Is ‘The Natural’ worth your money?

What are we looking at?

The Natural‘ is an online database of instructional videos on how you can become a natural with women. It is the latest ‘game’ product by an instructor from RSD Nation, which is aimed at teaching guys how to become better with women. However, this is aimed at learning the natural game, which is not the creepy techniques and canned lined approach often taught by others. Natural game is developing you as the prize and learning how to be the best you possible and attracting women by being your true self, not a canned or fake pick up artist, using lines others have told you to say or act in a way that is not really you. ‘The Natural’ became RSD Nation’s number one selling product and it is easy to see why. It is not about changing someone into a fake identity to con women, ‘The Natural’ is a unique product, it is about developing you and polishing and developing you into the star of the show and becoming attractive through your own development. It can work for anyone.


Who is it from?

RSD Max from RSD Nation. I interviewed RSD Max last time and he gave a great interview, with some amazing help and tips to anyone wanting to better their life. See the interview here. The interview was just a drop in the ocean compared to the crazy level of quality in ‘The Natural’. There are over 40 hours of content in this product.


How much are we talking?

The course is offered with three different levels, depending on the additional items you wish to purchase with the main programme. For a breakdown of the costs, please see the levels below. Each link will take to the main purchase site, via my affiliate link.


50 Shades of Max Lay Reports
The Natural Family Facebook Group
50 Shades of Max Lay Reports
The Natural Family Facebook Group
The Max Hotseat
Instructor in a Pocket
3 Q&A Webinars
50 Shades of Max Lay Reports
The Natural Family Facebook Group
The Max Hotseat
Instructor in a Pocket
12 Q&A Webinars
The Debrief Chronicles
Tinder Game Extension

secureFor your security, all orders are processed on a secure server.



Who is it aimed at?

No matter if you are a beginner or think of yourself as a Casanova, there is something for everyone in this product. Even if you have been to an RSD event previously, such as a Bootcamp or a Hot Seat (please note: both are affiliate links), you can learn something. These events are a whirlwind of info and experience. ‘The Natural’ is like having an instructor in your pocket, who you can sit down with and learn how to become better with women. It doesn’t matter if you’re just beginning on your voyage, just out of a long-term relationship, looking for a high-quality girlfriend or a lot of different girls, there is something to learn here.


What do you get for your money?

The Natural‘ is an online course, of instructional pick up tips, challenges and insights that make you better with women. They cover all aspects of game, from social dynamics to building a strong foundation, to developing your skills, moving towards mastering the natural game. The product is offered with three separate access levels. On each level, you are given access to all videos. However, depending on the level you pick to purchase, you can also have access to awesome additional content, such as how to be great on Tinder, sit in on pre-recorded debrief sessions from Bootcamps, have access to an exclusive Facebook group that RSD Max monitors and responds to posts in, webinars, Max’s Hot Seat programme (which alone has over 30 hours of content in it) and my personal favourite, the instructor in your pocket option (a series of great reminder, tips and kick up the arse videos that can help you make a night awesome or fix a night that isn’t going well. This option is like having RSD Max out with you and giving you great tips, challenges and the motivation to act on what you have learned, correct as you go and make your night awesome). I would love a mobile phone app version of this too.


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David Brent: Life on the road: a quick review

To be honest, it was pretty average. There were a lot of funny moments and some laugh out loud moments, but there were four people who left the theatre seperately about half way through.

If you like the Office, you should like it, as the film tries desperately to rekindle the feeling from the original series. The problem is that in the Office, there were other story lines going on and your exposure to ‘David Brent’ was restricted and he had other characters to play off. In the film, it feels really drawn out to fill time every time he is on screen. You could have easily reduced the total running time by trimming certain ‘Brent heavy’ scenes to points they stopped being funny and still would have been a better film.

Ricky Gervais is great as Brent, however, it really does feel like its a tv special made to fill a slot, rather than a good idea to make a TV show into a movie. There are too many drawn out moments with Brent-esque mannerisms to fill time rather than potential other character development or story arcs or anything else of value.

