Month: July 2012

Review: Artillery Underwear

Today, I’m reviewing something that I never thought I’d ever get excited about, being a guy (unless it was on a hot girl!) … Underwear!



Artillery Underwear



What is it:

A selection of high quality, limited edition designed underwear. This isn’t your normal quality underwear though. Each pair you buy comes in a limited edition look, which tells it’s own unique story, feels amazing on, gets complimented and few others will own (for now anyway!).


Who’s made it:

The awesome folks at


How much is it:

$26.95 is the cost per garment (Australian Dollars) plus shipping costs which depend on your location (Flat Rate of AU$2 per order within Australia. For international orders – Flat Rate of AU$5 per order)


Where do you get it from:

To get the only underwear you’ll ever need, click this link:


Is this an Affiliate Link:

No, but I was sent two free items to review by the company to review. I was sent ‘Barbed wire by Juan Restrepo‘ and ‘Polka-Dots by Daniel Ramos‘.


What do you get for your money:

Depending on the items you buy, you get great fitting, well designed, very well made underwear. Each item has it own limited edition look from barbed wire to animals. The items come, folded, in small plastic packets, with the ‘Artillery’ logo in black and yellow on the packet.

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Review: ‘You’ve Got Game’


“Who’s Got Game?” Board Game.


What is it:

It’s a cool, fun and exciting board game, that blends dating, social interaction and helping the two sexes interact. It is 4+ player game that lets you touch, feel, question, dare, challenge (and so much more) your fellow players!

It gets you up close and personal with your fellow players and is the ultimate social lubricant!

Players take turn being ‘The Leader’, who reads out various questions and physical tasks that the other have to complete (some are brilliant if you have hot girls playing!) with the ‘Leader’ scoring them on their performance. At the end, each player is faced with ‘The Final Challenge’. The winner is the player with the most points … or phone numbers! 🙂

The box states the gaame is for adults (18+) but you could probably have your teenage kids playing, if you wanted to play as a family. The more ‘risque’ cards could be removed ahead of time. However, it is FAR more fun to play with adults … preferbly hot and single adults.



Who’s made it:

Neil Strauss, seven-time New York Times bestselling author of the PUA/Seduction books ‘The Game’ and ‘Rules of the Game’. Neil worked alongside Adam Kornblum to bring the project to life and Adam is the go-to guy (basically he does all the work!).

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