Month: January 2016

The Total Human Cleanse & Definitive Guide To Detoxifying Your Body

Introducing a brand new product from Onnit. Feel like you need to cleanse and detox after a crazy 2015? Well, you are in luck!

It’s a new year. We’re ready to get systems cleaned out, primed and ready … so why not pick up Onnit’s brand new FREE Ebooks showing you how to cleanse your body ready for the mass improvement you will bring this year. Within the Total Human Cleanse readers will find what to eat, drink, and which Onnitsupplements is best for a perfect detoxification.  For that recommendation we have created the Cleanse Essential Pack.

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How to Seduce Women With Their Own Weapons

The weapons of a woman can be deadly.

All a beautiful woman has to do is to reveal a bit of her cleavage, look at you in a seductive way and whisper naughty things in your ear. That’s enough to make you fall for her.

You wouldn’t be the first man who would become a victim of the weapons of women. Thousands of men before you have lost their sanity and their money in the pursuit of beautiful women.

Don’t be naïve and believe that girls don’t know what they do. They know exactly what buttons they have to push and what words they have to say to make your heart melt. They know how to use their weapons and you should know how to use yours.

Just because women are masters in using their charm, their subtle signals, their way of communicating and their nasty tests to turn confident men into loyal puppies, doesn’t mean that you can’t do the same.

It might sound crazy but you can actually use the same weapons that women use. All you have to do is to learn from the other sex, to modify their weapons to your needs and to use those weapons against them.

Allow me to show you how you can attract and seduce gorgeous women by using the same weapons they use to make men addicted to them.


Get Noticed

What is the first thing that women do when they plan to attract a guy in a bar or club?

They spend at least two hours in the bathroom. They remove every single pubic hair, they make sure that all their holes smell like vanilla and they spend more time searching for the right clothes than you spend at work. They do everything in their power to look good, to smell good and to shine like movie stars. No

No woman wears high heels in a club because they are so comfortable. They do it because guys are magically drawn to long legs that stand on high heels. They know what they have to do to get the guys they want.

I don’t say that you have to spend two hours in the bathroom the next time you go out, but adopting this strategy is definitely not the worst idea. The strategy to use clothes, smell and grooming to get noticed among the other men can actually lead to success with the ladies.

The chance that she notices you while you stand next to two other dudes is a lot higher when you smell better, have a better haircut and the better clothes. You can say what you want, but the first impression is important. Make sure that you leave the best first impression you can.

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