Gervais’s portrayal of Brent will inspire you to learn from him and avoid the social exclusion traps Brent falls into as he chases acceptance and to be liked by the band. Although his character is magnified to fill a comedic role, I did leave thinking about how easy it is for us as modern men to become partly like him, to become distant from social groups, lose touch with friends and be lost alone in the world. It is a real fear that we may be alone and unable to become part of a herd, to make friends and have a social life. The film does remind you about the need to be more in the moment, to accept people as they are and not to try so damn hard, just let things happen.

All in all, it was a film that is relatively funny but you wouldn’t go out of your way to see, or rewatch, without playing with your phone or some other waste of time. You could have made it into another mini series, developed some of the other characters and made a good TV series. It just smacks of a desperate need to make money from the character and it is an OK film but could and should have been much better.

An average film that you will enjoy when you watch it but quickly forget it after. If you have a choice, see something else or wait till it comes out on TV. Quite disappointing.

Suicide Squad: a quick review

Suicide squad. It’s pretty terrible.

A clusterfuck of bad acting, terrible casting, pointless bad ‘lady’, little character development so you don’t give a rats ass and a horrible story.

It teaches that some can’t act, some have a very limited range, some need to be the centre of attention and they left the best character to an outside arc. After all the build up, time, promotion etc, this is a serious letdown.

There are only a few positives. The soundtrack is pretty class and Margot Robbie got a few laughs from the crowd (and is pretty hot) but this was one of those films that obviously let the ego of the actors control things and they believed their own hype.

Choose something else to see as this is awful.

A review of ‘The Next Level Guy Show’

Today is day three of the ProBlogger ‘get your blogging groove back again’ challenge. The challenge? To punt out a review post that will shake the world to its core … or just something for you to read while having a cup of tea and a skive from work. If that’s what you want … grab a biscuit too, you’ve earned it … read away my friend, read away!




‘Product’:The Next Level Guy Show‘ podcast

Why review this?: Currently, I do not have any review products of which I can analyse like an electronic Sherlock Holmes. Some are coming soon but I don’t have the time-frame or the product to review right now. So I have decided to do a quick reflective review of my new podcast, to see how things are going, where things are going bad and how I can change things to prosper in the long run … and tick off the latest challenge. It may be cheating on the challenge but I think it may scrape by within the terms and conditions of the challenge! Time to begin …


The Good

  • Great guests: When I look at my guests up to the present day (which you can do by clicking this link), I have to say that I have had some cracking guests, people who are renowned in their field of expertise and who run very popular websites and businesses. These are people who have massive audiences, who have excelled in their chosen fields and lead the way in their respective industries thinking and development. And the guests who are to come on soon … are just as good.

Seriously, subscribe now as you won’t want to miss out, click me!


  • Better at yapping than typing: If I consider my strengths, I feel that I am a better talker than a writer, I feel more able to construct what I want to say if I hear the waffle bounce around the room, rather than stare at a keyboard, waiting for the flash of brilliance that allows you to kill ten minutes waiting for your bus journey to end. The podcast has allowed me to become more confident in myself and what I have to say. I have noticed that I don’t throw up the filler words as much, fewer occurrences of ‘erm’ and ‘eh’ assaulting your ear drums when you listen to the more recent podcasts. I find that as I publish more and more, my brain works faster, my thinking has become more accelerated, I get to the ruddy point more (you wouldn’t think it reading this would you!). I am more confident talking now. I love to chat to the guests, I love to hear their stories and I feel more confident on listening and asking follow-up questions to delve deeper. This has taken time and has been a struggle but I feel that I am a better conversationalist for this and that can only benefit me in terms of my social life, relationships and career down the line, no matter what happens with the podcast.


