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Episode: #28 Tom Bilyeu on how to escape the matrix and programme your mind for success.

Who: Tom Bilyeu is a master of many areas. He built Quest Nutrition to show that food can be good for you and still taste good, building the brand into a billion-dollar business. He is now helping people escape the matrix and find their passion and mission, by interviewing some of the most successful people ever on how to develop the mindset of success on his own show platform.In this interview we discuss, mindsets, rituals, interviews, what holds us back and how you should programme your mind to achieve more than you ever thought yourself capable of.


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 What we cover

  • Who he is and what makes a successful man
  • What are the fundamentals of a healthy body and mind – are they related
  • How you can establish and maintain habit change
  • Do habits shape our identity?
  • What he thinks should be in every modern man’s skills toolbox?
  • Where he thinks most men go wrong in their everyday life
  • How our mindsets are holding us back and what you should change in your programming
  • What is the matrix and how it is holding you back
  • How you can become more like Tom in terms of his mindset and outlook on life with an amazing step-by-step example! (and why Disney need to watch their backs for Impact Theory!)
  • What he thinks of rituals and routines and meditation – why should we incorporate them into our daily lives
  • What his daily routine looks like
  • How come we overcome poor and negative programming like depression, low self-esteem etc
  • How you can become like Batman (really!)
  • How the film ‘The Matrix’ changed his life
  • The interview that changed him as a man
  • How you can develop your social skills, how to be a better friend and a better interviewer
  • How to know if a business idea is suitable
  • What missing driven businesses you should look into for a great example to follow – Tom’s Shoes
  • How to build the entrepreneurs mind and how to know if it is for you or not – how the different personalities need to work together to make a business/project/relationship etc work
  • How does he deal with the fast break questions
  • Which of his interviews you should check out right now and who he wants to interview
  • What he would like you to take from this interview
  • How you can keep in touch with him
  • So much more

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