Episode #56 Jessie Pavelka on how to become truly fit, mentally, physically and emotionally


Episode: #56 Jessie Pavelka on how to become truly fit, mentally, physically and emotionally

Who: Jessie Pavelka is internationally recognised as a Fitness and Wellbeing Expert and Specialist in Extreme Weight Loss. He has already graced British and American television screens with his life-changing work on Sky’s Obese: A Year to Save my Life, and Lifetimes DietTribe, and motivated the masses on Oprah’s OWN Wake-up Workout, The View, and most recently The Doctors amognst others. For the past 10 years Jessie has been dedicated to helping others to develop practical solutions to lose weight, live well and thrive through exercise and nutrition. Jessie learned much of what he knows about the fitness industry during his time as a professional bodybuilder and fitness model. He has adorned countless magazine covers and features and was even named as Insider’s “Hottest Trainer”. Although Jessie has starred in a number of popular TV shows, his passion and enthusiasm for fitness and weight loss stems from a keen childhood athleticism and has put him on the international radar. His friendly but firm attitude towards participants is both motivational and makes for compulsive viewing. Jessie has recently launched his own health brand, Pavelka Health Revolution, in the UK. Dividing his time between the US and UK, Jessie Pavelka is certainly rising as an internationally recognised star and symbol within the Fitness, Wellbeing and Extreme Weight Loss industries.



  • Who he is 
  • What was his motivation to enter the fitness world
  • How did he learn how to really connect with the people he is working with, to get past the superficial and really help people to change
  • How does he start a client transformation to really help them evolve and not just make short-term changes
  • How to find the issues that are really holding you back and actually make long-term, true motivational changes? 
  • What should people be doing in addition to working out to really make the transformation to the true you
  • How should we look at the medias portrayal of health, fitness and what ‘men should look like’?
  • How can you act your way into the correct thinking and actions?
  • The inspiration behind his well-received Ted Talk?
  • How to fix our relationships with food?
  • How did becoming a father change Jessie and his outlook on life? 
  • What does he want people to take from the interview?


  • Jessie used exercise to deal with anger and other negative emotions – how are you dealing with them and could you pick a healthier method?
  • Jessie found connection and another family through sports, if you feel lonely and not part of life, I would recommend taking up a sport, it can change your life by introducing you to like minded people.
  •  You need to find that reason of why you need to change, the reason as to why you need to get up and get going and connect to that reason every day
  • Your reality and your expectations need to work together, hand in hand
  • The truth is something you need to accept and it will set you free. Lies and half truths we tell ourselves to stay in our comfort zones will actually end up hurting ourselves more in the end
  •  Live the life you truly want, not someone else’s life, or the one that the media portrays you should be living. 
  • There are moments all around us that we can feel inspired from. Are you too focused on the big things and not noticing the little things that will make you stop, reflect, reset if needed and be happy again?
  • Challenges may be tough but you will normally come out of it as a more evolved person from them



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