Episode #20 Dan Wells on why you need to try Cross-Fit right now to become the best version of you

Who: Today’s guest is a world class Cross-Fit trainer and competitor Dan Wells. He competes, trains, is a personal trainer, runs his own gym, a notable TV personality and is also a father. In this episode, we discuss Cross-Fit, why you should check it out and how you can use Cross-Fit to transform your fitness and in turn your life. Dan is open and honest about Cross-Fit and together we analyse what it is, cut through the BS and find out how and why you should try it and how it can have a life-transforming impact on your life right now!

What we cover:

  • Who he is
  • How he got into Cross-Fit
  • What Cross-Fit is and why you need to do it to change your life
  • Why the community aspect and brotherhood in Cross-Fit is so valuable to a gym goer
  • Why he thinks Cross-Fit is so good and suitable and scalable for anyone listening
  • How to pick a good Cross-Fit gym for you
  • Why you need to create a system of accountability to succeed in your goals
  • What are the physical benchmarks associated with Cross-Fit
  • How you can develop a strong mental state to keep pushing past general discomfort and actually discover you real mental strength achieve your goals
  • How Cross-Fit can be modified to suit all participants
  • How important diet is to your success
  • How you can work on removing sugar from your diet
  • His philosophy of nutrition and how it can be used to lose fat and gain muscle
  • Why these rapid fat loss shows are not suitable for listeners to copy to transform their bodies
  • His principles of recovery and how you can adapt them to push yourself daily
  • How he manages a multitude of challenges from training, coaching, to running a business, to being a father and so on
  • Why he started the ‘Horsepower’ gym
  • How he deals with the fast break questions
  • What his favourite thing about Cross-Fit is, which parts he dislikes and how he would improve it
  • Advice he would give to someone listening to improve the relationship with their kids
  • What he wants someone listening to take from this interview
    How you can keep in touch with him
  • So much more

Connect with the guest:

Something to reflect on:

I’ll leave it to Dan to show you why you need to try Cross-Fit right now!

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