Is ‘The Natural’ worth your money?

What are we looking at?

The Natural‘ is an online database of instructional videos on how you can become a natural with women. It is the latest ‘game’ product by an instructor from RSD Nation, which is aimed at teaching guys how to become better with women. However, this is aimed at learning the natural game, which is not the creepy techniques and canned lined approach often taught by others. Natural game is developing you as the prize and learning how to be the best you possible and attracting women by being your true self, not a canned or fake pick up artist, using lines others have told you to say or act in a way that is not really you. ‘The Natural’ became RSD Nation’s number one selling product and it is easy to see why. It is not about changing someone into a fake identity to con women, ‘The Natural’ is a unique product, it is about developing you and polishing and developing you into the star of the show and becoming attractive through your own development. It can work for anyone.


Who is it from?

RSD Max from RSD Nation. I interviewed RSD Max last time and he gave a great interview, with some amazing help and tips to anyone wanting to better their life. See the interview here. The interview was just a drop in the ocean compared to the crazy level of quality in ‘The Natural’. There are over 40 hours of content in this product.


How much are we talking?

The course is offered with three different levels, depending on the additional items you wish to purchase with the main programme. For a breakdown of the costs, please see the levels below. Each link will take to the main purchase site, via my affiliate link.


50 Shades of Max Lay Reports
The Natural Family Facebook Group
50 Shades of Max Lay Reports
The Natural Family Facebook Group
The Max Hotseat
Instructor in a Pocket
3 Q&A Webinars
50 Shades of Max Lay Reports
The Natural Family Facebook Group
The Max Hotseat
Instructor in a Pocket
12 Q&A Webinars
The Debrief Chronicles
Tinder Game Extension

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Who is it aimed at?

No matter if you are a beginner or think of yourself as a Casanova, there is something for everyone in this product. Even if you have been to an RSD event previously, such as a Bootcamp or a Hot Seat (please note: both are affiliate links), you can learn something. These events are a whirlwind of info and experience. ‘The Natural’ is like having an instructor in your pocket, who you can sit down with and learn how to become better with women. It doesn’t matter if you’re just beginning on your voyage, just out of a long-term relationship, looking for a high-quality girlfriend or a lot of different girls, there is something to learn here.


What do you get for your money?

The Natural‘ is an online course, of instructional pick up tips, challenges and insights that make you better with women. They cover all aspects of game, from social dynamics to building a strong foundation, to developing your skills, moving towards mastering the natural game. The product is offered with three separate access levels. On each level, you are given access to all videos. However, depending on the level you pick to purchase, you can also have access to awesome additional content, such as how to be great on Tinder, sit in on pre-recorded debrief sessions from Bootcamps, have access to an exclusive Facebook group that RSD Max monitors and responds to posts in, webinars, Max’s Hot Seat programme (which alone has over 30 hours of content in it) and my personal favourite, the instructor in your pocket option (a series of great reminder, tips and kick up the arse videos that can help you make a night awesome or fix a night that isn’t going well. This option is like having RSD Max out with you and giving you great tips, challenges and the motivation to act on what you have learned, correct as you go and make your night awesome). I would love a mobile phone app version of this too.


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Suicide Squad: a quick review

Suicide squad. It’s pretty terrible.

A clusterfuck of bad acting, terrible casting, pointless bad ‘lady’, little character development so you don’t give a rats ass and a horrible story.

It teaches that some can’t act, some have a very limited range, some need to be the centre of attention and they left the best character to an outside arc. After all the build up, time, promotion etc, this is a serious letdown.

There are only a few positives. The soundtrack is pretty class and Margot Robbie got a few laughs from the crowd (and is pretty hot) but this was one of those films that obviously let the ego of the actors control things and they believed their own hype.

Choose something else to see as this is awful.

A review of ‘The Next Level Guy Show’

Today is day three of the ProBlogger ‘get your blogging groove back again’ challenge. The challenge? To punt out a review post that will shake the world to its core … or just something for you to read while having a cup of tea and a skive from work. If that’s what you want … grab a biscuit too, you’ve earned it … read away my friend, read away!




