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Episode: #32 Gary John Bishop on how to get out of your head and into your life
Who: Today’s guest is Gary John Bishop is a Scottish personal development expert who gives real and raw advice that actually works by telling it is as it is. Gary is able to reach through the BS and help you fix the deeper issues that are holding you back from becoming the man that you want to be. Even when editing the audio, I was taking extra things from that were big ‘aha’ moments for me. This one is worth a few listens as Gary is dropping some serious gems for your betterment!


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What we cover

  • Who he is
  • What led him into the world of self-development as a young man
  • The types of problems that he sees guys coming to him for help with – to sum it up – “same bullshit but a different tune!”
  • His unique approach to self-development that will really help you change
  • How do we identify ourselves – what are ‘we’, what constitutes ‘you’ in this universe?
  • How our range of being, affect our actions throughout the day and interactions with other people
  • Is it possible for anyone to change their habits and life?
  • How your self-talk can change what your capable of in a single moment
  • It’s not what your feeling, it’s what you’re doing about it
  • What shapes what we do as a person?
  • How the typical ‘self-help’ phrases or beliefs are doing you no favors
  • How can someone listening start changing their life right now no matter where you are starting from
  • How your success as a human is tied into how well you can keep a promise to yourself
  • Get committed first and then work out how you are going to do it
  • What relevance do emotions hold for us? How to use their messages to benefit your transformation and actions
  • What you should avoid doing when speaking to yourself and others
  • How can you reframe depression and problems to overcome them – Gary provides a very personal example of how he overcame resentment and anger from his childhood to be a better man and have a better relationship with his family
  • How can you let go of your personal demons, ex-partner, anger, hatred or whatever you allow to hold you back from becoming the man you want to be
  • How we can raise our children to be good people and not live our own lives again through our own children – “you’re not turning into your father, you are turning into who you thought your father was”
  • His book – why you should buy a copy right now!
  • How transformation is not just for the rich!
  • The Creative Live class you need to check out            (Creative Live, 9 am Pacific, 14 December 2017, just need to register and you can watch online)
  • What you should take from this interview – how are you going to act from now on
  • How you can keep in touch with him
  • And so much more!



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