  • Podcasting allowed me to keep blogging: Over the last two years, I lost interest in blogging, while I underwent a massive dose of impostor syndrome. I didn’t feel like I was an expert enough to write about topics and advise other people on how to live, while I wasn’t living the life that I wanted. However, by running the podcast, I am able to interview the experts, I am able to be the one asking the questions, listening to the answers and hopefully delving down to get the answers and insights that my audience wants to hear. If you look at some of my earlier writing, then compare the quality, the realism and the quality of both, you will notice a massive change. By switching the focus from supposed expert to ‘lay-man’, I was able to continue blogging and undertaking a journey of discovery and learning, that I hope everyone else is enjoying coming on too and learning something too.


  • Helped me develop personally and career: Everything on the podcast journey, from the setup, recording, editing and publishing is done by the extraordinary (and modest!) hands of the author of this riveting tale of drivel woefully pretending to be a review article. I didn’t attend any real training courses or hire another to do the work for me, instead I learnt everything the hard way. I tried things, I changed codes around, I changed links and saw what happened. I was successful sometimes and destroyed my sanity and swore a lot for the majority of times, when a seemingly meaningless change of a code would ruin my entire podcast feed or some other such monstrosity. Such events hurt my head, my fist as I hit the table and made me want to crawl under my desk, but I worked them out, slowly at times but learnt how to do each of the things required and then to push and develop each of the different areas, so I could be better at them, I could be more technical, more polished, more developed … you could say, hit the next level in each area (yes, I know, I need help!).


By going on a ‘wonderful’ journey of despair and misery, I became a self-made blogging wizard, I knew the spells to cast to fix problems that many people of more polished blogging fame struggled with or had to hire others. At my real work, I was able to offer to interview students and publish podcasts on a publishing platform I would set up for them. I got paid a lot of money for that. The skills, experience, bragging rights and money that came from all of this, would never have came about if I never decided to stop typing and start yapping with the record button on.



Another shameless plug for subscribers, click the above image to subscribe like the cool kids have


The Bad

  • I jumped without thinking: I don’t think it takes much investigation to realise that I had no plan when I started the podcast, I went in blind and hoped I could make it a success. Time has now passed and I am soon to record episode 5 with numerous other guests lined up or in the process of signing up and just ironing out the final details, it is too late to go back and start again in the grand scheme of things. To be honest, I don’t think I would want to start again, I am enjoying it all too much right now. However, I do wish, I had done some more investigation before I hit publish on my first post. I wish I had created a publishing schedule, that I had banked some recorded interviews so that when I was going through a dry patch with possible interviews, I could use some of my pre-recorded episodes and not have such long gaps between posts. The past can’t change, but I can use the present to consider where I went wrong and how I will use the future to eliminate the faults and publish a better show and make the show a career for me. I will be more fluid with setting up episodes as I record others, promote more effectively, work harder on the quality and have a more organised approach in general to everything.


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I Tried: DDP Yoga!

Product: DDP Yoga

Who from: ‘DDP Yoga’ is brought to you by former wrestler, actor and now turned Yoga-entrepreneur ‘Diamond’ Dallas Page, or as he is better known to his legions of fans, ‘D.D.P’! Dallas discovered yoga through his wife, while he was rehabbing an injury he had sustained in the ring. He was approaching the age where the majority of performers typically were forced to retire due to the effects of injuries and wear and tear accumulated from wrestling. However, Dallas found that through yoga, he managed to get into the best shape of his life. He went on to win the title when he returned to the ring and continued to perform in the top tier of wrestling for years after. It was at this point that Dallas realised the benefits of yoga and how it can can change people’s life. He realised that he could help so many people but first he would need to shift the unfortunate stigma that yoga had gathered over the years and find a way to get the masses into yoga and build a hot body. This lead to ‘DDP Yoga’ being born!

What is it: ‘DDP Yoga’ is a type of yoga that originated as ‘Yoga for the Guys’ (or my favourite term for it – ‘Broga’!) but it has gradually evolved over time into a badass, low impact, challenging yet calming, awesome workout program for anyone of any age or fitness level. It can either be performed as an accompaniment to your fitness plan or it can be the only workout you do and still see a great transformation to your body.

