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4 Signs You’re Suffering From Low Testosterone

Today, we have a cracking guest post from Chad Howse, one of the top fitness coaches on the internet today. I’ve known Chad for a while now and he runs a honest, straightforward man-development blog called Chad Howse Fitness. Chad’s article are in-depth, life-altering, and sometimes just the kick up the ass you need.




However, you’ll notice that Chad very rarely wears a shirt! I’ve ripped the mick out of him a lot for that. Sadly though, he has that sort of body you want to show off! Ripped abs, muscular arms and a beast of a back. He has the sort of body we all want. But how do you get a body like his? Many toil away in the gym for ages and never get that sort of body. So how do you get it?

To get into great shape, you need to dial in your nutrition as well as put in the effort in the gym. Yet so few guys know what they should eat and why. Worse yet, the majority of guys are actually eating the sorts of foods that will hamper their progress.

Nutrition is a vital component to getting the body you want. Poor food choices will deplete the chemicals in your body that you need to build muscle and lose fat and vice versa. Today, Chad is going to explain how you can give yourself a test to see if you are suffering from low Testosterone and what you can do about it. 

Chad has hooked us up with a quick article. Make sure you run down the list and see if you’re showing any signs of Low T.

Enter, Chad:


Alright fellas, it’s Chad here.

Testosterone is the most important hormone for men to maintain healthy, high levels of. But how do you know if you’re experiencing “low T”, or if it’s something you should test?

Low T is a pandemic that’s being seen across the world, but most of the causes of low testosterone are actually under our control.

Your diet, training, and even the environment you surround yourself with, has an effect on your testosterone levels.

Run through these ‘5 signs’ to see if you’re suffering from lower than optimal testosterone…

If any of these sound like you, go to your doctor and get tested, but DON’T opt for testosterone injections, even if your doctor recommends them (here’s why).


1. You’re not waking up with the soldier standing at attention/low sex drive.

Low sex drive or erectile dysfunction is a sure-fire sign you’re experiencing low T. If you’re having either of these problems, get your T levels tested.


2. You’re storing more body fat.

Increases in body fat can be a sign of low T, as can a increased difficulty in burning it. If you’re finding it exceptionally hard to burn fat, you may be suffering from low T.

The first step is to fix your diet to increase your natural T levels (more on this in a bit).


3. You have low energy or fatigue.

Finding your energy levels getting lower? Or, have you always just had low energy levels? A lack of testosterone could be the cause.

High, natural testosterone levels decrease the likelihood of depression in men, but it’ll also enhance our energy levels. It’s important to have high natural T levels for physical, and mental health.


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4. Experiencing muscle loss.

Testosterone, in its nature, repairs tissue. Some of that tissue is the muscle tissue you’re breaking down during a workout.

If you’re experiencing low T, you’re not going to recover from your workouts as effectively as you would if you have high, natural testosterone levels. You’re also not going to be able to build as much muscle or burn as much fat.

Testosterone, if at optimal levels (which is relatively easy to accomplish with the right exercise and nutrition program) will help you perform more efficiently, not just in the gym, but at work, at home, and in the sack.

If you want to learn how to bring your testosterone levels back to “optimal levels”, I highly recommend you check out this article:


images (1)

===>> How you may be Eating Like a WOMAN!

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Thanks very much Chad! Some great advice and tips there. How many symptoms are you showing? It’s not too late to start now and fix your low-T and it will change your life in ways you can’ possibly imagine just now. Start now, check yourself against the symptoms above and let me know in the comments what you find.

Till the next time guys – all the best,



Channelling your inner James Bond with David Zaritsky


Today, we have a cracking interview with Bond-Guru David Zaritsky on how you too can channel your own Inner-Bond skills and become like Bond in your own life.

I love David’s The Bond Experience as I have loved James Bond as a child. I have watched the films hundreds of times and day dreamed since a young child trying to be as close to Bond as possible.

When I found David’s site, I was delighted. He has cracking, heavily detailed videos and lives the James Bond lifestyle. His posts and videos cover all aspects of the James Bond lifestyle. However, he doesn’t fall into the trap of just trying to sell the expensive Bond style items. David writes about how you can become Bond like on any wage. David is a highly likeable guy, stylish and very confident. You can’t help not watch video after video of his.