‘Product’:The Next Level Guy Show‘ podcast

Why review this?: Currently, I do not have any review products of which I can analyse like an electronic Sherlock Holmes. Some are coming soon but I don’t have the time-frame or the product to review right now. So I have decided to do a quick reflective review of my new podcast, to see how things are going, where things are going bad and how I can change things to prosper in the long run … and tick off the latest challenge. It may be cheating on the challenge but I think it may scrape by within the terms and conditions of the challenge! Time to begin …


The Good

  • Great guests: When I look at my guests up to the present day (which you can do by clicking this link), I have to say that I have had some cracking guests, people who are renowned in their field of expertise and who run very popular websites and businesses. These are people who have massive audiences, who have excelled in their chosen fields and lead the way in their respective industries thinking and development. And the guests who are to come on soon … are just as good.

Seriously, subscribe now as you won’t want to miss out, click me!


  • Better at yapping than typing: If I consider my strengths, I feel that I am a better talker than a writer, I feel more able to construct what I want to say if I hear the waffle bounce around the room, rather than stare at a keyboard, waiting for the flash of brilliance that allows you to kill ten minutes waiting for your bus journey to end. The podcast has allowed me to become more confident in myself and what I have to say. I have noticed that I don’t throw up the filler words as much, fewer occurrences of ‘erm’ and ‘eh’ assaulting your ear drums when you listen to the more recent podcasts. I find that as I publish more and more, my brain works faster, my thinking has become more accelerated, I get to the ruddy point more (you wouldn’t think it reading this would you!). I am more confident talking now. I love to chat to the guests, I love to hear their stories and I feel more confident on listening and asking follow-up questions to delve deeper. This has taken time and has been a struggle but I feel that I am a better conversationalist for this and that can only benefit me in terms of my social life, relationships and career down the line, no matter what happens with the podcast.


  • Podcasting allowed me to keep blogging: Over the last two years, I lost interest in blogging, while I underwent a massive dose of impostor syndrome. I didn’t feel like I was an expert enough to write about topics and advise other people on how to live, while I wasn’t living the life that I wanted. However, by running the podcast, I am able to interview the experts, I am able to be the one asking the questions, listening to the answers and hopefully delving down to get the answers and insights that my audience wants to hear. If you look at some of my earlier writing, then compare the quality, the realism and the quality of both, you will notice a massive change. By switching the focus from supposed expert to ‘lay-man’, I was able to continue blogging and undertaking a journey of discovery and learning, that I hope everyone else is enjoying coming on too and learning something too.


  • Helped me develop personally and career: Everything on the podcast journey, from the setup, recording, editing and publishing is done by the extraordinary (and modest!) hands of the author of this riveting tale of drivel woefully pretending to be a review article. I didn’t attend any real training courses or hire another to do the work for me, instead I learnt everything the hard way. I tried things, I changed codes around, I changed links and saw what happened. I was successful sometimes and destroyed my sanity and swore a lot for the majority of times, when a seemingly meaningless change of a code would ruin my entire podcast feed or some other such monstrosity. Such events hurt my head, my fist as I hit the table and made me want to crawl under my desk, but I worked them out, slowly at times but learnt how to do each of the things required and then to push and develop each of the different areas, so I could be better at them, I could be more technical, more polished, more developed … you could say, hit the next level in each area (yes, I know, I need help!).


By going on a ‘wonderful’ journey of despair and misery, I became a self-made blogging wizard, I knew the spells to cast to fix problems that many people of more polished blogging fame struggled with or had to hire others. At my real work, I was able to offer to interview students and publish podcasts on a publishing platform I would set up for them. I got paid a lot of money for that. The skills, experience, bragging rights and money that came from all of this, would never have came about if I never decided to stop typing and start yapping with the record button on.



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The Bad

  • I jumped without thinking: I don’t think it takes much investigation to realise that I had no plan when I started the podcast, I went in blind and hoped I could make it a success. Time has now passed and I am soon to record episode 5 with numerous other guests lined up or in the process of signing up and just ironing out the final details, it is too late to go back and start again in the grand scheme of things. To be honest, I don’t think I would want to start again, I am enjoying it all too much right now. However, I do wish, I had done some more investigation before I hit publish on my first post. I wish I had created a publishing schedule, that I had banked some recorded interviews so that when I was going through a dry patch with possible interviews, I could use some of my pre-recorded episodes and not have such long gaps between posts. The past can’t change, but I can use the present to consider where I went wrong and how I will use the future to eliminate the faults and publish a better show and make the show a career for me. I will be more fluid with setting up episodes as I record others, promote more effectively, work harder on the quality and have a more organised approach in general to everything.


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