Episode: #38 BJ Gaddour on how to go from fat to fit no matter your starting point

Who: BJ Gaddour (@BJGaddour) is the host of the Weekly BJ podcast,  a former fat guy who turned cover model and fitness director for the entire Men’s Health brand. He now runs TheDailyBj.com where he delivers world-class workouts and deep dives on a wide variety of fitness topics.

In this interview, we discuss his story, how you can build fitness into your life by making your body your own barbell, the key principles and philosophies you need to follow to become fit and what BJ stands for and how it wasn’t always the most helpful nickname!


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What we cover

  • Who he is
  • The turning point that started his transformation from ‘fat kid’ into a fitness idol – How he used his own physical trauma to help others
  • Who he looked up to as role models when he was a child
  • Where modern day fitness is going wrong and the common problems he sees with people trying to improve their physicality
  • The essential principles you need to follow to actually see results
  • The motivations behind the workouts he builds for his followers and why his workouts are so popular – “the brilliance is in the simplicity
  • How can someone start making fitness part of their life and how to make it a consistent habit – you can’t be consistent with something if it is not sustainable
  • What he considers is a ‘fit person’ – how can we distinguish whether someone is actually fit or not
  • How you should workout during holidays and events – ‘don’t turn off the light, just dim the switch a little
  • BJ’s awesome book ‘Your Body is Your Barbell
  • A great workout ideal that anyone listening can use today to start getting fitter
  • How we can stop comparing ourselves and focus on our own transformations instead – how to focus on the man in the mirror
  • Becoming a presenter vs being a coach
  • How he developed the Men’s Health brand to appeal to all regardless of their current fitness level and one of the biggest mistakes you can make in any industry
  • Where his creativity comes from – how does he build his brand, make products etc
  • How does he juggle with so many demands for his time and multi-task a relationship, business, training etc
  • What he would like all men listening to take from this interview
  • An unusual fact about himself that few know
  • How you can keep in touch with him
  • What BJ stands for and how he loses money on his website to make a sex joke!
  • And so much more

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