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Episode: 007

Who: Gigi Engle. She is a writer, speaker, and feminist activist. She is currently the sex and dating writer for Thrillist Media Group., who’s articles have been shared over 20 million times, with her top posts reaching over 1 million shares. She is hilarious, informative and gives you amazing tips on how to be a better man and lover. Gigi has written for a variety of publications including Men’s Health, The Nonsense Society, Today and The Good Men Project.


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What we cover:

  • What’s your story?
  • How did you get into helping men with their dating life?
  • What is the thing that makes you happiest about writing about dating and relationships
  • Common problems she sees
  • Do you work with people on their sex live? Can you discuss your Best client transformation? Or the feedback that made it all worthwhile for you.
  • What would you consider your top tips for how men can be better in bed and better lovers for themselves and their partners?
  • Why are men afraid of sex toys and how can men become more comfortable with them and how to start?
  • What are some of your articles that you are most proud of?
  • What do you consider the biggest issue facing modern men today, why do you think so may struggle with women? Is it alcohol, phone addiction, drugs, sugar, diet etc?
  • Why do people have issues regarding sex, and feel embarrassed or shame on discussing sex? How can you help fix your or your partner’s feelings like that?
  • How should you deal with jealousy of a partner’s previous sex life, partners etc – how can someone move on from the past to make a better future?
  • Who do you see as great examples for men to use as role models and to act more like in their lives to be better with women?
  • What types would you give someone looking to venture into online dating?
  • How can someone best utilise dating apps like Tinder, Bumble etc
  • Whats doing your podcast taught you? How do you find doing it with your boyfriend and how has it affected your relationship can how you communicate?
  • How can someone who has had a bad breakup move on from it, what advice would you give men to move on after losing a love and starting afresh, how can they reduce the chances of the same problems arising again?
  • What sort of things do guys do that women consider needy, red flags or enough to end your contact or relationship, especially things that we are maybe not aware of that men can do?
  • How can men in long term relationships keep the spark alve with their partners? How can they add the spice back into their sex live etc?
  • So where do guys go wrong with foreplay mainly?
  • How do your family react to the area of interest you write about?
  • What is the best sex myth you can’t believe still exists to this day?
  • What do you think is the weirdest or most interesting sex fact you’ve discovered over the years?
  • How does working out help you become better with women? What sort of activities should people do to better thier bodies and their sex lives in your opinion? Basically, how can they become more comfortable in their own skin?
  • For those who struggle with their or their partner’s lower sex drive, how can that be remedied?
  • Fast question break
  • If you could speak to all mankind at once, what would you say?
  • Where would you like to see yourself in five years?
  • How can someone keep in touch, what is your social media etc (your instagram is brilliant)?

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