Who: Mike Robertson

Where is he Normally: Mike’s site is here: http://robertsontrainingsystems.com/ Trust me, you won’t be sorry for clicking this link!

Why should you care about this: I love Mike’s site. I can honestly say that Mike’s site is the first thing I check when I am seeking either a definitive guide for an exercise or a way to improve my performance of the exercise. Mike’s posts are highly detailed, no fluff and really give you an insight into the topic and how to progress from beginner level to elite. Mike’s posts have thousands of words and very instructional videos too. He covers a wide range of topics but thankfully, Mike doesn’t just give you the usual BS training advice. Where others just give the same training programme for anyone, regardless of the level, Mike breaks down the truth. He writes posts not only about how to do exercises but also about why you can’t do something and what you may need to look at and correct. For example his informative post on front squats helped me add 10kg to my lift recently. If you lift weights, play sports or even just want to be a bit healthier, I feel you are doing yourself a disservice by not checking out Mike’s site.



NLG: Can you tell me about your journey from normal dude to Fitness Wizard? What started your journey on being the ultimate performance coach? Was there a defining moment that caused it? 

MR: I’m not sure there was one single thing that started it. I was an above average but not great athlete that loved sports. The summer between my sophomore and junior years, I started lifting weights and saw an immediate improvement in my performance.

Fast forward to my senior year of college, and I’m interning in the athletic weight room at Ball State. I got the opportunity to merge my passion for athletics with my love of strength training. It was truly a match made in heaven!


NLG: Recovery is a dirty word for most gym goer’s, who think to get fit, you need to do more in the gym not less. Can you explain what foam rolling is and how to do it? What benefit does foam rolling do to anyone who does it?

MR: Foam rolling is like massage you can do on yourself. Using a big piece of dense foam, you roll over stiff or tight tissues, it hurts like hell, but when you stand up and move around you have an immediate increase in flexibility or mobility.

And keep in mind, using a foam roller is just one piece of equipment you can use. At our gym Indianapolis Fitness and Sports Training (or IFAST) for short, we use foam rollers, lacrosse balls, tennis balls, The Stick, and numerous other tools.

As far as benefits go, it doesn’t tear down scar tissue or remodel muscles or anything, but it does send a signal to your brain that says “hey, we’re pretty tight down here – time to loosen up.”

And over time, you body obliges and you improve flexibility and mobility.


NLG: Great way to describe it. I’ve tried it and thankfully the benefits do outway the pain at first! Can you tell me any tips for working out that you have found that shouldn’t work but do, the ones that sound so stupid and absurd that go against what people traditionally think works but it gets results? 

MR: The most obvious example I have is that you should spend less time worrying about your workout, and more time focusing on how you recover.

Many of my athletes use what’s called heart rate variability (HRV) to track their recovery. What we find is that we can crush them in the gym, but if they are doing the right things outside the gym, they can recover quite well.

But, if they go out for a big night on the town, or simply have a horrible nights rest, that’s when you see their recovery crash and burn.

Quite simply, people are so focused on training they often forget about how important it is to recover well. Switch the emphasis and I bet you’ll see even better results in and out of the gym.


NLG: For someone just about to start the gym, what tips would you give to ensure they recover efficiently from the gym and prevent injuries? How can they avoid doing the stupid, ego driven moves that all the others do (bad form, mirror muscles only etc)

MR: Well, there’s really two questions here, so I’ll avoid both.

If you’re focused on recovery (which you should be), it doesn’t have to be expensive or high-tech. Foam roll and stretch 4-5 times per week before bed, get 7-9 hours of sleep per night, and work on your breathing whenever possible.

Maybe that’s why no one talks about recovery – at a base level, it’s just not that sexy!

As far as preventing injuries and not doing stupid moves, I have a general rule I apply with newbies:

  • Perform twice as much work for the upper back as you do the chest. In other words, twice as many sets of rows and chins versus bench or overhead press.
  • Perform twice as much work for the posterior chain as you do the anterior chain. In other words, twice as many sets of RDL’s, deadlifts, etc. over squats.
  • Last but not least, include anterior core work every day. Contrary to popular belief, it’s rare that I see a “weak” lower back. Instead what you see is a lower back that’s doing all the work, because the anterior core (abs, obliques), can’t do it’s fair share of the work.


