How to test if a girl is worth your time – Thomas Crown (Pierce Brosnan)


Character: Thomas Crown
Played by: Pierce Brosnan
From: The Thomas Crown Affair (1999)
Type: With Women


What is this clip about?

Crown is on a date with Catherine Banning (who is played by the hot Rene Russo), who is a Insurance Investigator sent to investigate the theft of a painting (organised by Crown – to give himself a challenge) and assist the Police in the recovery of the painting. Banning suspects Crown of the crime but also is intrigued by him. She agrees to go to dinner with him, where Crown and Banning play a game of verbal Cat and Mouse as the Police listen in.


So why should I watch it?
  • In the film, Crown is a hugely successful businessman, with money and power. However he is bored and in need of a challenge. He knows that Banning suspects him of the theft and is working with the Police to prove it was him but he goes to dinner with her anyway. He is looking for a ‘worthy adversary’ and wants to see how she fits into his desires and if she is the challenge he wants.
  • He seems one step ahead of everyone. He changes where to go to dinner at the last minute to throw the Police. He recognises the Policeman tailing him, simply making a joke about it and not letting it phase him. He is aware of his surroundings throughout and never forgets exactly what is happening. He never gets so into her, that he forgets about the Police and the chance he may be arrested, yet he gets her to fall for him.
  • Watch how Crown conducts himself throughout the dinner. He dresses immaculately, to give himself inner confidence. He maintains eye contact throughout, he sits upright and with open body language. He leans in to build the tension further as the flirting gets stronger – he isn’t scared to ‘invade’ her personal space, he is going after what he wants.
  • Listen to the types of things they talk about. Crown asks her personal questions, he reads her using what he has decided about her. He isn’t afraid to ask her direct, personal questions, nor is he afraid to answer them. I love how Crown asks exactly what he thinks. Note how Crown maintains the eye contact, despite some of the questions may scare others to get defensive etc (e.g. his potential arrest).
  • Crown leads her through the conversation. He researches her a bit beforehand and orders the drinks for her. He leads the conversation, changing it back to her when he wants to and dictates where the conversation goes next. Crown isn’t afraid to lead – something women want in a guy.


OK, how can I be like that?
  • First off, take the girl you’re dating off the pedestal you put her on. She is not special. She may be hot but she is not special or unique. There are literally millions of girls out there to choose from. Never get serious with a girl until you have at least slept with her once. She will become special as you see how she fits into your life – some will, some won’t. Those that do will be amazing!
  • Screen girls. YOU are the chooser, not her. Flip the frame on traditional dating – make her work to attract you. Build a life that makes you happy and you are proud of. From now on, make a commitment to screen the girls you met, see if they offer enough value to be added to your life. Few will but the ones that do, will be worth the time spent screening.
  • Remain focused on your goal in life at all times. It is OK to focus on what you are doing (for Crown, it was a date with a hot girl) but never loose sight of the bigger picture (for Crown it was to have fun, to find a challenge in life). Stay focused on your goal as it gives your life meaning. Always remember to stay aware of your surroundings. Don’t get obcessed with her – let her work for your attention. Remember that there are always other girls that can replace her if needed.
  • Say what you think, don’t hold back and be willing to invade her personal space. Lead the conversation and experience with her. She wants you to lead. She wants you to be the dominant one in the relationship. Keep the fluffer talk for the beta males, you don’t need to suck up to her, shower her in compliments or any of that jazz. Say and do as you want – watch her reactions. Is she fun enough and cool enough to be part of your fun and active lifestyle?
  • Push yourself into situations where you are put under pressure. For example, approach girls that are better looking than you normally go for. This way, you are going to get used to higher degrees of pressure than you normally would be – your comfort zone will be expanded and you will be more confident. Use this confidence to go after what you desire.
  • Start being selfish. Forget about how others may see you. Live your life solely for you. Do things that make you happy and excited. Be like Crown, be self-amusing and enjoy life. Push things to the limit and see where you can go. Make her work to be part of your life, not the other way around.


So what do you think? Is Thomas Crown a good example of screening a girl? Let me know what you think in the comments section below.
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  1. How to test if a girl is worth your time – Thomas Crown (Pierce Brosnan)

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