Oral Rapture Exclusive offer from Gabrielle Moore

Oral Rapture

Here’s a Naughty Proposal! (She Will LOVE It) – A special exclusive from Gabrielle Moore


I found this absolutely irresistible offer for you!

Because I know you desperately want to satisfy your woman to a point where you do not need to fear that she may be fantasizing about other men (especially younger men), I will tell you that there is a way to make her scream with pleasure and ONLY think about your touch.

After 15 years of teaching men how to satisfy their woman, my friend Gabrielle Moore, a world – famous sex expert, can tell you for a fact that one of the most important skills a man needs to dominate is: Oral sex.

And she’s right: knowing how to make her come with your tongue will instantly make you her super-hero when it comes to sex! (Trust me, she will brag about YOU with her friends!)

Gabrielle is so dedicated to her audience that she honestly wants YOU to satisfy your wife or girlfriend and have the hottest sex you’ve ever had with her… so she decided to take one of her best-selling courses “Oral Rapture” and bring it down by 40 USD of its original price and you can get it for only $7!

This is an offer you can’t refuse… and since you know good things don’t usually last forever, let me give you a little tip: this offer will be available for a limited time only, so grab it while you can!

Get it here:

Affiliate Deals – Week 7/1/19


As you can imagine, I get sent a lot of affiliate deals, special offers and discount codes. So to avoid plaguing you with thousand of emails about them or littering my social media with them, I wanted to put them in a more organised way. So from now on, I will be making a weekly affiliate post, where I will collate that weeks affiliate links and add to each day something new comes in, so keep checking these posts when you visit as they will be evolved, amended and updated as the week progresses.

My Protein Deals

My Protein –
We have just launched The Body Coach range on Myprotein and have the ultimate bundle to get you started. With five essentials from The Body Coach range in one amazing value bundle. Everything you need to get off to a good start!

The Protein Works Deals

The Protein Works

Discount: Extra 20% off
Code: EX20
Valid: Ends 23:59 Monday 7th January


This January, we’re doing things a little differently. Don’t get us wrong, it’s all about goals & it’s all about you. But with your help and our official partners The Cybersmile Foundation we’re taking on a bigger challenge than goal setting alone. This year we’re calling time on trolls and amping up the positivity. It’s BIGGER than we’ve ever gone… and this is your invitation to come with us.
You see, in the past year we’ve been increasingly aware of a rising undercurrent within the health and fitness community – one where naysayers, goal critics and body shamers are getting a little too much air time…
As a team we’ve experienced it personally – the critics who say you can’t, the shamers who say you’re not big enough, you’re too weak. On social we’ve seen the trolls try to creep into your celebrations and achievements… ‘you need to be bigger bro’, ‘sort your neck out lad’, ‘She shouldn’t lift’…
And we’ve talked with our partners at The Cybersmile Foundation who have confirmed that around 40% of internet users say they have personally experienced digital abuse*.
Ultimately, we know for a fact that these comments can seed doubts, stop you from starting or make us finish early. At their worst, they genuinely hurt.
But we also know, that hate can’t live where positivity breeds. That’s the #HATEONTHIS mantra.
From today we’re starting a movement to restore the balance in favour of the positive. Put simply, together we’re going to drown out the trolls. Everywhere you see or you use #HATEONTHIS, know that you’re part of a positivity movement. A community of support for all goals. Use it and we’ll rally round your battle cry. See it and show your love – as that’s our crew right there.

PLUS we’ve got a host of daily deals live that you won’t want to miss out on:-


Not sure where to start? Check out our starter bundles to kick things off with over 50% off right now:-


BRAND NEW for 2019, we’re bringing you the Matte Black Shaker which is available now with an introductory 30% off:-


Click here to discover Gabrielle’s ‘Last Longer Tonight’ program (NSFW)


Did  you  know  that  turning  a  mediocre  sexual  encounter  into  an  award-winning performance  is  just  a  matter  of  a  mind  over  body?

Lock yourself in your  partner’s memory  forever  with  a  lasting  longer  technique  so  creative  you  won’t  believe  it’s actually  so  easy  to  master.

Gabrielle Moore in one of my favorite sex experts, and that’s because her techniques  simply  work.  Every.  Time.

So when I  found  out  about  her genius  ‘Last Longer  Tonight’ program,  I  had  to  share  the  news  with  you. She  has  an  incredible  discount  on  this  program  YOU  can  get  it  now  for  only $7 USD,  but  the  offer  won’t  last  long,  so  hurry  up!

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Simple Ways To Make Money On The Side At University

Simple Ways To Make Money On The Side At University

Student life is expensive. In England, the average student graduates university with £32,220 in debt, the Guardian reports. Sticking to a budget and minimising debt is crucial for the majority of students, but what happens when you simply need more money to cover your expenses and live comfortably? There are only so many hours you can work at your part-time job since you also need to go to class and study. If you’re currently facing the decision between working more hours or taking out a bigger loan, you’ll be relieved to know there’s a third option. Creating an extra income stream will benefit you financially without being too time-consuming or difficult to achieve. You’ll also enjoy cultivating an entrepreneurial spirit which will come in useful throughout life after university.


Start a YouTube channel

Whether you love teaching, playing music, reviewing video games, or even pranking, make videos of yourself doing what you’re best at and upload them to YouTube. Consistent, engaging, and quality content will get views which can lead to a decent income stream. Adverts will play before your videos and you’ll earn a percentage of the money generated. Sign up to Adsense to get paid per view. If you use your channel to recommend products, using affiliate links is another effective way to monetise your channel. Once you build up a strong viewership, you can also be sponsored by brands to advertise their products.

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Making Memory Your Strength – Guest Post

Today’s post is a great guest post from Jackie Edwards. 

Super competitive but not a great sportsman? An amazing sportsman but have difficulty remembering how far you ran two days ago? We all secretly want to be the best at something in our lives. Be it our hobbies or careers, everyone wants to excel and be known as ‘the guy that is really good at something special’. How about a talent that is not only respected but can be very handy for many other areas of your life? – Your memory.

Being able to remember vast amounts of information has many advantages. From remembering why you couldn’t make it into work last Monday, to the names of everyone at the party, a great memory will serve you well. There are many different options, but to be a master of memory you have to train like a memory champion.

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The ultimate guide to Black Friday deals for the Next Level Guy

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Take 20% off site-wide with code CYBER20 at British Condoms. Offer Ends 27th November. Shop Now! 20% site wide from British Condoms

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The Protein Works – 70% off
Onnit's None More Black, Black Friday Sale Has Begun. Onnit
November’s Leanest Meat Selection from Muscle Foods

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Mr Skin – Lifetime discounted deal!

Mankind Grooming

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Amazon Echo Dot (2nd Generation), Black

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De’Longhi ECZ351.BG Scultura Traditional Pump Espresso Coffee Machine, 1100 W – Champagne

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 Kindle E-Reader, 6″ Glare-Free Touchscreen Display, Wi-Fi (Black) – Includes Special Offers

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