NLG: I don’t believe myself a gym newbie but I’ll be installing the above into my normal routine as it is epic advice! A big part of my site is using guys as role models and adopting their techniques as part of your own life. I’m very interested in Who you consider role models in your life? From the entertainment world as well as real life and why they inspire you?

MR: Wow this is a really great question, and it would be really hard to narrow this down. Instead, let me give you a principle that I follow.

On any given day I could be learning in numerous areas (training, marketing, personal development, writing, etc.) and to do this, I make it a goal to find the best of the best in that area and learn everything possible from them.

For instance when it comes to writing, I really like Dan Kennedy’s stuff. So I consume everything possible from him.

For personal development, I like Robin Sharma and Jim Rohn.

Then you can move into training. For energy system development and conditioning, I love Joel Jamieson’s stuff.

For multi-directional speed and agility, I love Lee Taft.

So that’s how I go about learning and assimilating. I go to someone I consider to be best in class, learn everything possible, and then mold and adapt their teachings into my overall philosophy or belief-system.


NLG: We share a lot of common in that respect! What do you think modern day men need to do more of in the gym? Is there 1 – 3 things that you’d recommend all men should incorporate into their training to become fitter, more athletic and just generally healthier? 

MR: Another great question. I think there are three things that everyone should focus on at times throughout the year:

1 – Movement

2 – Strength

3 – The Aerobic Base

Movement is literally the base of our pyramid. If you move like crap (poor mobility, poor stability, or an inability to do basic moves like squats, step-ups, lunges, and push-ups) then you’re going to struggling doing just about anything with resistance or athletic looking.

Instead, work to rebuild your foundation first.

From there, strength is another big ticket item. If you get stronger, there’s carryover there to numerous other physical qualities – speed, power, agility, etc. Maximal strength is just so vital, and I think most men would do well to focus on it for at least 3-4 months out of every year.

Last but not least, the aerobic energy system gets a bad rap because most would assume the goal is to look like and train like a marathon runner.

I hate to break it to you, but if you believe this, you’ve been lied to.

Virtually every team sport relies on the aerobic energy system. Furthermore, developing the aerobic energy system can help you chill out, relax and be even more awesome than you are right now.

It’s a huge topic, and one you can learn more about here if you’re interested.

Please link to http://robertsontrainingsystems.com/blog/long-duration-low-intensity-cardio/


NLG: I’m a massive fan of your site but there is a lot of great posts fighting for your attention when you first run along the internet pathway to your URL! Which three of your videos/podcasts are you most proud and why? Please send me the URL links and I will include them in the post.

MR: Well let’s use the post above, because I think there are tons of misconceptions about the aerobic energy system, and I want to put those to rest once and for all.

Second, I can’t talk about lifting heavy things and not talk about the deadlift. Here’s an all-encompassing post about the deadlift – how to do it, why it’s important, and a bunch of other ninja tips and tricks to help you move more weight.


Last but not least, as far as products go, my Bulletproof Athlete is by far the most comprehensive resource I’ve ever created. It’s 16-weeks of done for you programming, with three different programs to choose from based on where you’re starting and where you want to go.

Last but not least, I have an extensive video database included as well. Every single exercise is demonstrated with me coaching the lift.

Last but not least, I included weekly nutrition and recovery challenges to help you make long-term lifestyle changes.

You can find all about BPA at BulletproofAthlete.com


NLG: I’m a big fan of your straightforward and thought out advice, so I wonder what you really want to say to all men –  if you were to talk to all of men at once, what would you say – what motivation or telling off would you say? If you could give all men a final message what would it be?

MR: Here’s what I’d say…

Don’t sell yourself short. While women tend to be all warm, fuzzy and emphathetic, I see so many men nowadays who are lost.

You have no idea of how powerful you can be, but you must believe in yourself first and have a clear vision as to where you’re going.

Consider this…

If you could be the perfect husband/boyfriend/significant other, how would that change your life?

If you could have your perfect, ideal body how would that change your life?

If you worked a job you were passionate about, something that you would do for free, how would that change your life?

Dare to dream.

Envision what your “perfect reality” is, and then set about to create it.

And last but not least, don’t sell yourself short.

