Upcoming Podcasts – 01/12/2016

The following are the podcast interviews scheduled for the next few weeks (there will be no interviews held during the Festive break period). I am really excited about these interviews and you should be too!

Please see the list below and if you would like a question asked to any of the participants, please add it in the comments below and the best ones will be included in the interview. Cheers Ian

NLG Interviewee To be recorded Why

Gigi Engle



Gigi Engle is a writer, speaker and feminist activist. She is currently the sex and dating writer for Thrillist Media Group.

Gigi was formerly the senior sex and lifestyle writer for Elite Daily (acquired by Daily Mail). Gigi’s articles have been shared over 20 million times, with her top posts reaching over 1 million shares.

Gigi has written for a variety of publications including Men’s Health, The Nonsense Society, Today and The Good Men Project.

screen-shot-2016-10-16-at-5-05-48-pm Coach Ray Williams Est Mid December 2016

Ray is the first guy to ever squat 1005 pounds raw! The guy is a beast, hilarious and one of the nicest people you’ll find on Instagram. In this one we will be discussing mental toughness, squatting, diet etc.

PHA F&AM /G\ Omega Psi Phi UT-Martin Alum…. Ignitt Zone Representative…. Official LVD Athlete

streaming_podcast_workshop John Lee Dumas 12 January 2017

John Lee Dumas is an American entrepreneur and podcaster based in Puerto Rico. He is the founder and host of EOFire, a daily podcast that interviews entrepreneurs 7 days a week.

He has interviewed some of the greats from all types of industries and runs one of my favourite podcasts.

the-animal-underground-pete-rubi-758x438 Pete Rubish Mid January 2017

Pete is a 242 pound competitive raw powerlifter who has a best total of 2028 lbs at 240.4 lbs bodyweight.

His personal best lifts in a meet are a 733 lb (332.5 kg) squat, 446 lb (202.5 kg) bench press, and 848 lb (385 kg) deadlift. His best gym deadlift is 920 pounds and his best gym bench press is 460 lbs paused.

On his channel you will see powerlifting meet footage and recaps, training footage, 900+ lb deadlifts, food videos, life advice, and other randomness!


About the Author
I would modestly describe myself as a Website Badass, Blogging Guru and Self Improvement Wizard! I'm a blogger and entrepreneur who writes to help men develop and better their lives using examples from popular media. My personal journey has been marked by awkwardness and awesomeness, OCD and 'OMG'. I'm 33, a Teuchter and currently resides in the United Kingdom. I've set my own foot on fire whilst reading and been a midwife to sheep! I also run www.iandawsonmackay.com for your website needs!

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  1. So if you have a question that you want me to put to one of the interviewees above, please leave it in the comments below, remembering to identify who you want it asked to. The best ones will be included in the interview.

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