Channelling your inner James Bond with David Zaritsky


Today, we have a cracking interview with Bond-Guru David Zaritsky on how you too can channel your own Inner-Bond skills and become like Bond in your own life.

I love David’s The Bond Experience as I have loved James Bond as a child. I have watched the films hundreds of times and day dreamed since a young child trying to be as close to Bond as possible.

When I found David’s site, I was delighted. He has cracking, heavily detailed videos and lives the James Bond lifestyle. His posts and videos cover all aspects of the James Bond lifestyle. However, he doesn’t fall into the trap of just trying to sell the expensive Bond style items. David writes about how you can become Bond like on any wage. David is a highly likeable guy, stylish and very confident. You can’t help not watch video after video of his.

After being a major fan for years, I asked David to feature on this site as we are very similar. We both use films to better our lives. After watching this interview, you’ll be channelling your Inner-Bond in no time!




The questions I asked David was:

1) Can you tell me about your journey from normal dude to Bond guru? What started your journey on living your life like 007? Was there a defining moment that caused it? How has becoming more like James Bond affected your life for the better/worse?


2) What is it about the James Bond character that you feel makes him such a great role model for men?


3) What three tips would you give to the ‘Average Joe’ to begin their transformation and become more Bond like?


4) Which of the Bond movies is your favourite and why? What did the film teach you or cause you to adopt in your live to become more Bond-like?


5) There is a massive James Bond fan-base spread out all over the world, different nationalities, religions etc but Bond ties us all together and helps us focus on bettering our lives by focusing on a role model. Can you give any great examples of how Bond has inspired or changed one of your readers lives for the better?


6) Which three of your videos are you most proud and why? Please send me the URL links and I will include them in the post.


7) If someone wanted to become more Secret-Agent in their life, what is the first area of their life that you would recommend they looked at (e.g. health, finance etc) and why is this the best area to pick?


8) One of the best things on your site, in my opinion, is the ‘Frugal Bond’. Can you explain your idea of dressing more like Bond but cheaper? How should my readers begin to dress better and more Bond like?


9) Confidence and self-belief are major components of Bond’s personality. They shine through in Bond in every film as he scores with a lot of hot women. If you were to give three tips to my readers on how to get Bond-Good with women, what would they be?


10) Finally, if you were to talk to all of men at once, what would you say – what motivation or telling off would you say? If you could give all men a final message what would it be?



If you want to find out more about David, you can at the following links:


Let me know what you think in the comment section below.


How to Get an Awesome Life with Bobby Rio


Who: Bobby Rio

Where is he normally:

Why should I care what he has to say: Bobby runs the hughly successful website ‘TSB Mag’. The site is the leading men’s website for dating and lifestyle advice. TSB Magazine is one of the most popular in the world for guys looking to improve their “game” with women. And even features a free 31 Days to Better Game challenge. Bobby has been helping men learn how to flirt, attract women, and improve their overall social life for the past six years. And is known for his ability to help shy or boring guys create more fun, playful, and flirtatious conversations with women. You can learn more about him at Plus he lets me publish guest posts on his site, so he is a very smart man! 🙂



NLG: Can you please tell us a little about yourself, your journey from average dude to running a hugely successful website? Can you tell me about how you got into the dating/pick up community – what made you want to get a handle on your dating life?

BR: I’ve been a lifetime consumer of “self help” books, business books, et .  And studying dating advice was a natural fit for me.  God knows I needed to learn it. My problem was I was always too “shy” around women (and people in general) and the average self help book never really dealt with this issue. Sure it gave basic advice on being more confident. But it wasn’t until I stumbled on dating advice that I actually realized there are people out who can show me how to do this better.  As for starting TSB it was just an extension of my personality.  I love learning, growing, socializing… and to be able to create a communicate of like minded guys all looking to better themselves was an ideal project for me to start.



NLG: And what do you think it is to be a proper man nowadays?

BR: Being a man is 100% about personal responsibility.  No guy on a white horse in gonna ride in and save you. If you want something… its your job to MAKE IT HAPPEN.  The information is there. There are countless articles, books, youtube videos teaching how to do anything you could possibly want to do. So in this day and age you have no excuses.  And the sooner a guy realizes this the better.   