There’s so much untapped potential in all of us, when you start to realize your potential and what you can accomplish, it’s a very powerful and energizing feeling.


NLG: Brilliant. Just a brilliant answer! Thanks Mike, I’ve learnt a lot and hopefully my readers are ready to take their fitness to the Next Level after your words of gold!




I’m very proud of this interview but let me know what you think of this chat with Mike in the comments below.


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Reader: RH


QUESTION: My wife has been saying that I am suffocating her attention wise. I need to stop being so needy. I need to cool it and stop seeking her attention and approval. However, I also though need to keep her interested in me. I need to develop my masculinity further. How can I hit the next level and be the man I want to be?



Thank you for the email, I appreciate you reaching out to me.
I have been in a similar situation to you which you are experiencing with your wife. I dated a girl who, like with you, told me that I was suffocating her attention wise and didn’t need to keep seeking her attention and approval as it showed a lack of self esteem, confidence and made me look needy to her. 
The problem is, we feel that we need to keep them attracted to us, to keep them interested by making sure we fix all their problems, keep their interest and give them everything they want, to avoid them leaving and getting it from someone else. However, this is the main problem. To fill their needs we change from the person who we were, who they were attracted to, into someone who doesn’t care about themselves and instead lives only to fulfil the life of them and cater their needs.
You need to return to become the man that once attracted her to you. Think of it like this, you are both islands not living on her island. If you live solely on her island then you have nowhere to go, you have to use her resources, you have to live in the same place as her, you have no where to go, nothing else to do apart from what she is doing, you can imagine how annoying that will be and how you need some breathing room. 
So you need to think its more like you are on your own island so is she. You each have your own resources, you each have your own problems and activities that you need to do. There is nothing wrong with taking a trip over to her island from time to time but you shouldn’t want to live there, you just need to have the odd time over. Your first instinct should be to be a man, a successful, happy and fulfilling man, who makes his own life better and which in turn makes her happy as you are happy, and the man/woman relationship is reverted back to where it should be. The man is typically the stronger in the relationship. By being more attentive to her than just your own needs, you are not acting as the man and for women this is very off putting.  
You need to find an outlet for your energy and learn how to become a man again. Here are some of the things I would suggest doing: 
  • Find a Purpose or Outlet for your energy: For me, I felt completely lost. I had tried to be like all my other friends to it in, I had tried drink to hide my true feelings and none of it was working. I tried a list of things to see what I enjoyed doing and got nowhere until I tried blogging. You need to do the same. Sit down and write an honest list of what you enjoy in lie. Not what others tell you to enjoy or what you THINK you should like to fit in, just write a list of things that YOU enjoy. It could be juggling, the guitar, writing, rock climbing, poetry or whatever. The thing is that you can honestly say it is something that you want to do. You may need to try all of the list to see what resonates with you but eventually something will click and you will enjoy it.This serves two purposes. First, it gives you something to enjoy, to spend time doing something instead of mopping about so you feel more confident, you feel like you have meaning and you have something to focus your energies on. Secondly, it takes your attention away from the story that you are currently living. By focusing on something new, you change the story of ‘angry, depressed guy’ to ‘guy looking for his calling’. I know it sounds very new age and ‘out there’ but since I found the joys of blogging and helping people, I can feel better about myself as I know I am doing something I want to in my life and it is something that gives me pleasure – I’m no longer trying to please others or live my life for them. The anger is there as you feel out of control and without purpose. Start trying things and see how it affects you. You don’t need money. You can see your local youth centres for events on, start reading good books at the local library, visit museums, your local council will have free events on and so on. Look to use your outward anger and turn it inside as energy to become the best version of you that you can be.


  • Look at your life and see what makes you attractive. Are you good at sports? Great on the guitar? Whatever it is, pick it and use it as a confidence mechanism and a conversation starter. Work on developing these and look to add new things to your list. You can never be complete, keep adding new things to take yourself to the next level!


  • You need to go out more so pick some social settings. If you don’t know many people, like I do, you can use meetup.com, which is a site where you can join social groups in all sorts of areas like archery, music, rock climbing etc. Pick one or more and join them. Get back into just been social and talking to people. Normally these are to meet girls! but this will just show you how to do things for yourself, have a creative outlet for the energy that you’d normally just focus on your wife and having different interests will allow you to spend time away from each other (on your own islands) and make you stronger together when you return to visit!).


