The definition of cool and how it helps you to get girls

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Who: Alex Treasure interviewing Timothy Marc (both current RSD Nation stars)

Topic: In this awesome video they discuss, what is the definition of cool and how it helps you get girls! A must watch video for all guys wanting to get better with women!

Why use this?: Alex has very kindly allowed me to use his videos on my site and I have to admit, I learnt a lot from it. In particular, thinking about your mentality using the basketball theory, is mind-blowing for me – you’ll have to watch to see what I mean! At the end of the post, there are external links to Alex and Tim’s websites and Youtube accounts. I’d recommend checking them out at your earliest convenience!!

Having met Alex at a RSD Free event, I can say he is the real deal. He made some amazing life-altering changes to his life. He used to do the same types of things that I was doing at the time: drinking, obsessing about girls, doing the same type of dating experiences and expecting things to be different (as Albert Einstein says – the definition of insanity!). He literally changed my life back then and I’d recommend checking out his material ASAP!

Tim, is one of those people – you just can’t not like him. He is full of energy, gives great tips and insights to help you change your life and now he is helping people build Freedom Businesses, that will give you a steady income that you can run from anywhere in the world! I’ve spoken to Tim a lot over the last few years and he is a great guy. He’s always willing to help and get you the life of your dreams!


Let’s get to the Videos!







External Links

If you want to see more of Alex, you can find him at his fantastic website Alex Attitude  and subscribe to Alex’s Youtube.

To see more of Tim, visit his Freedom Business blog and subscribe to Tim’s Youtube.


Brilliant interview wasn’t it! Let me know what you thought of it in the Comments section below!
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6 comments on The definition of cool and how it helps you to get girls

  1. ‘What is the definition of cool?’ and ‘How does it help you to get girls?’

  2. Ross says:

    Cool is simply being able to control how much you appear to care. Don’t need an hour of videos to tell you that.

    1. bod says:

      Yeah and no. Some people really struggle with that and need feedback.
      I prefer to think of cool as doing what you want, when you want and not care what people think. Not pretend not to care but to genuinely do what you do and not give a damn.
      I’m a long way from that definitely made some major improvements.
      I always admire how you don’t give a fuck in social interactions but I see a lot of guys who can’t be like that and instead believe all the sort of PUA advice or the usual self-help bullshit.

  3. Ross says:

    Not giving a fuck is the defining trait of a psychopath. What makes psychopaths attractive to more empathetic people is this trait, the air of confidence. Cool is imitating this trait, controlling how much you appear to care.
    If someone appears not to care then they are either psychopathic or pretending.

    1. t3kd says:

      This is by far the stupidest thing I have read in a while.

      Is it psychopathic to not care about the outcome?
      Is it psychopathic to not care what other people think?
      Is it psychopathic to have a care-free attitude towards life?

      The answer is no. There is a healthy level of not caring.

      Sure everyone has the right to freedom of speech, but people like you abuse this privilege by spreading such bullshit.

      Everyone should think for themselves, but not everyone is at that level of evolution yet.

      So I guess the least you could do is at least try not to spread your stupidity.

      Then again I’m sure almost everyone who reads your comment can easily see how it is flawed and bullshit-ridden.

      I hope for everyone’s sake, that in these last few years after writing that comment, you have stopped spreading so much bullshit. I some how doubt it has happened however. Whatever, have fun being an idiot. Like I even care (oh look, I must be a psychopath for not caring about some un-intelligent buffon chooses to do with his life).

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