NLG: A great tip for anyone wanting to change. Can you explain what picking up women taught about yourself, social interaction and life in general? How do you think you have changed since you started pick up?

BR: It grew my confidence by leaps and bounds.  Its funny because you take it for granted once you have it.   I often look at my girlfriend or at some of the other girls ive dating over the past few years and I think “damn, my high school self would be shocked and proud.”

And I look at the lifestyle I live in terms of my career and financial independence and think “damn my college self would be shocked.” 

NLG: Your site is awesome and I’ve got some brilliant girls using some of the advice I got from it. What do you consider your best videos/articles for a newbie?

BR: I really believe my Small Talk Tactics report which I give away at is one of the best pieces of advice that you can learn from me. But I’m partial to advice that has to do with conversation since that was my weak spot.  Also i’m pretty proud of the Success Principles series I wrote about 5 years ago…  Here’s a linkto one of the artciles:


NLG: With regards to social interaction, what tips have you learnt that are successful but counter-intutive?

BR: I learned the hard way with girls that the stuff they “say” they want is never usually what they want. Twice I sent flowers to a girl at work. And both times it ended badly.

One of the most counter-intuitive things is when a woman starts losing interest in you. Most guys think if she’s losing interest they have to try to win her backby being more available or gaming her more. WRONG. When a girl starts losing interest the best way to get her back is to appear that YOUR LOSING INTEREST. Yep.  As long as a girl thinks you’ll ‘be there’ if she changes her mind- she’s likely to leave. But if she senses that you might not be there, her fear of loss kicks in…and suddenly she wants you back


NLG: A great tip! Your site has a immense readership but imagine if you were to talk to all of mankind at once, what would you say (feel free to plug a product here) – what motivation or telling off would you say?

BR: I’m going to go a little simple here:

Two things:

1.  You got to believe.   Yep.  Whether its believing that you CAN get that hot girl. Or believing that you can start a successful business. You MUST believe that its possible.  If there is even the slightest element of doubt you’ll give up before you reach the finish line

2. You got to really want it.  Yep. You can’t just think it would be nice to have- you have to want it so badly that you’re willing to burn all avenues of retreat. If you don’t want it that badly- you wont get it.  Whether its success with women or in business- you need to have a burning desire for success.


NLG: That’s something that took me a while to learn. However, on your site, you have a great series called ‘Awesome Men Throughout History’ where you show great men throughout time for readers to aspire to be like. Who do you look to for role models and inspiration in your own life?

BR: I try to look for self made men. Men with a vision.  I read a lot of biographies.  And try to take inspiration from all of them.


NLG: You’ve made some great products over the year. Where do you find your creativity from and what advice would you give anybody who wants to create their own products for sale on their website?

BR: Wants.

Only create product that fulfill what people really want. ‘Conversation Escalation’ is still hugely successful three years after its release because guys WANT badly to learn what to say to a girl.  Too many guys create program because they think the product is ‘new’ or ‘cool’ or guys will ike it.  But if guys aren’t out there in desperate need of what you’re selling- more than likely it will fail.


The awesome FREE Tsb Mag iPhone app


NLG: Your website has exploded in popularity over the last few years. What advice would you give to any new bloggers who want to improve their websites?

BR: Focus on builiding an email list.  Too many bloggers (myself included when i started) don’t realize how important it is to build up an email list of guys who like their stuff.  Guys will forget to go back to your site unless you remind them its there.


NLG: Speaking of tips, what 3 tips would you give to the average frustrated guy to get good with women as quickly as possible?

BR: Focus on three things in every conversation:

1.  Have fun with her.  Yep.  More than anything else, make the interaction fun.  If she’s not having fun her attention will wander and nothing else you do will be nearly as effective.

2.  Create a connection with her.   Show her that you see her as a unique woman. Notice things about how she acts. Tell her things about herself.

LISTEN to what she’s saying. People are STARVED to be listened to.

3. Create a sexual response.  DO NOT hide the fact that you’re sexually attracted to her.  As long as she’s having fun and feels a connection to you can be very forward with your sexual intent.

NLG: Thanks for speaking to me Bobby! For more great tips on how to build an awesome life with girls you want, check out Bobby’s site, using the links below.