‘DDP Yoga’ uses what is known as Dynamic Resistance. What is that you ask? Well, I’ll let DDP answer that:

Dynamic Resistance is what makes DDP Yoga so powerful and so unique. I guess you could call it my “secret sauce.” You don’t need weights, bands or gadgets; the only resistance equipment you need is your body, because dynamic resistance uses counteracting muscles to continuously resist your movement. In simple terms, it’s like flexing all of your muscles as you move from one position to another. Dynamic resistance increases your heart rate and gets you into your Fat Burning zone. It converts slow moving, easy activity into fat-blasting muscle toning that quickly builds a sexy, slender, strong body.”

‘DDP Yoga’ basically involves you performing a range of moves (which are dependant on the pack purchased), keeping certain muscles tensed as you move, while at the same time, you control your breathing. Sounds simple, right? Try it! Dallas has formulated the workout so that you work the entire body, challenge yourself (regardless of your fitness), burn fat , build muscles (many that you miss in typical workout programmes) and be pumped up enough to do it again at the end of the move set without putting any pressure or strain on your joints and limbs.

Basically, it does this sort of thing – what could you do with ‘DDP Yoga?’:

What do you get with it:

(Full Disclosure – I was given a free copy to review after I interviewed DDP. To listen to the interview, click here)


With the entry-level pack, you get:

  • A handy wall chart showing all of the basic moves and the movement transitions, which looks great on your wall. This is great for a reference tool.
  • The DVD’s in cool envelope sleeves that are colourful and inspiring.
  • A great user manual. It is littered with handy tips on nutrition, how to perform the moves, exercise timetabling, lifestyle and so on. It is written with DDP’s unique sense of personality and passion. I won’t go into great detail about the manual here but suffice to say, I would have happily bought this as an additional purchase to the DVD’s, due to the quality of it.
How did I find it?


  • Open to all: You can start it, at any age, any gender and almost fitness level. ‘DDP Yoga’ is an unbiased exercise platform that is open to anyone and can still change anyone’s life. There really is no entrance requirements to start. It doesn’t matter who you are or what your history is, ‘DDP Yoga’ will improve you. It helps fix your posture, make you more flexible and stronger and have a number of additional benefits to the rest of your life (including having sex – trust me, it really helps!).
  • Very Inspiring Guy: You can’t help but find Dallas very inspiring. There is just something about him, that when he talks, you get drawn in. He’s full of energy, passion and personality. DDP does a great job of explaining the moves and his yoga in a way that motivates you to workout. When you watch it, it’s like he’s your own personal trainer, which as a wrestling fan is awesome!
  • Hot Girls: One of the things that draws you in are the demonstrators. Not only are they in great physical shape, give great demonstrations of the exercise and with such passion and vitality but they are also really, really hot! What more can you want from such a programme – great workout and hot babes! With ‘DDP Yoga’ you get both in droves!




