NLG Podcast                                   Topic(s) of podcast/Why listen?
#18 Ryan Michler on masculinity, manhood and how to become a great man What is masculinity and manhood? What constitutes a good man? How to know when you become a man? If you have any questions about manhood, then this podcast is for you! Ryan breaks down how to become a great man, that is a great friend, great father, great partner and one that will be remembered.
#17 Pete Rubish on how to tap into your inner animal and become a beast in the gym Beginner in the gym? Want to get back into shape? Fallen out of love with the gym? Looking to become a beast in the gym? Then this is the interview for you. Pete discusses how to go from beginner to a great in the gym by utilising your current strengths and working with your weaknesses.
#16 Darya Rose on how small changes to your diet can drastically improve your life Food is something we all rely on to survive. However, what we eat and how we eat it can have a massive difference to us and our health. Are you eating for you or are you eating because you need something to do? Are you eating healthy or letting food control you? Listen to Darya, make the small changes and watch their impact explode and make a drastic change to your health.
#15 Kyle Ingham on manhood and how you can learn the lost ‘gentlemanly’ skills to be a better man Do you feel manly? Do you know the majority of skills that a man is expected to know? If not, don’t worry, this is the podcast for you. Kyle discusses how you can learn the lost skills to become a better man utilising the lost ‘gentlemanly’ skills.
#14 Hayley Quinn on a new approach to love, dating and getting the life that you want to lead Do you want to become better with the opposite sex or same sex? Do you want to develop your social skills, make new friends and make better connections with partners and have fufiled relationships? Then this is the interview for you!
#013 Eric Davis on training, brotherhood and how to develop the habits of a hero to achieve your life mission  Do you want to build a true brotherhood of friends? Learn how to accomplish your true mission in life? Then Eric is the interview you want. Learn how to develop the habits of a hero!
#012 Tripp Lanier on how to become a New Man and get the life you truly want  Are you living the life you really want? Or are you pretending to be someone else? Learn how to become a new man and be who you really want to be in life by listening to this podcast.
#011 Myke Macapinlac on becoming socially confident and getting the women and the life you want Do you want to become more social? Build a large social circle but dealing with nerves, social anxiety or worse when you want to become more confident? Then this is the one for you. Myke shows you how to be more socially confident and get what you want out of life!
#010 – Evan Carmichael – how one word can help you reach the next level in your life!  Do you believe that you can get the life of your dreams? Think you don’t have what it takes to become better? Think again! Just listen to this, pick your one word and get to that next level in your life!
#009 – Nick “The Raging Panda” Koulchar on how to live a life with no excuses  Are you letting your excuses hold you back? Needing the motivation to achieve your dreams? Use the excuse of needing things to get what you want? Then listen to this. This is life-changing.
#008 – Craig Ballantyne on how to overcome turbulence and rise to your perfect days Do know how to overcome any obstacle in the way of success and learn how to live your perfect days? No? Then listen to this one!
#007 – Gigi Engle on having great sex, becoming a better lover and why dick pics are a big no no Want to become a better lover and man? Wondered where women think we go wrong in bed? Check this podcast out!

#006 – RSD Max on how you can become a natural with women

Wanting to become better with women? Want to get back out there after a bad breakup? Looking for ways to be more comfortable in your own skin and be better with women? Listen to this one!

#005 – James Swanwick on how cutting out alcohol can change your life, what he learnt from interviewing the greats and why you need Swannies in your life right now

Is your drinking out of control? Do you want to stop drinking? Want to get better habits? Be a better people person? This is the one for you!
IMG_84531-600x779 #004 – Megan Collins on style, how guys can become their true stylish self and how a website can be the girlfriend you always needed Style, how you can improve yours and how you can improve your life by improving your style is what you’ll get from this discussion with Megan!
 12742140_603491219803641_4271320199799860119_n #003 – Chris Ruden on limitations, diabetes being a good thing and how he went from playing drums to a 600 deadlift and you can too Chris shows you how to remove limitations and achieve the life that you want. Maybe you’ll learn how to get to pulling 500lbs on a deadlift too if you listen to this!

#002 – Brent Smith on how changing your Story can allow you to live the life of your dreams


Brent shows how you are the star in your own story and how it can be easily changed to live the life that you truly want.
ep116_twitter #001 – Gary Vaynerchuk on how to live a passionate life and making money from your passion Do you want to learn how to crush your excuses and live a life that you want by making money from your passions? Gary outlines how you can do this too.