Survey and Jelly time!

April 18, 2014


When I first started this site, it was going to be a bit of fun, where I could look into the things I wanted to develop in my own life and write about my findings. However, this site has taken off. I am astounded when I hear from guys at how it has helped them in an area of their life, motivated them to improve themselves and hit the next level in their life.

It always puts a smile on my face to hear positive feedback. However, I have now hit a plateau in the development of this site. I want to take this site to another level. I want to ensure that I am covering the areas that you need help with. I want to ensure that I interview those people who will inspire, write about those characters you love most and in short offer you the best site that I can.

Therefore, I would be honoured if you could fill in the quick survey below so I can better plan out how I will run this site in the future. Feel free to add in comments where suitable or add in what you like, dislike, love, adore and what not about the site in the comment section below.

Help me, help you by letting me know how I can take NextLevelGuy to the next level!



Help me, help you.

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