  • Go to the gym. Women love a great body so this one is a no brainer. However, the gym also really helps you. Lifting weights etc will give you confidence, it will get you to take care of yourself and eat better as you see your body improve and want more, it will also more importantly show you where your limits are and how amazing it feels as you surpass them the next time. You teach your body and mind that you can do it and it forces your limitations back so you can do more the next time. This transfers over to women and you can build up your women skills like you’d do in a gym. Normally a better body helps you to pull but with your wife, it will help you develop your confidence so you don’t need to get it from her, working out will make you mentally stronger and will help build your masculinity back up to help you act more like the man you used to be and a better one eventually.


  • Go to the gym: I have never felt better physically as well as mentally since I started at the gym. Yes, working out gives you muscles but it also gives you confidence within yourself and also it is a good method to release anger from outside into pushing, pressing and lifting weights. When I come out of the gym, I feel calm as I have left the majority of my problems behind in the gym. A good starting training programme would be something like Stronglifts.com (a lot you can do at home) or you could google bodyweight exercises like pushups, pullups, body weight rows and the like. Just hit ‘bodyweight exercises’ into google and you’ll find heaps.


  • If you can afford it, get some new clothes. It doesn’t have to be much. Anything new will be a boost to your motivation. Google fashion tips for whatever your body style. Stick to dark colours of jeans, but tops that fit, not baggy (you may have to go a size smaller than you normally buy). Show off yourself dude – you deserve the best. Show your wife the man you are and show her why she fell in love with you again.


  • Learn how to meditate (I use a headspace app on my iphone). Meditation teaches you how to calm your mind, ignore your anxiety and doubts and it slowly allows you to control your mind rather than your mind control you. By meditating you learn how to eliminate the noise in your mind. Its basically when you sit and try and just let thoughts happen and instead o fighting them, just accept them as they come and let them go. It really helps, as I know from personal experience, to calm the mind, let issues slowly lose their strength as you stop fighting them and just accept them and it leaves you calm and relaxed. There are a lot of ways to meditate and even a minute or two a day can really help. I’d advise googling how to meditate and picking the option that best suits you. I use an iphone app called Headspace. They have a website too I think that may show ways you can do it online if you don’t have an iphone.


  • Go to RSDNation.com and check out there awesome site. Don’t bother with the forum as there are a lot of bullshitters and fakes in there but the instructor videos and articles are awesome. You may find you relate better to some than others but its OK. There stuff is awesome. It is not all about puling girls, there is a lot on there too about how to become more manly, more true to the real you and show your real masculinity.


  • Consider CBT: CBT is Cognitive Behaviour Therapy. Its a type of talking treatment where you have a chance to talk to non judging expert, with no family pressure, and she helps you to reframe your thoughts, deal with issues and so on. In some places you will need to be referred to a doctor but a lot of places offer free treatment but for free it would be better coming via your doctor. I have used CBT for repetitive thoughts I had (I have OCD) and it really helps. You sit in a room and basically just chat. You say how you feel and she offers insights into where this may stem from, what you can do differently and so on. Just talking about it can really help. It allows you to organise the thoughts in your head, let out some of the anger you have been holding inside you, get someone else’s opinion and so on.


  • Lay off alcohol and drugs. It may seem like a good thing at the time to forget about your issues but they rarely help and instead will screw up your mind and make you think poorly. Instead try to eat good, real food, drink plenty of water, exercise, read good books, watch little TV but only stuff you really enjoy, start taking up new hobbies and volunteer etc. What we need is for you to break the habits and bad lifestyle choices you may have been living. Albert Einstein once said that ‘the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result’. Therefore, we need you to do something different and really snap you out of your pain and change your life for the better. Listen to the interview with Elliott again for some ideas.


  • Use NLG guys as role models. Something that really helped me was acting like guys from films – one of the reasons why I started the site. Watch guys who are Next Level Guys and copy the good things into your life and reject what doesn’t work for you. Read some of the articles I have on the site for ideas on what you can do. Oh and recommend topics for me to write about or films you want to see written about. I love hearing from my readers.


