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Episode: #25 JP Sears on how to become a complete man

Who: JP Sears is an emotional healing coach, YouTuber, author, international teacher, speaker at events, world traveler, and curious student of life.  His work empowers people to live more meaningful lives.  JP is the author of “How To Be Ultra Spiritual,” (Sounds True Publishing, release date of March 7th, 2017).  He is very active with his online videos where he encourages healing and growth through his humorous and entertainingly informative videos, including his hit Ultra Spiritual comedy series, which has accumulated over 100 million views.  You can learn more about JP and his work at

In this episode, we discuss how to be a complete man, emotions, passion, feelings, purpose and so much more.


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What we cover


  • Who he is
  • How he connects and create to help you live a more meaningful life
  • What a life coach is
  • What the biggest issue facing modern men is
  • The hard questions you need to ask yourself to live your best life
  • How to best utilise your emotions to succeed
  • The best way to start connecting to your emotions right now
  • How to find your purpose in life, what a modern man can do to remember how to connect to ourselves and the world
  • What is the drill you need to access the passion in your life
  • What the worst thing you can ever do is and how it is holding you back from the life you want
  • 3 things you can do right now to make your life explode in quality
    What about things like meditation etc – are they new age nonsense or something that you should be doing right now
  • How can we build stronger, deeper, true friendships
  • How you can keep in touch with him
  • And so much more Continue reading