How to be Alpha in your Daily Life – Tallahasse (Zombieland)


What is it?

Character: Tallahassee
From: Zombieland
Type: Film Star
What is this clip about: It’s a montage of Tallahassee’s scenes in the epic Zombieland, one of my most favourite films of all time.

Why should I watch it?

  • He totally doesn’t give a fuck. He cracks jokes at the most inappropriate times and says exactly what he is thinking. He doesn’t supplicate for no one!
  • He does as he wants. He dresses exactly as he wants. He passionately pursues his goal in life (finding a Twinkie), no matter how stupid it may seem to others! Tallahassee has a goal in his life and he goes balls out to get it.
  • He can talk to men. He has bro time and wants to help and improve his mates.
  • Tallahasse has confidence in himself and his skills. He will put himself into dangerous situations to save others. He never panics, he just believes in himself and what he can do, no matter how scary the odds are.
  • He has fun, purely for the … erm … fun of it! Like kids do, Tallahassee just does things for the pure enjoyment of it, not to suck up or make others laugh. He doesn’t bottle things up, he just lets his frustrations out in ‘healthy’ ways (well in a Zombie apocalyptic society anyway!)
  • He doesn’t play up to impress any girls. He dances, he doesn’t care what she thinks, he does his own things (reenacting the Slimer scene from ‘Ghostbusters’ with Bill Murray is typical of him) no matter how geeky it may seem to the hot girl.
  • He’s genuinely grateful for the help from others (her finding him the Twinkie). He appreciates the little things.

How can I do that?

  • Stop caring. Easier said than done but let things slide. Don’t react to every perceived insult. Have a goal/mission in your life, that is so important to you, you won’t have time to care what a guy/girl thinks of you.
  • Do and say as you want. So what, if what you want to do is not the norm or what others want for you – just give it a go!
  • Do things purely for the joy of it. Don’t do shit to suck up to anyone, especially a girl. It should be her trying to win you over and show she deserves to be in your life. Have fun because it makes you feel good.
  • Your passions and interests should be about what you truly want to do. Girls can see through bullshit. A geeky habit can be attractive to a girl if the guy doing it, is doing it as he loves it and is passionate about it.
  • Have total faith in yourself. Learn new skills, try new things out. Listen to your gut, learn to do things for yourself. Trust within yourself and learn to have faith in yourself by completing task after task and growing your confidence.
  • Appreciate the little things in life. Appreciate the smiles, the silly things, the little joys in life. Live as you want. Life is full of many little things that make it worth living!


 How was it? Did it blow your mind or suck ass? Let me know in the comments below and then watch another!


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