After being a major fan for years, I asked David to feature on this site as we are very similar. We both use films to better our lives. After watching this interview, you’ll be channelling your Inner-Bond in no time!




The questions I asked David was:

1) Can you tell me about your journey from normal dude to Bond guru? What started your journey on living your life like 007? Was there a defining moment that caused it? How has becoming more like James Bond affected your life for the better/worse?


2) What is it about the James Bond character that you feel makes him such a great role model for men?


3) What three tips would you give to the ‘Average Joe’ to begin their transformation and become more Bond like?


4) Which of the Bond movies is your favourite and why? What did the film teach you or cause you to adopt in your live to become more Bond-like?


5) There is a massive James Bond fan-base spread out all over the world, different nationalities, religions etc but Bond ties us all together and helps us focus on bettering our lives by focusing on a role model. Can you give any great examples of how Bond has inspired or changed one of your readers lives for the better?


6) Which three of your videos are you most proud and why? Please send me the URL links and I will include them in the post.


7) If someone wanted to become more Secret-Agent in their life, what is the first area of their life that you would recommend they looked at (e.g. health, finance etc) and why is this the best area to pick?


8) One of the best things on your site, in my opinion, is the ‘Frugal Bond’. Can you explain your idea of dressing more like Bond but cheaper? How should my readers begin to dress better and more Bond like?


9) Confidence and self-belief are major components of Bond’s personality. They shine through in Bond in every film as he scores with a lot of hot women. If you were to give three tips to my readers on how to get Bond-Good with women, what would they be?


10) Finally, if you were to talk to all of men at once, what would you say – what motivation or telling off would you say? If you could give all men a final message what would it be?



If you want to find out more about David, you can at the following links:


Let me know what you think in the comment section below.


Which is the best protein for you?

Hi all,

Something I have been getting a lot of emails about recently is which is the best protein to use. Now, obviously the answer depends a lot on your goals, training experience, age and what not. However, My Protein have created a handy infographic which I just had to share.

Click the above image to open it in a new window.

The table gives you a rough guide on which protein is best for you to pick depending on when you work out, the choices that could fit into a vegan diet, options for those who need fast absorption of protein and so much more.

Personally, I use My Protein for all my supplement needs. I regularly buy Protein powder, Creatine, BCAA’s and so much more. Is this an area that you would like me to cover more? Let me know in the comment section below. I have tried other companies and I feel that My Protein offers a better service, tastier supplement range, less burping and farting from their product intake and easier on your wallet too.

If you are serious about getting into shape, then supplements are almost a 100% required evil. In an ideal world we would all get the vitamns and minerals we needed from our food intake. However, this is the real world. We have girls to date, jobs to work and need time to be awesome. This means that we don’t always eat as much or as regularly as we need to build muscle. Nevermind thinking about eating cleanly enough to build lean mass! It’s a minefield trying to get into shape. This is where supplements come into it. They are the easiest option to get the goodness your body needs to pile on muscle, lose weight and look great.

Hope it helps you pick the options you need and let me know what you think in the comments below. Please note that all hyperlinks above are for my affiliate link through My Protein (in other words, I make a very small £% off everything you buy).

Talk soon,


A Quick Update

Hi all,

Firstly, thank you for stopping by my blog. I knew you were a great guy!

You will have noticed some changes to the structure of the website if you are a regular visitor. Recently, I have been moving some content over to another blog as well as changing the style and structure of this blog.

I have removed some posts that I felt did not fall within the mission of this blog and posted them onto my new Sex Tips site  (

At Next Level Sex Tips, you will find the more adult friendly style materials, tips and reviews. The site is aimed at helping you take your sex life to the next level. Next Level Guy is a site for bringing your life to the Next Level and improving all areas of your life. Some of the posts I moved didn’t really assist in that mission but are still good quality and can benefit, so I moved them across to balance my vision. This will ensure that people who are searching for that sort of content get exactly what they need.  Please check out this new blog.