  • Real happiness will come but it will take work. Don’t pretend anymore. By pretending to be happy, you are creating a false sense of identity. You need to do as you feel the real you and from your gut. If you are unhappy then say so. If someone angers you (calmly) say so. If someone wants you to do something and you don’t want to, say why and say no to them. Stop pretending. Listen to the real Aaron inside. Your gut will tell you what you really think and feel. You only get one chance at this life mate and I want you to have the best life possibly. you may have made mistakes but you can change. Right now if you want. Look up Brent Smith (lifestyle coach) on youtube (he also does a free coaching thing on sundays but I can’t remember where but google will say). Brent explains about how we carry pain etc by the story we accept about ourselves. We believe this story and a lot of times it is completely wrong but we live it anyway. Brent ascertains that we can change our story and therefore our lives as soon as we want to. His stuff is good, check him out.


  • It took me ages to ‘jump in’ and blog, hell even longer to post audio interviews! You seen some of the negative remarks I got? I would never have posted that (or even asked Elliott to record it) a while ago. I used to be terrified of everything and my life but I took baby steps. I started small. I got better with women by being sociable and chatting to everyone (cashiers, postmen, guys at my work, girls I didn’t fancy and did and so on) and slowly I got more confident and more social and it made me better with women in effect (see RSDNation.com if you want to get better with women, its an awesome site). Fear will come always. Your brain has three sections. One of the sections is the lowest section of the brain that has a basic job to keep you safe and alive. However, it hasn’t really evolved since the caveman days. It still thinks there is snakes and lions everywhere, it doesn’t understand that, for example, rejection from a girl is nowhere near the same as being chased from a lion. It just wants to keep you safe. you therefore need to show it PROOF, not thoughts, PROOF that you can do these things and stay safe and then the fear will lessen a bit. You do a bit more and it will lessen even more and so on. Then your comfort zone will be expanded and you will become even more badass till you reach the limits of your comfort zone and then you repeat the technique. I have details about this sort of stuff on the site. By keeping pushing your limits, you will improve more and more and in turn this will make you more attractive to your wife but more importantly it will make you a happier person and more manly.

I could go on here but I think that this is plenty to be getting on with. You don’t need money for pretty much any of this. Send me an email in and let me know how you are getting on or ask a friend or a family member if you can report to them to keep you accountable and taking action (google accountability partner). Feel free to send me an email anytime mate. You took the first step, now take the next one and the next etc towards becoming the next level version of yourself.
Keep reading the articles and please comment on them and let me know what you think.

Would you be OK with me turning this into an article on the site? I would obviously hide your name and email address and a few details but I eel that this could really help a lot of other people. Let me know if you are OK with it.

Hope this helps mate and I look forward to hearing from you.



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Next Level Guy is back in business!

Sorry for the long delay in getting a new post up – I have been extremely busy with my ‘proper’ job as well as some side projects but this blog is coming back with a bang!

I’d like to say a massive thank you to all who have remained loyal NLGers while I have been away and extend a massive welcome to those who are just joining us on the journey on hitting the Next Level!

So for the first post since coming back, I wanted to look at an issue that ew men are willing to look at, to embrace that side of them and be true to their real nature, I’m talking about being a Geek. Sadly, in modern society, too many men, try to be ‘cool’ and fit in with their friends. They hide the parts of themselves that are real and true to who they really are. To counter the feeling of lying to themselves and their true nature, the men tend to drink excessively, take drugs and look for ways to numb the pain of not living the life they truly wish to have.

Therefore, I decided to interview Steven Heslewood from the Geek Apocalypse podcast, on what being a Geek is, why men should do it and how it will better your life to embrace your inner-Geek!

The video is embed below and the questions are added below it as a reference for you.

Please watch it and let me know what you think in the comments below.