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Become the Real You with Mark Manson


Who: Mark Manson

Where is he normally:

Why should I care what he has to say: Mark’s blog is simply superb. I have become a big fan of it since discovering it lately. Mark takes subjects that we all struggle with and takes the issue down to the core and gives deep, meaningful and intense analysis of each subject, where men go wrong and how we can fix the problem. I enjoy surfing the net but Mark’s site is one of the few that I can become engrossed in for long periods of time. Mark talks from experience and is always willing to help. In short, I feel a better person from reading Mark’s blog – I don’t think I can give him a better compliment than that!



NLG: For those of us who don’t know you, can you please tell us a little about yourself and your journey in life from normal dude to rocking blogger?

MM: My name is Mark Manson. I’m from Boston, USA. I’m a writer, entrepreneur, world traveler and former dating coach. Although the external variables of my life have shifted and improved dramatically, I view my personal journey as an internal one – overcoming my fears, my emotional baggage, creating new and amazing relationships and creating something valuable and unique to give the world. The successes with business, women, etc., are a by-product of this process.

I still have a long way to go.


NLG: I think that’s why I like your blog so much – it seems that we are on similar journeys … but you’re having more luck so far!

Your posts are amazingly insightful, in depth and helpful. Where do your views come from?

MM: I read a lot growing up. I was a smart kid in a pretty cold and distant family, so I was always sticking my nose in books. I started reading a lot about philosophy as a teenager in high school, then later spirituality, psychology and literature. I think the “depth” people see in my posts is just a matter of me being more honest with myself than most. Writing is creating an experience in the mind of others and I feel like if I can be honest with myself to a certain depth, then I can vicariously force the reader to reach that same depth in themselves.


NLG: well it is definitely working. I feel that your posts cut to the core of the problem and really make the reader address the true nature of his problems.

Your site is aimed to helping the modern day man – what do you think it is to be a man nowadays?

MM: It’s a lot murkier than it used to be, that’s for sure. I think the information revolution and sexual revolution have forced men into a situation where they must develop new aspects of their identities. In the past, getting a good job and taking charge was sufficient. Now, it’s not. Women have empowered themselves and the new service and information economy has removed a lot of men’s competitive advantages in society. As a result, to keep up and remain relevant I think men must evolve and get in touch with aspects of their identities that used to be off-limits – empathy, communication, nurturing, etc. The trick is to pull this off without sacrificing the traditional masculine virtues – ambition, assertiveness, drive – to become more integrated, whole, individuals.

Put simply, man are caught in a spot where they need to develop their emotional lives without turning into a pussy. It’s a tricky rope to balance on.


NLG: What a great answer! So what do you think defines being a man and what should they aspire to be like? What are the virtues that an ideal man should adopt?

MM: I think the virtues that define men these days aren’t so different from the virtues that define women: self-respect, strong purpose, empathy, honesty. I think the real major differences between men and women in a post-feminist world remain sexual differences. Women and men express and prefer different sexual expressions (on average), but the virtues of each gender have very much converged because of how connected and efficient society has become.


NLG: If you were to talk to all of mankind at once, what would you say?

MM: You don’t have to prove anything.




NLG: I have learnt so much about myself and view the relationship between men and women differently since I started reading your blog. What do you consider your three best videos/articles and why do you feel they are the best?

MM: I’d choose

A New Masculinity ( – Relates my experiences traveling around the world and meeting women of different cultures and how this affected my perception of both my own masculinity and masculinity in general.

My Life as a Pick Up Artist ( – Traces my sexual empowerment and experiences as an instructor in the pick up artist industry. Serves both as a cautionary tale and an educational narrative.

Kill Your Day Job and Travel the World ( – An article about the emotional process of leaving the typical 9-5 work world behind and setting off on your own. Also provides some tips on how to do it.

These aren’t my personal favorite articles but have been some of my most popular articles and generated the most inspiration/reaction out of readers.


NLG: Some great content and I loved the ‘New Masculine’ article.You have been very successful in business and relationships. Can you tell me any tips for life or business that you have found that shouldn’t work but do?