  • Very descriptive & Informative: Dallas expertly explains all the moves, with very descriptive terms and terminology but he does so in a way that you can feel if you are doing them right or wrong. I have used many programmes in my time but the majority just give you instructions of how to do something and it is up to you to figure out if you are doing it right. Not ‘DDP Yoga’. In this programme, Dallas describes how you should feel, how the muscles should feel inside your body and so on. Dallas does an awesome job of helping you get the most from this programme by submerging you as deeply into it as possible.
  • Gives Examples: Something I really liked was the way that someone else would demonstrate and Dallas would explain what was a good or bad way of doing the exercise and Dallas would break down the exercise and show the muscles being used. This allowed me to get a deeper understanding of the exercise and know whether I was doing it right or wrong. It was great as by Dallas doing this style of explanation, you become more in tune with your body as you feel the exercise rather than try and do as you remember.
  • Cool Names: One of the problems that I found with original yoga were the names. They were all so flowery and either too spiritual or girly for my taste. It was hard to take it serious when you were told to get into certain positions that made you question your masculinity. However, with ‘DDP Yoga’ its different. There is still some traditional yoga terminology in there but Dallas has mixed this up with names taken from wrestling holds and the like. It’s hard not to smirk with coolness as you perform moves with names like ‘Road Warrior’, ‘Thunderbolt’ and my favourite the ‘Diamond Cutter’ (where you make DDP’s trademarked wrestling taunt … in a yoga pose!). This is a great idea as we no longer associate his yoga with what ‘the girls’ do but instead as a exercise programme to get into a badass shape.
  • It doesn’t take long: I started noticing subtle changes in my body, pretty much from the first few weeks of performing the programme. You notice little bits of fat leave here and there and your muscles feel like they can contract tighter and overall you feel fitter and stronger, with spikes in how flexible you are. Yet, you hardly feel as if you are working out. Too often, a workout programme must be followed for a few months to see any changes and the impact it has on your body causing you to stop due to fatigue or wear and tear. However, with ‘DDP Yoga’ you start to look and feel awesome pretty much from the start with no strain on your joints, no real drain on your energy levels and no equipment needed – you can literally do it anywhere. The workouts are very short and with a lot of variety in the moves too so you won’t get bored very easily either.
  • Different Levels of the Exercises: A lot of the exercises chosen can be altered to suit differing levels of fitness. For example, the slow push-ups can be done either with the legs fully extended or on the knees. This customisation to suit various fitness levels, allows the programme to be available to all people regardless of how fit they currently are. It was cool to see on the DVD how originally some of the demonstrators struggled when they started the programme and how far they had come after following the programme for a while.





  • True Test of Fitness: The thing with ‘DDP Yoga’ is that it seems easy. ‘DDP Yoga’ seems like something that your average meathead will think they can do easily. However, ‘DDP Yoga’ really shows you how fit you truly are. Dalla’s yoga removes all equipment, it removes the ability to cheat, all excuses, all bullshit. With ‘DDP Yoga’ it shows you your true fitness level. You can’t lie to yourself anymore. It will show you where the flaws in your fitness are and what you need to work on. However with the change you see from performing ‘DDP Yoga’ and Dallas being in your fitness tag team, you will be soon shooting for fitness gold!
  • Breathing: It was very difficult at times to remember about the demonstrate breathing patterns. There is an introductory video on breathing and then it is not mentioned during the exercise demonstrations. I think that it would helped if how to breathe during the exercise was mentioned at the same time as how to do the exercise. This way, you would learn the moves and lock in the breathing technique as you learned the moves. Breathing sounds so simple but when you have so much else to concentrate on, it would have helped to have even a gentle reminder about breathing now and then when they were explaining the exercises.
  • Difficult to keep up at times: There were times when Dallas would perform an exercise (or a demonstrator would) and demonstrate the full movement through and then you were invited to perform the same move with him after watching the demonstrations. Unfortunately, not all of the moves were like this. Some went straight into you being asked to do the move at the same time. I found myself occasionally clicking the DVD back to watch it again and to perform the move at the correct time, which was a slight annoyance.
  • No mention of how to pick out workout spots: Something that I found was missing from the introduction, was there was no mention of how to pick out your exercise location. The movements require you to stretch your body and limbs, which can mean going on all fours, stretching out arms and legs and so on. You need to pick an area that is clutter free, away from breakables etc to work out in. I had to reposition where I was as I was too big for the area beside my writing desk! A few minutes explaining the sort of space to work out in would have helped e.g. find an area that you can stretch your arms out in all directions or something similar.
  • You will get jealous!: The demonstrators and Dallas himself are very fit people. There is no getting away from that. The ease that they get into positions was great to watch but can be draining at you as you try and put your sweaty self into a similar pose! However, the jealousy merely spurns you on to try harder and get to their level! You want to create a great body like Dalla’s and use it to get the yoga hotties that are in the videos!
OK, tell me straight – Is it Worth the money in a few words?