(1) Can you tell me about your journey from normal dude to Geek Overlord? What started your journey on being the ultimate Geek? Was there a defining moment that caused it? 
(2) Can you explain what being a ‘Geek’ is? What your understanding of the term is and why guys should want to become one?
(3) A lot of my readers may be unsure how to let go of their barriers so how would you recommend my readers can find their inner-geek and become more geeky?
(4) Why do you think most modern men try and maintain a pretense of being tough and ‘manly’? Why can’t they just be true to their real nature? What do you think stops guys from being more geeky and how can they overcome these barriers?
(5) What three top tips have you learnt from doing your podcast and interviewing top geeks? If you had to sum it up in three, what tips would you give?
(6) A big part of my site is using guys as role models and adopting their techniques as part of your own life. I’m very interested in Who you consider role models in your life? From the entertainment world as well as real life and why they inspire you?
(7) Can you explain what your Geek Apocalypse is and why should my readers should view it?
(8) Which three of your videos/podcasts are you most proud and why? Please send me the URL links and I will include them in the post.
(9) Can you tell me any tips for life or business that you have found that shouldn’t work but do, the ones that sound so stupid and absurd that go against what people traditionally think works but it gets results (e.g. ignoring a girl makes her work harder to get you)
(10) Finally, if you were to talk to all of men at once, what would you say – what motivation or telling off would you say? If you could give all men a final message what would it be?




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It’s time for part 2 of my interview I did with Jordan Alexo on how to become a ‘Full Time Sexy Man’ and get better with women. Check this out!



Who: Jordan Alexo

Where is he Normally: To find out how to be a ‘Full Time Sexy Man’, check out Jordan’s awesome site here.

Why should you care about this:  It’s time for part 2 of the great interview I did with Jordan Alexo on how to be a Sexy Man! Jordan breaks down the concepts of being sexy and how you can become the sort of man that any woman would want in her life. In this interview we cover what problems modern man faces, who he looks up to and what he recommends you do to improve your success with women right now.



NLG: As you’ll be aware, my website is aimed at showing guys how to change using film/TV characters as examples. What film/TV characters do you believe are ‘full time sexy men’? What films or TV characters should my readers watch to become better with women?

JA Answer:

JA Answer 05


NLG: You’ve got a great outlook on life. Can you explain how you adopt such a positive outlook on life? What inner game tips would you give to men who don’t believe they can become good with women? How can men with social anxiety, depression etc change when they believe down to their core that they suck with women and always will?

JA Answer:

JA Answer 06


NLG: I generally believe men today have lost our way. We are living lives with shallow goals, no focus in our careers etc and using drink and drugs to forget the pain and guilt. What do you think is the biggest problems that men face in modern day society? What do you think hold men back from becoming who they could be? Why do men prefer to stay ‘average’ or copy other guys?

JA Answer:

JA Answer 07


NLG: Can you tell me any tips for life or business that you have found that shouldn’t work but do, the ones that sound so stupid and absurd that go against what people traditionally think works but it gets results (e.g. ignoring a girl makes her work harder to get you)

JA Answer:

JA Answer 08
NLG: Finally, if you were to talk to all of men at once, what would you say – what motivation or telling off would you say? If you could give all men a final message what would it be? 

JA Answer:

JA Answer 09




Damn! Part 2 was just as good – which part did you prefer though and why? Please let me know in the comment section. If you liked it, please it the social media buttons and show me some love, it’ll help me get this blog to the Next Level!


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So after speaking to the delightful Ty Chase, we know what women want from us men. Yet, how do you go about becoming the kind of guy that she wants? To answer that, I grabbed some time with dating and life coach Jordan Alexo and broke down what is a Sexy man and how you can become one in a superb way. Please note this is part 1 of a two part interview.  I have included the question I asked Jordan and his answer is an audio link. For ease, please right click the link and open it in a new tab.



Who: Jordan Alexo

Where is he Normally: To find out how to be a ‘Full Time Sexy Man’, check out Jordan’s awesome site here.

Why should you care about this:  We all want to be cool, sexy and attractive to the opposite (or same depending on your preference) sex.However, what is ‘sexy’ to a potential partner? How do you become ‘sexy’ in the eyes of others as well as in your own belief? Jordan breaks down the concepts of being sexy and how you can become the sort of man that any woman would want in her life. In this interview we cover the basics, including what sexy is, what to avoid and some general tips you can put into use straight away.



NLG:  Can you tell me about your journey from normal dude to self-improvement wizard? What started your journey on becoming better with women? Was there a defining moment that caused it? 

