Month: August 2016

What death taught me

Today is challenge 4 in the ProBlogger challenge. Today, we are asked to make a story post, a post that offers a story about us as a blogger, an event, the business, a story of some description and how it affected you. Today, my time is short, I arrived late after my transport to my hotel for an event was delayed and my time to write, to blog has been severely restricted. So I thought I’d mention some thoughts I don’t think I’ve ever really discussed with anyone else.

I once did a skydive. I willingly jumped out of a plane and freefall for a few thousand feet before gliding down to earth when the instructor pulled the parachute. We fell ten thousand feet from the plane door to the ground. Why? It was linked to a death and my way of paying a thank you for those who helped my family in the darkest of times.

3 in 1

It all started the year that I lost three grandparents to various cancers and diseases. Not a calendar year but a stretch of time over two that lasted a year, but I won’t get fussy with descriptions. The deaths were of my beloved grandparents, people who had shaped my life in ways I appreciated and in many other ways that I only knew about after they were gone. I suppose it is true, you never know what you have until it is gone.

The deaths struck me like a thunderbolt. I had been 22 when I went to my first funeral, a family friend. I sat in the pew, surrounded by my school friends and others I had grown up with, seeing the devastation that it had caused to the departed’s family and felt like I wasn’t meant to be in attendance as if I was imposing on their grief in some way. I wondered how I would have reacted in their place. I didn’t have long to wait.

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A review of ‘The Next Level Guy Show’

Today is day three of the ProBlogger ‘get your blogging groove back again’ challenge. The challenge? To punt out a review post that will shake the world to its core … or just something for you to read while having a cup of tea and a skive from work. If that’s what you want … grab a biscuit too, you’ve earned it … read away my friend, read away!


‘Product’:The Next Level Guy Show‘ podcast

Why review this?: Currently, I do not have any review products of which I can analyse like an electronic Sherlock Holmes. Some are coming soon but I don’t have the time-frame or the product to review right now. So I have decided to do a quick reflective review of my new podcast, to see how things are going, where things are going bad and how I can change things to prosper in the long run … and tick off the latest challenge. It may be cheating on the challenge but I think it may scrape by within the terms and conditions of the challenge! Time to begin …

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What is the Next Level?

Today is day 2 of the Problogger ‘Get back in your blogging groove’ challenge and the challenge is to write a FAQ post, a post that answers a frequently asked question and post it up in 24 hours.

For me, this challenge was hard to find a suitable topic for. I do get a lot of questions from people but it’s rare to get anything relating standard questions just now as I am slowly rebuilding up my audience. Therefore, I have decided to pick the main theme for my blog and to answer the main question most will consider when they read the name of my website … ‘what is the next level?’ and how does one know when they have reached it and how to know when they are a Next Level Guy? So let’s get into it …

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The 7 steps to get back into the gym

We’ve all heard the reasons why we should work out, as well as trying to navigate the acres of articles on how to work out, many contradicting one another but what if you need to start back at the gym after a long lay-off due to work or injury? Well, that is a predicament I found myself in and the subject of today’s blog article.

The gym is a magical place, somewhere that as the numbers go up, the fat drops off, the muscle grows as well as the confidence in amazing displays of personal record-smashing lifts. That’s how it should go, a wonderful arena of challenges, easily dispatched by your skilled hands as they hit the next level, then like Arnold, you can crush your personal records, hear the praise of the gym folk and be king of your confidence as you eat your well earned high protein feast.

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