Hell Yes! Cards on the table, I got a free copy of the first level ‘DDP Yoga’. But I would have more than happily paid for it. I really cannot state how much quality I feel comes with ‘DDP Yoga’. It gets you into great shape but doesn’t drain you or pound your body like weights and the like do. You feel clearer in your mind, you are more flexible and you get a great body to attract hot chicks with. I haven’t found a downside yet! I would wholeheartedly recommend ‘DDP Yoga’ to anyone, including my mates and I am now proud to say I do yoga and it’s helping me to become a badass!

OK, I want it, where do I get it?

If you want to be part of the cool kids, you can pick up DDP Yoga, by clicking here.

You can follow Dallas on Twitter here and Like him on Facebook here.


The following are recordings of my interview with DDP. Sadly, I was using a awful call recorder back then so I only have the audio on these youtube videos but I will have a proper audio player copy up soon.


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Review: Artillery Underwear

Today, I’m reviewing something that I never thought I’d ever get excited about, being a guy (unless it was on a hot girl!) … Underwear!



Artillery Underwear



What is it:

A selection of high quality, limited edition designed underwear. This isn’t your normal quality underwear though. Each pair you buy comes in a limited edition look, which tells it’s own unique story, feels amazing on, gets complimented and few others will own (for now anyway!).


Who’s made it:

The awesome folks at


How much is it:

$26.95 is the cost per garment (Australian Dollars) plus shipping costs which depend on your location (Flat Rate of AU$2 per order within Australia. For international orders – Flat Rate of AU$5 per order)


Where do you get it from:

To get the only underwear you’ll ever need, click this link:


Is this an Affiliate Link:

No, but I was sent two free items to review by the company to review. I was sent ‘Barbed wire by Juan Restrepo‘ and ‘Polka-Dots by Daniel Ramos‘.


What do you get for your money:

Depending on the items you buy, you get great fitting, well designed, very well made underwear. Each item has it own limited edition look from barbed wire to animals. The items come, folded, in small plastic packets, with the ‘Artillery’ logo in black and yellow on the packet.

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Review: ‘You’ve Got Game’


“Who’s Got Game?” Board Game.


What is it:

It’s a cool, fun and exciting board game, that blends dating, social interaction and helping the two sexes interact. It is 4+ player game that lets you touch, feel, question, dare, challenge (and so much more) your fellow players!

It gets you up close and personal with your fellow players and is the ultimate social lubricant!

Players take turn being ‘The Leader’, who reads out various questions and physical tasks that the other have to complete (some are brilliant if you have hot girls playing!) with the ‘Leader’ scoring them on their performance. At the end, each player is faced with ‘The Final Challenge’. The winner is the player with the most points … or phone numbers! 🙂

The box states the gaame is for adults (18+) but you could probably have your teenage kids playing, if you wanted to play as a family. The more ‘risque’ cards could be removed ahead of time. However, it is FAR more fun to play with adults … preferbly hot and single adults.



Who’s made it:

Neil Strauss, seven-time New York Times bestselling author of the PUA/Seduction books ‘The Game’ and ‘Rules of the Game’. Neil worked alongside Adam Kornblum to bring the project to life and Adam is the go-to guy (basically he does all the work!).

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Review: ‘Jump Start Your Social Life’ by Brent Smith

Something that I’ve been getting some emails about is what products would I recommend to people to help them better themselves.

So many in fact, I’ve decided to introduce a ‘Reviews’ section, where I’ll only review products that I’ve tried and recommend.

First up, we are going to look at a great ebook that has just been released by the exclusive lifestyle coach, Brent Smith.



‘Jump Start Your Social Life’


What is it:

A ebook by a dating coach, designed to show you how to build up a large and constant, fun social life, no matter your current situation.



Who’s made it:

It’s made by Lifestyle Coach Superstar Brent Smith and Jason Treu, one of his former students and now a very successful Coach too

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