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Episode: #30 Mike Boyd on how to become a skill learning maestro
Who: Tonight’s guest is Mike Boyd. Mike is a Scottish Youtuber, who is breaking down the mysteries of learning skills and showing you how easy it actually is. In this interview, we cover Mike’s story, learning skills and how you should approach it, fixed mindsets vs growth mindsets and how you can become a master in learning skills as well and so much more.


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What we cover

  • Who he is – Youtube Skill Maestro
  • What motivated him to learn new skills
  • Why his videos resonate with others
  • How he picks the skills that he focuses on learning
  • The definition of a skill
  • The process he uses to learn a skill
  • Why do people struggle to learn new skills
  • Can all skills be learnt the same way?
  • Was Malcolm Gladwell right? Do you need 10,000 hours of practice to learn a skill?
  • How you can amend your daily routine to learn a skill you’ve always wanted to learn
  • Time claimed vs time actual practising
  • His mentality of learning skills – how it can be easier than you ever thought possible
  • Overcoming making mistakes and failing as he learns – what keeps him driving forward in his goals
  • Has he turned learning skills into a hobby or a business? Can anybody do what he does?
  • How does he record his videos?
  • How does he deal with negativity from family, friends and ‘internet haters’?
  • Are there essential and fundamental skills that all men should be able to do? What he thinks you should learn due to the reward you’ll get from the journey!
  • What learning skills has taught him about life and running a business
  • Being a learner vs being a coach
  • Growth mindset vs fixed mindsets and helping schoolchildren change their outlook on life and what they can achieve (Carl Dueck – Mindset book)
  • How you can encourage your children to learn new skills
  • How does he deal with the fast break questions including his favourite podcast, superhero and the biggest failure of learning a skill he’s made …. and how he is going to fix it!
  • What he wants people listening to take away from this interview
  • How you can keep in touch with him?
  • So much more

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