JA Answer 1: Jordan Alexo Answer 1


NLG: Your site is focused towards men becoming ‘Full Time Sexy men’. What, in your opinion is a Sexy man? What are the defining characteristics of a man who is attractive to women? What do you typically see in an attractive man’s personality?

JA Answer 2: Jordan Alexo Answer 2


NLG: For those who are still on their journey, what are the biggest mistake that men make with women? What do you think are the most off putting things we do and that women hate? How can we avoid doing these activities or character traits?

JA Answer 3: Jordan Alexo Answer 3


NLG: In terms of your own personal journey, what has been your biggest failure with women and what did you learn from it? Can you talk about your journey with women? What top 3 general tips would you give to someone who wants to change straight away? 

JA Answer 4: Jordan Alexo Answer 4




Told you! How good was that?! Best of all that was only part 1. So what did you think of it? Please let me know in the comment section. If you liked it, please it the social media buttons and show me some love, it’ll help me get this blog to the next level!


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Hi all,

Today, I have decided to throw up a quick video of a great motivational talk I found on TED for a quick break in the interview chain. The video is based on how to become the best you, how to stop being ‘ok’, or ‘good enough’. This site is about becoming the best you possible and not just a guy that gets by in life, who never becomes the man who he could become. I will be covering this more in the next few months but please watch this video for a little taster just now.

Fuck ‘Fine’. Start something. Change something. Try something. Move towards a goal. Say what you are scared of saying, Start again. Learn a skill. Work out. Dump her. Ask her out. JUST DO SOMETHING. There are literally millions of options to choose from. Do one thing today that will help you become the best you possible, not another ‘I’m fine’ zombie.


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Who: Ty Chase

Where Is She Normally: To keep up to date with the enchantress, visit Ty’s Site here.

Why Should I Read This: As a guy, we’ve always wondered what goes on in the head of the fairer sex … and what better way to find out then to ask a beautiful girl, who we’d all want to date! To find out what makes women tick and what they want from the guy in their life, I asked Ty Chase, a stunning and talented actress, dancer and yoga teacher. In the interview we cover what you should and shouldn’t do, how women judge you and how you can become more attractive without spending any money. To see where you need to hit the next level in your life to attract women like Ty, read on!



NLG: Hi Ty, for those of us who are not familiar with your work, can you tell me a little about yourself?

TC: I’ve always known I wanted to be an actress. My mother was actually a successful actress in the 80s but put her career on hold to raise my older sister and I. I loved hearing all the stories and really getting to know about the industry from her. However, she would not let me act professionally until I was 18 so I could decide on my own that acting was what I wanted to do. It’s such a cut throat business and you need such thick skin to be able to survive that she didn’t want her little girl to get corrupted by it. So I started doing musical theatre at a local performing arts studio in LA. I also started seriously studying classical ballet and dancing in over 200 shows. I could have started a career in ballet but again, I knew acting was my calling. I’ve always been a goofball and have always loved making people laugh so naturally I fell in love with doing comedy. I’m currently working on a comedy pilot as well as writing comedy parody music videos and sketches with my writing partner Jaclyn Marfuggi (WeHo Clique Productions). You can watch our videos at www.youtube.com/bitchesinweho


NLG: Many of my readers are looking to improve their abilities with women but are unsure of what they should and shouldn’t do. What do you think are the worst thing a guy does when he is trying to seduce a woman? What turns a woman off a guy?

TC: For me, I find that one of the biggest turn offs is when a guy is extremely complimentary. Many of my girlfriends love this but I guess I operate a little differently. I’m very independent and like my own space and I hate feeling smothered or coddled. Yes, my man needs a sensitive side but he also needs to have some balls and not be too sappy. I need a man who can take my shit and give it right back to me. I definitely don’t want a guy that seems ‘whipped.’


NLG: I’ve definitely been guilty of that in the past. So what do women find attractive in a guy then? Is it really his ‘personality’? Or do you judge him on his wealth, hobbies, career etc or a mixture?

TC: There is definitely a big mixture on what women find attractive in a guy. Based on my dating history, personality has always been the #1 quality I look for. You want a partner who you have similarities to so you can enjoy life together. At the same time women need a man with different hobbies and opinions so they can learn from them and grow. Obviously having a successful career makes dating a lot easier and less stressful but if I’m in love with someone, just being around them is enough. There’s nothing having money or not having money can change. Looks are not the most important thing but hey, everyone needs some sexual attraction and chemistry to really make a passionate relationship.



