Cause and solution for erectile dysfunction in young men

Hi, today we have an awesome guest post from an up and coming writer by the name of Sebastian, who writes about men, women and the chaos that most men call dating life! Today’s topic is on a very sensitive subject for all men, of any age.

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In case you are over 80 and you have problems with your sexual performance, which is totally normal at a certain age, you can use some magical blue pills and your dick suddenly feels 50 years younger. In case you are under 30 and you already have erectile dysfunction, which is anything else than natural, you definitely have a problem.

I know from my own experience how frightening and degrading it can be to have a naked girl in your bed and to not be able to get it up. Believe me, I have been there and I promised myself to never go back to this state.

If you have ever had the same experience you know how it feels but there is definitely one good thing I can tell you about this problem: Most of the time it is actually pretty easy to solve this problem and to bring back your rock-hard erection. In 99% of the cases it only requires one simple change.

If you are one of those countless young men who suffer from erectile dysfunction, you don’t have to look for a good psychotherapist and you don’t have to take medicine that brings energy back to your dick by ducking energy out of your body.

All you have to do is to ask yourself a few simple questions: “Do I masturbate to porn? How often do I masturbate to porn? To which kind of porn movies am I masturbating?”

In case you answer this question with “of course I masturbate to porn. I watch porn every time I masturbate. I am really into the hardcore stuff”, you already spotted the reason for your erectile dysfunction. Now let’s talk about why this answer is a death sentence for your sex life and why porn is killing your dick.


Your Dick gets Desensitised

By watching pornographic movies your dick gets desensitised by all the stimuli that are showering down on you. This is a slow process and in the early phase of your porn consumption you might not even realize this but in the long run this can lead to a flabby dick while looking at a real naked woman.

You don’t have to avoid every naked picture or sex scene in mainstream movies now. That’s not the problem. The only thing you have to blame for this is hardcore porn and the amount you consume of this shit.

Try to remember the time when you watched your first porn movies. I bet your dick got already hard by looking at a woman who got undressed and you were about to come as soon as the firefighter fucked the teenage girl he had to save.

What do you need now to get turned on? A gangbang, deep throat, double penetration or even a rape movie? The more porn you watch, the more you get used to your current level of stimulation and the more extreme your taste gets. You quickly come to a point where a naked woman on a screen isn’t enough anymore to turn you on. The same is true for a real woman right next to you.

Don’t worry, this won’t happen when you look at a picture of a naked woman once in a while, but in case you need crazy stuff that you normally don’t do with a woman in bed in order to get an erection, you should consider a porn rehab.




This is Sex!

Not only will your dick get desensitised by watching too many women who are getting fucked in every whole on a screen, but also your sexual preferences and your perception of what sex is, will change through porn.

A guy who maybe saw some softcore movies once or twice still knows that kissing a girl passionately, undressing her slowly to turn her on and kissing her whole body are all important parts of the sexual foreplay. Guys who are not under the constant influence of hardcore pornography are able to trust their instincts and to know that real sex is about passion, connection and responding to a woman’s needs.

What is real sex for a guy who spends the majority of his leisure time in front of his computer while masturbating to gangbang, bondage and deep throat porn movies? He considers sex as exactly the things he watches day in, day out. You are more interested in some fetish porn movies than in actually learning how to seduce a woman and to have sex with a real girl.

Don’t get me wrong, there is nothing wrong with having some sexual fetishes, such as bondage or to participate in a gangbang but please  think twice whether or not those fantasies are your own ones or just an illusion that was created by the porn industry.

Think about what might happen when you only regard those fetishes as real sex. Normal sex between you and a girl that doesn’t involve crazy sexual practices will bore you to death and your brain might not even see them as real sex because you are so brainwashed from the porn industry. As a result of that, your brain will tell your dick that a naked girl in front of you who is not bounded has nothing to do with real sex. That’s why you won’t get an erection with a real woman.



Now I could write a long and detailed description to solve the problem of erectile dysfunction in young men in a long and intensive therapeutic process but to be honest it is really simple:

Stop watching porn!

I know it is not easy and I also have to warn you that it will probably take a few weeks to fully recover. But isn’t the abandonment of some stupid porn movies worth a life without erectile dysfunction and full of unforgettable sexual experiences?




My name is Sebastian and I am the owner of My vision is to help men to live a life true to themselves and a life in which they can be authentic, honest and confident in the presence of women. I write articles about foreign dating and seduction in different cultures. My goal is to inspire men all over the world to embrace the art of seduction and to live a life full of unforgettable sexual experiences and adventurous travel.

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