Affiliates: My Protein’s Birthday Sale

My Protein has just reached double figures – it’s a big boy! And to celebrate, they are doing a big sale, which you can take advantage on. There is up to 50% off most of the cool stuff they have! My Protein sell a huge selection of sports and fitness supplements, clothing and sports equipment. I regularly buy the Impact Whey Protein, BCAA’s and Creatine for my post workout shakes and have noticed it has contributed to my recent surges in power and strength. Figure out your goals, get the supplements and gear that help you hit the next level in your fitness and save a tonne of money too!


Here are some Affiliate Exclusives I’d like to highlight to you. I normally put these up on my social media channels only but as some people don’t use social media, they want a copy here. Hope this helps!


Offer: 10% off when you spend £60 (excludes sale items)
Valid: until midnight 05/06/14

Offer: 7.5% off when you spend £40 (excludes sale items)
Valid: until midnight 05/06/14

Offer: Free Myprotein Men’s Athletic Vest when you spend £10
(Customer must add product to basket before entering code)

Code: VEST10
Valid: until midnight 05/06/14


Offer: Free Mystery Gift when you spend £10 
(Product automatically entered into the basket when entering the code)

Valid: until midnight 05/06/14


Offer: 15% off our Spectrum range, premium quality 12 proteins
(Customer must add product/s to basket before entering code)

Valid: until midnight 05/06/14



Offer: 10% off Chocolate Coconut flavours (incl. Impact Whey Protein, True Whey and more)
(Customer must add products to basket before entering code)

Code: COCO10
Valid: until midnight 31/05/14


To find out how My Protein has evolved over the last ten years, see their history come alive her:

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