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005 – James Swanwick on how cutting out alcohol can change your life, what he learnt from interviewing the greats and why you need Swannies in your life right now

 Is your drinking out of control? Do you want to stop drinking? Want to get better habits? Be a better people person? This is the one for you!
IMG_84531-600x779 004 – Megan Collins on style, how guys can become their true stylish self and how a website can be the girlfriend you always needed Style, how you can improve yours and how you can improve your life by improving your style
 12742140_603491219803641_4271320199799860119_n 003 – Chris Ruden on limitations, diabetes being a good thing and how he went from playing drums to a 600 deadlift and you can too Helping you remove limitations and achieve the life that you want

002 – Brent Smith on how changing your Story can allow you to live the life of your dreams


How you are the star in your own story and how it can be easily changed to live the life that you truly want
ep116_twitter 001 – Gary Vaynerchuk on how to live a passionate life and making money from your passion  How to crush your excuses and live a life that you want by making money from your passions