MM: Invest in yourself. Products, businesses, jobs, careers, they come and go, but your education and mind are always with you. Most people try to collect golden eggs. Few people bother to learn how to become the goose that lays them.


NLG: How has travelling and meeting men and women all over the world changed you and how you see the world?

MM: It’s affected me in more ways then I could possibly write here. But overall it’s shown me that at the end of the day, people are the same. We all want the same things and have the same needs, we just go about them in different ways and were born into different cultures and circumstances. People are also, on the whole, good.


NLG: A great point to make, we are the same, regardless of race, religion or sexual orientation. What advice would you give to anyone who wanted to become more cultured and worldly?

MM: No secret here: travel. Skip the resorts, five-star hotels and hostels. Find an apartment and try to enmesh yourself into the local life as quickly as you can. Purposely go where the other tourists don’t. See how others live. Volunteer. Teach English. Live like them for a while. Understanding of books, movies or politics is nice, but doesn’t get you the real thing.


NLG: You’ve lived some life! What advice would you give to a guy who reads your site and wants to become better, to live with more adventure, to meet more girls and live the life they want to?

MM: If you want to do something new or exciting, and it scares the shit out of you, it probably means you should do it.


NLG: Talking of being scared, I love your take on controlling your emotions. Can you explain it to my readers, why it’s important and more importantly, how they can go about doing it?

MM: Most people assume they’re rational, but the truth is that the majority of thoughts that bubble up in our minds are merely rationalizations and explanations for emotional decisions we’ve already made and felt. Psychologists have shown this time and time again. Your conscious mind and reasoning follow whatever your emotions and sub-conscious have already decided. So getting in touch with that sub-conscious and those emotional impulses, recognizing them and honing them to help you is possibly the most powerful tool you can ever develop.

As far as HOW to manage those emotions, I recently did a podcast about it:


NLG: I wish I’d known that a few years back – would have saved me a lot of hassle during a breakup! (Ed: The podcasts also rock!). What three things do most men do that leads them to failing?

MM: I’d say

  1. Making assumptions about something they’ve never tried or experienced.
  2. Expecting failure before they even try (self-fulfilling prophecy).
  3. The only real failure is not trying, so being apathetic or too scared to even bother trying.


NLG: I agree about the not trying part – we all do more than we believe ourselves capable of.

I think we all, myself included, struggle with letting go of past loves and bad behaviour. What advice would you give to someone who wanted to let go their pain/feelings etc and start again?

MM: Invest in themselves. We never completely get over our old loves, but we can move on from them, and the way we do that is by creating better versions of ourselves than the one who dated them. As long as we’re the same person who dated them with the same emotional needs, we’re going to feel the same way.



NLG: Some great advice. On the subject of people staying the same – Why do you think that people are happy with lives of mediocrity? Why are they happy to stay in the shadows when a life of success offers so much more?

MM: Because success is painful. Mediocrity is safe and comfortable. Success requires fucking up repeatedly, making a fool of yourself, being ridiculed, tons of anxiety and stress, and inevitably brings a lot more responsibility than mediocrity. It’s harder. That’s why most people don’t do it.


NLG: As I am finding out trying to build up my website – success has a lot of false starts and pain!

I love the passion and personality that’s in your writing on your blog. What advice would you give to anyone who wants to start or upgrade their website and add their personality (even if nerdy like me) to their website or anything else?

MM: I would just be as honest as possible in portraying yourself. It takes a long time to find your voice and your message. You have to try over and over again. My blog and writing has gotten pretty popular the past year, but I blogged in relative anonymity for years before that.

You have to love it and love what you’re writing about it. And if you don’t, then find a way to love it. If you love getting nerdy, then nerd the fuck out. If you want to write long-winded 5,000 word pseudo-philosophical pieces on all of the places you’ve stuck your penis (like me), then do it. Do what you’re passionate about. Try to find something unique and honest to say and the audience will eventually show up.


NLG: I think we, as men, need to stop feeling ashamed of who we are what we are interested in. We need to be ourselves and act to our true intentions and be congruent with who we are at the core – great advice Mark!

Finally, more to help my own writing, where do you find your inspiration for your blog posts?

