Episode #59 Mark Divine on how to live your life The Way of the SEAL


Today’s guest is Mark Divine, who is a former SEAL, whose experience and expertise had the American Government task him with creating a nationwide mentoring program for SEAL trainees.  Not only did it increase the quality of SEAL candidates, it reduced BUD/S attrition rate up to five percent. He is an author and creator of the SEALFIT and Unbeatable Mind website and podcast. Mark is an accomplished martial artist with black belts in Seido and Goju Ryu Karate, a military hand-to-hand combat certification in SCARS, and senior ranking in Saito Ninjitsu. He is a trained Ashtanga Yoga teacher and created the innovative Unbeatable KOKORO Yoga program taught to his students. We will be focusing on his awesome book ‘The Way of the SEAL’ but this interview will allow you to utilise the SEAL way of life to allow you to achieve your own goals.

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I hope you have as much fun listening to this one as I did during the interview. Enjoy!



  • Who is he?
  • How his childhood made him who he is today
  • His inspiration or turning point for joining the military
  • How important are mentors to men in their life and pursuit of goals?
  • Why does he think men abuse drink and drugs and how can this be changed
  • What was his inspiration for writing the book – what did he hope to achieve from it?
  • The additional training that he provides that helps make the SEALS so successful
  • Does he have any favourite client transformations
  • Where do men go wrong when they read self-improvement books?
  • How can you become SEAL-like in the fastest way possible? How should you use the book to get the most from it?
  • How can we find our why in life – how do we discover our purpose?
  • Where should you start with transforming your life to become more SEAL-like?
  • The two wolfs within you and how which one you feed, dictates how you act
  • The importance of situational awareness and why you need to develop it
  • The mantra that got him through SEAL training
  • What would he want someone to use his book to focus on and work towards in the next six months?
  • What does he want people to take from this interview?
  • What is an unusual fact about him that surprises other people?
  • How can you keep in touch with Mark?


  • Travel can help change you and make you a different person. Experiencing new cultures, and having new experiences can accelerate your learning and growth as a person.
  • Mark mentions how a positive role model changed him and set him on his path of success today. Who could you look to as a mentor in your life? How could you ask for their help and work with them to achieve your goals?
  • It is OK not to have everything figured out and to ask for help. You can learn as you go, develop as you go along your life and ask for advice and move between domains etc. You don’t need to have a perfect plan, you just need to start. Start now, start today and work towards your goals.
  • Regret is the worst pain imaginable. Don’t go through life ‘second-guessing yourself’. Pick your goals and go for it. On your deathbed you will know that you gave it your best and not die with your best still in you.
  • We all deal with loss and suffering. However, you do not need to act on emotion as the same as the majority. You can learn to use emotions to your advantage and control yourself in all aspects, to ’embrace the suck’ and you can use these negative experiences as a positive instead and learn from them.
  • You need to learn how to calm distractions and learn to truly focus your mind, to learn what your true purpose is in life
  • What would be your mantra to use daily to initiate flow state within yourself?
  • What you see for yourself in your minds eye, is what you will become – what do you see for yourself?
  • Don’t just ‘get by in life’. Do the work and find your balance point, and go for your goals. You will be surprised at how far you can go in life. Stop wasting time and get achieving.



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