NLG: So imagine we are in a bar and I want to approach you. How should a guy go about it?

TC: I feel like the theory that people always want what they can’t have is really appropriate here. If I make eye contact with a guy from across the bar a few times, I become intrigued. If he waits a little before approaching me, it makes me even more interested when he actually does. He automatically has a better chance of holding my attention/ potentially getting my number. Although, I’m not big on giving my number out to strangers, I will take his if I’m interested. If a guy is too persistent about getting mine or gets pissed that I won’t give it to him, that’s automatically a big turn off. Guys should be respectful of girl’s morals and standards.


NLG: So we’ve followed your advice and things are heating up. What do you/women want a guy to do in bed that will make you boast to your friends about him and his skills in bed?

TC: Every girl is different and has different preferences, so I cannot make a general statement about what makes a guy ‘great’ in bed. But for me, a guy that takes control in bed is definitely something that I love. If you just let your body sense what the other person wants and needs it definitely will make the sex better. If a woman says no to something, this doesn’t mean try, try, try until she says yes because that won’t happen. I don’t like boring, quiet, ‘vanilla’ sex. I love/need a lot of aggressive passion in bed.


NLG: I love passion! In your opinion, what do you think is wrong with modern-man? What is the worst thing we can do in life?

TC: I definitely think a man with goals and a passion is the sexiest thing. I can’t be with a guy who sits on his ass all day and doesn’t have any drive to be his best self.


NLG: If you could tell all men something from all women, what would you say?

TC: Be yourself, respect your woman, treat her well, make her laugh. Happy wife, happy life, right? Ha-ha just kidding. No I’m not. 😉




NLG: What tips would you give someone who wanted to break into acting, dancing or something similar? How can they unleash their creativity within?

TC: Classes! Classes! Classes! …Classes are the best way to start a career in acting or dancing. Many people think it’s so easy and in actuality it is hard work and takes a lot of drive and dedication. I’m currently taking comedy improv classes at the Groundlings. It’s the most fun ever and makes me feel my best self. If anyone is in NYC, I highly recommend taking the weekend workshop at the Deena Levy Theatre studio. Whether you’re an actor or not, it will change your life. Past alums include myself, Channing Tatum, Adrian Grenier, Jason Lewis and many others.


NLG: I am starting to do ‘DDP Yoga’ regularly – it is a Yoga designed for men as much as woman. Do you think that men should do Yoga and why? How has Yoga helped you physically, emotionally, mentally?

TC: I am actually a certified yoga instructor and I’d have to say that yoga is definitely for everyone! Yoga elongates muscles and increases flexibility while strengthening the body. Men should definitely do yoga and not only because they be in a room full of sweaty, flexible, half naked women. (Obviously that’s a plus!) It’s a great supplement to a man’s normal workout. Not only does yoga keep me in shape, it definitely helps me stay sane in the acting world.


NLG: Well thanks for taking the time to speak to me Ty. Some great info there and a lot more I now want to ask! Hope to have you on again soon.



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Today, I’m continuing the awesome series of NLG interviews and today’s interview absolutely rocks! Have a listen and let me know your thoughts in the comments.


Who: Gary Vaynerchuk

Where is he Normally: Gary’s Wine-a-pedia can be found here and his kickass personal website is located here.

Why should you care about this: This interview is awesome. Gary gives the listener a very direct and much needed kick in the ass. Gary lays down some great advice about how you can find your passion, why you need to build your own ‘Personal Brand’ and how you can start living an awesome life by living your passion and even start making money from it! In a world of amazing A-List bloggers, Gary is in a league of his own. If you listen closely enough, you can actually hear me fist-pump the area at various times at how good I thought Gary’s answers were!


 Let Gary Change Your Life by clicking this link (audio): Live a Passionate Life with Gary Vaynerchuk


If you want to buy the superb book we keep referring to, you can pick up a copy by clicking on the book below (this is not an affiliate link – I just love the book that much!).

The book guides you on how to find your passion and make a business from it. One of the best books, I have had the pleasure to read in a long time.


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