Episode #36 Jon Levy on how to live a life of adventure

Who: Today’s guest is the man of adventure Jon Levy (@JonLevyTLB). Jon is a behavioral scientist, consultant, writer and keynote speaker best known for his work in the fields of Influence and Social Experience. After years of studying what has become known as “The Science of Adventure”, Jon was able to discern that every adventurous experience follows a predictable four stage processes. Each stage has specific characteristics that, when applied, make the experience exciting. This expertise has garnered Jon a reputation as one of the foremost authorities on Adventure.

In this interview, we talk about what an adventure is, how he manages to get people to buy his drinks all night or stay in their homes and travel the world with him undertaking amazing challenges, to why you need to leave your comfort zone and how to start taking your life by the scruff and living the life of your dreams. If adventure happened by accident then everyone would be having an adventure in their lives but they aren’t, follow Jon’s advice to build a life of your dreams.

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What we cover

  • Who he is
  • The definition of adventure
  • The events that fueled his passion for adventure
  • What he thinks are the biggest problems men face in modern day society
  • Why do we need to leave the comfort zone in our lives to succeed
  • Some challenges you can undertake today to start building a life of adventure
  • Do you need to travel to become adventurous? Physically or metaphorically?
  • Why it’s vital to select the right people to do this with
  • Should you undertake these challenges sober? Does alcohol prevent true growth?
  • How to build connections with the people you meet
  • How memory is triggered and why some memories are stronger than others
  • What successful adventurers do that you should implement into your own life
  • Why he thinks he has been so successful at achieving goals
  • How to mold individuals from different parts of life into one community – how to find content that engages everyone
  • Why you shouldn’t care about imposter syndrome an instead build a community on something you care and love and how to do so
  • How to tell if something is a real adventure or if you’re lying to yourself
  • Who would he invite to his dream dinner party?
  • What he wants you to take from this interview
  • How you can keep in touch with him on future projects etc
  • The 2 am Principle
  • His dream adventure
  • And so much more

Connect with the Guest

Some things to reflect on

    • We are losing the essential skills that are passed from father to son as we are more and ore being raised by women – this can lead to us learning unsuitable methods for later life
    • Whatever is focal is causal” – we make it disproportionality important
    • We evolved sharing stories so if it’s not worth sharing stories about then it’s not culturally significant
    • An adventure should bring about growth – you should be a better person at the end of it but take calculated risks!
    • Not everyone will have the same tolerance for risk and adventure but to grow and develop as a person, you need to work outside of your comfort zone, to live an entertaining and fulfilling life
    • You should be chasing small goals to build a strong success feedback loop to help you achieve the next  challenge – start small and build, find that comfort line and step over it
    • Your brain is wired for novelty” – Look at your missions and the constraints you set on it, challenge yourself to interact differently regardless if you are somewhere new or your local pub
    • Build a community, not a network – make strong connections with one another
  • What community do you care about that you would like to bring together?

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