Affiliate Focus: Dripping Wet

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Here’s the truth: men can be predictable in bed. We’ll kiss a woman for a little while, wait for her to take off her shirt, then suck on her breasts for less than a minute, and then go down to business-which means humping until we release our juices and that’s it. Gabrielle Moore, world-renowned sex educator, is on a mission to teach men everywhere one simple truth: women don’t want (just) that. They get bored, especially if that is the case each and every night. And sex for women is not just about penetration. It’s also about focusing on other erogenous zones on their body. How else are they to get wet? If that’s a question you thought will never get its answer, you’re in luck because Gabrielle’s best-selling program, Dripping Wet Secrets, has it,and you can have it too for the small price of $7 USD (you’re saving $40 USD–this is basically a steal!!)

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The reason Gabrielle Moore speaks so confidently about every woman’s ability to lubricate and even squirt on demand-regardless of their age and physical condition is because she has seen the transformations over and over again in her work. But don’t think that opening the gates to that waterfall every woman’s hiding happens by magic. You have to lend a helping hand as well. Don’t worry, I’m not sending you fumbling in the dark. In her program, Dripping Wet Secrets, Gabrielle Moore takes the guesswork out of these situations and shares the techniques that will help you arouse your partner to the point of no return. Take advantage of the crazy offer Gabrielle’s having at the moment ($7USD instead of the original $47 USD), but don’t take too long to ponder because this amazing offer will last for the next 7 days only.

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How To Make A Daily Routine To Become Your Best Self?

How To Make A Daily Routine To Become Your Best Self?

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Quite often you think about bringing change in your life to get the most out of it. You contemplate countless ways that can make you more productive and successful. But you never pay attention to yourself and your routine. The most significant change you can produce in your life is through a daily routine. Setting a daily routine and adding positive activities like exercise, circular breathing and meditation to it, generate beneficial results for your body and mind.

Most of the people who do not have a daily routine, feel like they are not bound to rules made by someone else. However, in reality, they are destroying themselves. It is not freedom; it is like throwing yourself off a cliff deliberately. You are depriving your body of the good.  

If you analyze the lives of all the successful people, you will see that they follow a predetermined schedule. There are many productive habits in their lives which lead to a relaxing and stress-free day.

If you want to become your best self, then make a fixed schedule and follow it regularly. Let us help you by suggesting you the ideal routine formula.

Wake up Early, Optimize your mind, Optimize your body, Be Grateful. Repeat!

Yes, this is the mantra for a successful and confident life. Let us explain it in detail for your understanding.

  1. Wake Up Early

Make sure that you get enough sleep because your body and mind both need an 8-hour sleep. Set your bedtime to follow it strictly. Wake up early in the morning and start your day with a positive approach. There are unlimited benefits of waking up early in the morning and one of them is reduced stress level. It will save you from all the hassle and morning rush. You can easily eat your breakfast and get ready for work. You will never have to skip your meals if you sleep and wake up on time.

  1. Optimize Your Mind

Optimizing the mind means you need to take control of your thoughts. Any thought that you let in your mind at the start of the day determines your mood throughout the day. Keep your thinking positive because it helps you in managing your stress. For a healthy life, mental health is essential.

A healthy mind is a key to a healthy body. The way you react to the events that happen in your life says a lot about you. Try to feed positive thoughts in your mind and look forward to another day. Optimizing your mind will keep you from the darkness of depression as well. Some of the best ways of doing it include:

  • Avoiding excessive use of social media
  • Visualizing positive things in your mind
  • Reading a good book
  • Avoiding people who do not uplift your spirits
  • Utilizing your skills and creativity

Avoiding negativity keeps your mind at ease and you do not let any lousy thought reside in your mind. Try to surround yourself with people who encourage you and make you feel good about yourself. Read classic and inspirational books. It is a very healthy hobby and keeps you away from the unnecessary fuss. You can also write about your favorite things in your free time.

  1. Optimize Your Body

The third essential element of a healthy routine is optimization of your body. There is no use of following the first two elements if you are not working on your body. There are many ways through which you can optimize your body. Some of them include:

  • Early morning walk
  • Eating healthy food
  • Drinking enough water daily
  • Meditation/ exercise
  • Do not work excessively, take breaks
  • Deep breathing

All these tips will keep you active throughout the day. Proper diet is necessary to keep your body healthy. Make rich food a part of your diet. Fish, fruits, milk, cereals and leafy vegetables are some essential diet components. Similarly, exercise and morning walk keep you fresh and proactive. Take extra care of your rest and avoid working consistently. It keeps your body and mind both relaxed.

  1. Be Grateful

Always be thankful for what you have. Your blessings multiply when you are grateful for them and value them. Every day is a new day to accomplish your targets. If you are thankful to whatever source you believe in for every single day, then you will stay contented. Regrets will never surround you and as a result, you will stay positive.

