial conducted by The Boston Center for Memory.
Alpha BRAIN by Onnit

The following is the press release from Onnit on the tests done on their awesome Alpha Brain product and how it works well.


Dr. Todd Soloman of the Boston Center For Memory.

Onnit Labs, an Austin based total human optimization company, recently announced a major milestone in their clinical research platform. The flagship Earth grown nutrient based nootropic Alpha BRAIN, which has already sold over 16 million capsules, released clinical trial results in apodcast with Dr. Todd Solomon of The Boston Center for Memory.

In discussing the results of the study Dr. Todd Solomon commented “We are encouraged by the results” Dr. Solomon went on to clarify, “We are an independent research organization that has conducted over one hundred clinical trials in compounds for cognitive benefit and our goal was to apply the same rigorous scientific standards and methods in the study of Alpha BRAIN as we do in any other clinical trial. Our plan from the outset was to disseminate the data from the study, regardless of whether the study demonstrated any significant findings. As such, we are always encouraged by results that indicate a potential for benefit, however, as in any single clinical trial, the results will need to be replicated before any definitive conclusions can be made.”


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