I will be messing around with the layout and content of Next Level Guy for the next few days while I try to get it just right for you, where I should hope to start a more productive posting schedule as well for my lovely readers. I will continue on my mission though to find the best role models to interview, excellent film characters to review and will be launching a podcast too in the near future.

Hopefully this will create a blog that you will love more, improve the problem areas in your life, be the sort of website that you want to tell your friends about and most importantly helps you take your life to the Next Level.

As usual, I look forward to hearing from you, so please leave me a comment and let me know what you think of the changes. Next Level Guy is a site for me, you and all men. Help me shape the site into the style that you want and ensure that you get the content you need to change your life.

Talk soon,


Guest Post: Why Some Men Lose The Dating Game

Hi, today we have an awesome guest post from an up and coming writer by the name of Sebastian, who writes about men, women and the chaos that most men call dating life!

Over to Sebastian ….



My name is Sebastian and I am the owner of My vision is to help men to live a life true to themselves and a life in which they can be authentic, honest and confident in the presence of women. I write articles about foreign dating and seduction in different cultures. My goal is to inspire men all over the world to embrace the art of seduction and to live a life full of unforgettable sexual experiences and adventurous travel.

I recently thought about the fact that not women, but men are the real losers of the dating game. I really racked my brain about how to explain to you in the right way, why I men are eventually the losers when it comes to dating; at least the majority of men.

A couple of weeks ago I read an interesting article about why women lose the dating game, in which the author, who is a woman, explains that women lose their market value when they pass the age of 30 and at the same time the market value of men increases, as soon as they pass the age of 30. She also claims that many women over 30 can’t find a decent man and end up being lonely and miserable, because of a combination of unrealistic standards, focus on their career and the false believe of getting every man they want, even in a high age.

It is simply a fact that men become more attractive as older as they get and women less attractive as older as they get.  If this is true, you might expect me to congratulate all men who are now winning the dating game and enjoy their life with an abundance of seduction, sex and beautiful women.

If that is the case, why do I come up with the idea that not women, but men are the real losers in the dating game?

Because men all over the world are too brainwashed to realize that they can easily win the dating game. That’s why they are the real losers of this game.

Many men believe that they can’t get younger women and that they are creeps or perverts, in case they dare to approach women who are younger than they are because movies, the media and the society told them that this is wrong.

What if I tell you that I know so many guys who never had it easier in their life to seduce and have sex with women in their early twenties or even younger as soon as they turned thirty? Think about how many women confess that they are attracted to older men and think about all the opportunities you might have missed because of some wrong believes.

In case you don’t make use of this fact, you lose the dating game.

Many men marry women who are about the same age as they are, as soon as they are 30. Most of the time the woman harasses the poor guy to marry her and start a family because she is apparently so in love with him.

What if I tell you that a woman knows exactly what she is worth in the dating market and also knows that your sexual value increases and her sexual value decreases while getting older? Come to think about it, if it is really love that makes her want to marry you at this particularly stage of her life or if it might be her need for security to not end up lonely and her will to not let you discover your full potential with women, which would maybe lead you to leave her…just a thought.

In case you don’t make use of this fact, you lose the dating game.

Don’t get me wrong. There is absolutely nothing wrong with being in a relationship with a woman who has the same age as you are or a woman who is even older than you. There is also nothing wrong with getting married to a woman you truly love and who loves you. There is really nothing wrong with all of that, at least if you don’t choose this path because of a misconception of the dating game.

The divorce rates get higher and higher and many men are desperate to find the love of their life through online dating or they regard going to prostitutes as the only chance of experiencing sex. Some men over a certain age are afraid that they never find a woman again after a break-up or divorce. Most relationships are unhappy and most marriages are unhappy too.

Your life doesn’t have to be like that. You can choose a different path. You can live a fulfilling dating life, experience unforgettable seduction stories, enjoy sex with amazingly beautiful women and travel the world in search of crazy sexual adventures with foreign beauties.

You don’t have to lose the dating game, unless you don’t realize that you have the potential to win it.



Check out Sebastian’s blog over at