We hope that after reading this, you will now focus on changing yourself by changing your daily routine. A healthy routine is a key to success. If you want to become a better person and achieve more then start working on your routine. With daily practice, you will get used to it and then it will be easy for you to accept this change.


Awesome guest post by Hassan Khan

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Please check out this awesome new product! It is a very smart take on spices and will revolutionize how you season your food, minimize wastage and look cool! It is not an affiliate product, and I have no involvement or financial support, I just think it is a great product and something you should check out!

Occo uses revolutionary design to keep spice fresher at the molecular level. It’s more flavorful, affordable, and sustainable. 

Each Occo card contains 12 chambers of preportioned spice that have been sealed in a modified atmosphere environment to protect from decay and preserve flavor.

• Each chamber contains ¼ teaspoon of spice.
• Occo is filled with organic, recently harvested
spices that have been sourced from ethical farms
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• Our first product is the Essential Collection: 12
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• Occo cards are made of Aluminum, the most
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• In a blind taste test, 94% of participants preferred
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They had a Kickstarter campaign and had a stunning success:

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Affiliate Highlight: FLIRTING FINGERS

Flirting Fingers Highlights!

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Tell me the truth: what place does fingering take in your erotic repertoire? Do you think it’s something rather… outdated, that you did back in your teenage years, when this kind of fondling was the only naughty thing you could do?

I think this kind of stimulation is pretty powerful if you do it the right way, and I’ve got an expert backing me up. Gabrielle Moore, who has written countless books on everything sex-related, thinks that fingering is actually an art mastered by true sex enthusiasts and she has a new program dedicated to precisely this topic.

Check out her video and learn how to vary finger stimulation to create new and different sensations for your partner!

Gabrielle is so dedicated to her audience that she honestly wants YOU to satisfy your wife or girlfriend and have the hottest sex you’ve ever had with her… so she decided to take one of her best-selling courses “Flirting Fingers” and bring it down by 40 USD of its original price and you can get it for only $7!

The main idea behind her expert fingering program is that most women need attention paid to at least one of their two main pleasure zones in order to climax.

Stimulating your partner’s clitoris and G-Spot with the help of your fingers can make for an easier and stronger orgasm, and her video gives you plenty of naughty ideas to make that happen.

This program sells for $47.00 USD, but for 9 days only, Gabrielle will be selling it for only $7.00 USD. What an incredible gift for you and especially for your woman!

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P.S. Your partner’s body is open for exploration, so it would be a shame if you didn’t let your hands roam and work their magic.

Check out Gabrielle Moore’s video and learn how to use your fingers to send quiver of delights straight to her hot spots.

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Affiliate Deals – Week 7/1/19


As you can imagine, I get sent a lot of affiliate deals, special offers and discount codes. So to avoid plaguing you with thousand of emails about them or littering my social media with them, I wanted to put them in a more organised way. So from now on, I will be making a weekly affiliate post, where I will collate that weeks affiliate links and add to each day something new comes in, so keep checking these posts when you visit as they will be evolved, amended and updated as the week progresses.

My Protein Deals

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We have just launched The Body Coach range on Myprotein and have the ultimate bundle to get you started. With five essentials from The Body Coach range in one amazing value bundle. Everything you need to get off to a good start!

The Protein Works Deals

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This January, we’re doing things a little differently. Don’t get us wrong, it’s all about goals & it’s all about you. But with your help and our official partners The Cybersmile Foundation we’re taking on a bigger challenge than goal setting alone. This year we’re calling time on trolls and amping up the positivity. It’s BIGGER than we’ve ever gone… and this is your invitation to come with us.
You see, in the past year we’ve been increasingly aware of a rising undercurrent within the health and fitness community – one where naysayers, goal critics and body shamers are getting a little too much air time…
As a team we’ve experienced it personally – the critics who say you can’t, the shamers who say you’re not big enough, you’re too weak. On social we’ve seen the trolls try to creep into your celebrations and achievements… ‘you need to be bigger bro’, ‘sort your neck out lad’, ‘She shouldn’t lift’…
And we’ve talked with our partners at The Cybersmile Foundation who have confirmed that around 40% of internet users say they have personally experienced digital abuse*.
Ultimately, we know for a fact that these comments can seed doubts, stop you from starting or make us finish early. At their worst, they genuinely hurt.
But we also know, that hate can’t live where positivity breeds. That’s the #HATEONTHIS mantra.
From today we’re starting a movement to restore the balance in favour of the positive. Put simply, together we’re going to drown out the trolls. Everywhere you see or you use #HATEONTHIS, know that you’re part of a positivity movement. A community of support for all goals. Use it and we’ll rally round your battle cry. See it and show your love – as that’s our crew right there.

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