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Episode: #18 Ryan Michler on masculinity, manhood and how to become a great man.

Who: Today’s guest is Order of man founder Ryan Michler, and is also a father, husband, Iraqi combat veteran. In this episode, we discuss modern men, masculinity and how to be a great man and one worth remembering. Ryan “believes that most, if not all, of the world’s biggest problems could be solved if males everywhere learned how to be better husbands, fathers, friends, and leaders. He’s on a mission to help all men become the men they were meant to be.” Ryan’s website teaches us how to become the best man we can be.


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What we cover:

  • Who he is
  • What he thinks masculinity and manliness are
  • When does a boy become a man and how we can create a modern day rites of passage to manhood
  • Why you need to put yourself into difficult situations
  • Why we need to grow into good men
  • The damage that can happen when boys grow up without a good father figure
  • What he thinks makes a good man
  • How we can raise children into becoming good men in the future
  • How you can be a good partner to your romantic lead
  • How he thinks today’s men compare to past generations of men
  • What he considers are the essential skills that a man should know
  • What real masculine power is
  • Who are good male role models to emulate
  • How you can start working towards your goals right now
  • Why you need to have a ‘Band of Brothers’
  • How you can develop confidence
  • Why we need to be physical and be a man of action and take action even before you are ready
  • Why you need to start right now
  • Steve Kamb article is here – Confidence
  • How he deals with the fast prompt questions
  • Why you need to join his Facebook group (I’m a member and it is awesome) – now over 30K members!
  • The Iron Council and why you should become a member
  • Why it is a moral responsibility to grow a beard … if you can!


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