Month: October 2013

Hitting the Next Level by being a Geek Overlord with Steven Heslewood

Next Level Guy is back in business!

Sorry for the long delay in getting a new post up – I have been extremely busy with my ‘proper’ job as well as some side projects but this blog is coming back with a bang!

I’d like to say a massive thank you to all who have remained loyal NLGers while I have been away and extend a massive welcome to those who are just joining us on the journey on hitting the Next Level!

So for the first post since coming back, I wanted to look at an issue that ew men are willing to look at, to embrace that side of them and be true to their real nature, I’m talking about being a Geek. Sadly, in modern society, too many men, try to be ‘cool’ and fit in with their friends. They hide the parts of themselves that are real and true to who they really are. To counter the feeling of lying to themselves and their true nature, the men tend to drink excessively, take drugs and look for ways to numb the pain of not living the life they truly wish to have.

Therefore, I decided to interview Steven Heslewood from the Geek Apocalypse podcast, on what being a Geek is, why men should do it and how it will better your life to embrace your inner-Geek!

The video is embed below and the questions are added below it as a reference for you.

Please watch it and let me know what you think in the comments below.


(1) Can you tell me about your journey from normal dude to Geek Overlord? What started your journey on being the ultimate Geek? Was there a defining moment that caused it? 
(2) Can you explain what being a ‘Geek’ is? What your understanding of the term is and why guys should want to become one?
(3) A lot of my readers may be unsure how to let go of their barriers so how would you recommend my readers can find their inner-geek and become more geeky?
(4) Why do you think most modern men try and maintain a pretense of being tough and ‘manly’? Why can’t they just be true to their real nature? What do you think stops guys from being more geeky and how can they overcome these barriers?
(5) What three top tips have you learnt from doing your podcast and interviewing top geeks? If you had to sum it up in three, what tips would you give?
(6) A big part of my site is using guys as role models and adopting their techniques as part of your own life. I’m very interested in Who you consider role models in your life? From the entertainment world as well as real life and why they inspire you?
(7) Can you explain what your Geek Apocalypse is and why should my readers should view it?
(8) Which three of your videos/podcasts are you most proud and why? Please send me the URL links and I will include them in the post.
(9) Can you tell me any tips for life or business that you have found that shouldn’t work but do, the ones that sound so stupid and absurd that go against what people traditionally think works but it gets results (e.g. ignoring a girl makes her work harder to get you)
(10) Finally, if you were to talk to all of men at once, what would you say – what motivation or telling off would you say? If you could give all men a final message what would it be?




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