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Episode: 006

Who: RSD Max is today’s guest. Max is a dating coach with RSD Nation and has just launched the most successful dating product yet. He teaches guys how to become a natural with women by developing and unleashing their true potential.

He is described by RSD Nation as having ‘an amazing repertoire of stories …  and has a gift for teaching self development and lifestyle enhancement as well. His teachings focus on state of the art strategies and knowledge on how to pickup women and become the man you have always wanted to be.’


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What we cover:

  • Whatsapp.web
  • Who RSD Max is
  • ‘The Natural’ – the record-breaking dating product! See my review of it here.
  • Real Social Dynamics
  • The reality of pick up and social interactions
  • Modern man and how society affects us
  • The journey of self-development that pick up allows
  • Max’s approach to dating and pick up
  • The only real problem stopping men from getting the girl(s) of their dreams
  • Action steps you can take right now to improve your dating skills
  • State – what it is and how it helps social interactions and whatever you want to do in your life
  • How you can improve your social skills everyday
  • His rule to keep the momentum rolling
  • Modern day benefits that actually cause us to be unsocial
  • Why nothing should hold you back no matter what you look like or how you are right now
  • The signs you should look for to gauge if an interaction is going well
  • How RSD and pickup have changed his life
  • How to avoid regret
  • The content he is most proud of
  • How ‘The Natural’ changes lives
  • How anyone can become who they want to be
  • Great role models in film to better your skills
  • Favourite places he’s visited
  • Who he considers role models in his life
  • How pickup helped him become closer to his family
  • What he would say to all men to improve their live right now
  • Why you should buy ‘The Natural’ right now
  • Max’s Social Media



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The Basics:


Episode: 002


Who: Brent Smith, Lifestyle Coach




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What we cover:

  • What is ‘changing your story’ and how it can change your life.
  • How he helps people and the exercises he uses
  • What he wanted to be as a kid and how he became a lifestyle coach.
  • Where his interest in relationships comes from.
  • Who he looked up to as a kid for his role models.
  • His take on dating apps
  • How anyone can build a social life regardless of their current situation.
  • How to shape your days for maximum benefit with some new rituals and habits.
  • How important Gratitude is to improving your life.
  • How anyone can remove anxiety, no matter how bad a situation you find yourself in.
  • What he has coming up in the future in terms of content and products.
  • How to sign up for his coaching programmes.
  • What he would say to all men if the chance arose.
  • Consistency and how it can better your life.
  • How to keep in touch with him.


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Something to reflect on:

How are you going to change your story to live the life that you want to have?What BS are you holding onto right now that you can rewrite about yourself and instead of dwelling in misery, change the story to start your journey to success.


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