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December 1, 2012

Hi all,

Just a quick notification to say that I’ve released a new interview on the Next Level Guy Youtube channel.

The interview is with former wrestler turned Yoga Business-man Diamond Dallas Page! DDP, as he’s more affectionately known, was a world famous wrestler, winning titles across multiple companies. He entered wrestling at a age when most wrestlers were retiring and with his work ethic and personality, took the wrestling world by storm.

Eventually, DDP retired from wrestling but he couldn’t sit still. He took his enthusiasm and personality to turn the tricks for recuperation and maintaining his body he learnt into the business word, where it is now changing men’s opinions of yoga all over the world and helping people get into the best shape of their lives.

His latest venture, ‘DDP Yoga’ is changing lives. He very kindly gave me a review copy which I will start writing about shortly but I wanted to release this interview as it gives a great taste of ‘DDP Yoga’ and you can’t help but love DDP!

So how did he go from wrestling to Yoga? How did he hold back time to win titles when he should have been winding down his career? What lead to this transformation and what is so special about ‘DDP Yoga’?

You’ll find all those answers and other awesome life changing stuff below:

P.S. You can find the Next Level Guy Youtube channel here.

The Youtube channel has a number of interviews, playlists full of awesome clips from around Youtube on how to get better at cooking, with women, get a better body etc. I find awesome stuff to help you improve your life. Subscribe now and I’ll get more interview up shortly!


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