Month: September 2012

You are Average … well sortof

The word average has a lot of negative connotations.

In recent society, the words use has become a judgement on a persons worth rather than its standard meaning.

However, I want to change the way that you think about ‘being’ average. There is nothing wrong with being average. In fact your average defines where you are in life.

When you think about it:

  • Your currently salary is the average of the jobs you’ve done.
  • Your happiness is the average of all your thoughts.
  • Your physical state is the average of the workouts you’ve done.
  • Your love life (or lack) is the average of the effort you put into trying to attract women.
  • Your job is the average skills and experience from your work history.
  • Your comfort zone is the average of your life experiences you’ve made.

It doesn’t matter about your worst. It doesn’t matter about your best. The average of your activities that you do is where you will be, what you do and what happens to you.

‘Average’ is not a bad thing. Instead of judging yourself  average or otherwise, look at average as a positive.

Remember anything you do adds to your average and in turn, the average determines your life quality.

Up the average level and up your life!


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Does the Outside match the Inside?

Does your outside match your inside?

When you look into the mirror, does the reflection shone back reflect who you feel as a person inside?

I’ve recently started a new job, which required me to move to a new city. It’s been quite a culture shock to get used to the congas of traffic, noise and pollution and new routines since I’ve been holed up, in my rural paradise. However, what I have realised most recently, is how people are judged on their appearance.

Walking down a street, or sitting opposite someone on a bus, you can’t help but judge someone on how they look. It’s not big, it’s not clever but its a basic instinct that modern man has developed. You are judged by how you look. You are judged by how you dress. You are judged by how you control your body. You are judged by the way you speak. Everything you do, is judged by others.

The problem is however, few of us have our outside looking the way we feel on the inside. You can be smart, intelligent, mature or whatever one (or more) characteristics you want to have in your personality, but if you don’t show it on the outside, your doomed to be judged wrongly by others.  It may sound vain, silly or juvenile, but sadly that is how the world works.

What I suggest you do, is to sit down and write down (or even just think in your head), who you are as a person, what values you hold true to yourself. Think of who you truly are, not who others want you to be or who you think you should be to please others. Think on what is important in your life and what you want from your life.

If you feel fit and strong on the inside, let that show by developing muscle. A fat gut won’t show that. If you feel confident on the inside, let that shine through by working strong body language that is open and direct. If you enjoy more cultured and finer things of life, why would you copy others and let your jeans hang under your ass?

We are all unique and great. The differences in us defines us and yet makes us appealing to others. However, few of us ever let our outsides show what we feel on the inside. We fear being different to others, we fear not fitting in, we fear being seen as the odd one out. Yet, it is this uniqueness that makes us the person we are meant to be.

Make turning your outside to the same as your inside, a mission in your life. That hot girl at the bar will judge you on how you look first. Sadly few will go past that, if the outside  isn’t appealing, regardless of the true greatness you have within yourself. A potential employer will mark you down for nerves in your voice or poor body language, even though you may be more than capable of doing the job. This sort of thing is played out in all areas of your life.

I spent years feeling wrong within myself. I was interested in different things to the activities I spent my time doing with old friends. I dressed like them. I drunk at crappy pubs with them, just to have a social life. The list goes on. All that time, I wasted by making my outside match others, not what was inside me. It was only when I started to do the activities that I enjoyed, dressed as I really felt, stopped drinking to numb the pain of boredom and instead started working out, that I made the life of the way I dreamed of.

Why waste time? Don’t make my mistakes. Sit down and work out what is inside you. Realise the person you are inside. Then make sure your outside matches that!


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Latest Happenings at NLG!

Hi all,

Here’s some quick updates.

(1) As you may have noticed, there has been a slight delay in new material been on the site. This is due to me obtaining a new full time job in a new city. I had been working on the site whilst unemployed after being made redundant but money was always an issue.I’ve been running around, trying to organise a new flat, new work wear, tidying up stuff I need to do before I leave but things will soon be back to usual!

How will this affect the site, I hear you ask? It won’t. All that should happen is that I will get into a better writing and posting pattern. That can only be a massive win for you, my handsome readers!

(2) Recently, I’ve noticed that after a few too many late nights working on the site and eating junk food, I’ve put on some weight. As I have a new job in a new city, the time is perfect to get back into shape. Moreover though you can join me and get into shape too! Yeah yeah, I know most people find working out really dull but I have the answer that will help you get the body you’ve always dreamed about!

I’ve started using the awesome Fitocracy website, that makes working out actual fun! It is one of the coolest fitness sites I’ve seen for a long time, it encourages you to work out by making the whole thing cool, keeps you accountable and will allow you to take part in a mini-competition (if you want to get into that side of things).

When you work out, you add each exercise and the site awards points depending on what you did. At certain points, you ‘level up’ and get a boost of confidence! There are plenty of challenges to try, groups to join, a forum to chat to new friends and so on. I love the site so much,that I have even set up a new group for my great readers to join me in our quest to get into shape!

The new group will be used to keep each other accountable and motivated to achieve your fitness goals, help push each other when you are struggling, discuss the best ways to work out, show off updated pictures and so on. This group will be epic!

Sound good? Want to join me? It’s simple and best of all, FREE! All you have to do is:

(3) Last one! After getting some emails about it, I’m finally getting my butt into gear and looking into making my first Next Level Guy product – an awesome E-BOOK!

Please take a few seconds andhelp me make it solve your problems by clicking on the relevant options to you. If the options you want aren’t included, please add them in the ‘Other’ answer section or in the comments below. I look forward to helping you!



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