MM: My life. My blog is my therapy. It’s my journal. It’s my creative outlet. It’s my dialog with the world. It’s my teacher. A million things inspire me to write, it’s a matter of opening myself up to them. Again, it comes back to that honest expression.


NLG: Thanks for taking the time to speak to me Mark – I thoroughly appreciate your time.



If you liked this inteterview, then you need to keep in touch with what Mark is doing. Simply bookmark the following links:


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Why not to be Alpha with Ryan Jakovljevic

Today we have something a little different. This installment of the interview series is with someone, who disagrees with the Alpha Male concept and argues that we should be taking another path in life. Have a read and let me know what you think …


Alpha Male #4 Ryan Jakovljevic

Where is he normally? You can find him at Don Juaninc – right click and open in a new window please!

Why should I care about what he has to say? Ryan is a genuinely nice guy, who really cares and helps guys become the men they want to be. He may not believe in the Alpha Male concept (see below) but he talks from personal experience and from his convictions which is something to be respected. He covers a range of great topics on his site and his site has a low BS, nice looking theme with regular updates … what more could you want? Check it out but in a new tab please! 🙂


AME: Hi Ryan, thanks for taking the time to talk to us. For those of us who don’t know you, can you give us a brief intro about yourself and how you got into the whole ‘getting better with women’ thing?

RJ: Around 13 or 14 years old, when all my friends started dating girls and having sex for the first time, I was doing other things. I wish I could say it was something cool like sports or whatever, but realistically it was more like playing video games or stealing people’s lawn gnomes. Up until I was 17, I had never even made out with a girl, and I was starting to freak out about it. I met a girl by chance and dated her for 3 years, but I found out she cheated on me a bunch and we split.

It really fucked me up on a deep level, and I tried counseling but the only people available for free were terribly under qualified – they were people with 3 month therapy certificates and such. A proper PhD psychologist in Canada bills out at around $185 an hour, and once I by chance got to see one, but he seemed so stiff and professional. It was really hard to relate and achieve progress so I became severely depressed.

I came across “The Game” while searching for answers, and although I now have an intense dislike of the PUA community, it helped get me started. I learned that there were basic principles of social interaction, that unhealthy beliefs, values, and behaviours are all caused by unhealthy experiences and with proper time and effort can be corrected. I enrolled in university and started working toward my PhD in counseling psychology, and started going out 5-6 nights a week to approach women.

After years of studying psychology and actively dating, I started a business to provide an affordable service that was unavailable when I needed it after my breakup. I found an incredible, beautiful girlfriend who I’ve been living with happily for 3 1/2 years now, and make my living helping men with all sorts of issues related to lifestyle, dating, and relationships.



AME: We are quite similar in terms of background. It’s great that you actually built a business around dealing with your past pains and helping others sort out their issues. Talking of guys psychology, what in your opinion is an Alpha Male and beta male? What are the characteristics he has etc?

RJ: I think the whole concept of being an alpha male is bullshit. My friends are amazing people who are very successful and get with lots of hot girls, but there is no alpha male among us. No guy is the dominant figure of the group. We are on equal ground, as is any other man I meet who treats me in a respectful way. Being an alpha male is by definition being the most dominant figure in a social group, and since we don’t have strictly defined social groups like wolves do it’s very difficult to say anyone is alpha.

Trying to be alpha is itself a beta act, so the best way to be what most people typically consider alpha is to drop the concept of alphaness altogether. Just saying it, writing it, or thinking about it makes me feel like a dweeb. It’s something completely unnecessary, and people who pursue it are extremely insecure and in my opinion are suffering from a severe misunderstanding of social dynamics, interpersonal relationships and attraction. The idea that women need an alpha guy is bizarre to me; being an alpha male is NOT the same thing as being confident, having the balls to stand up for yourself etc.

You don’t need to be an alpha male to get women. There’s no such thing as an alpha male. I don’t even want to talk about this anymore, it just frustrates the hell out of me thinking about all the basement dwellers out there trying to “be alpha” and getting laughed at by everyone for being such a huge dork. It makes my job hard because I have to unwire all this stuff before I can get people to start realizing progress.

This is one of the huge misconceptions that makes me hate “pickup” and the culture associated with it. The quest for alphaness … jesus christ… what it results in is guys trying to be dicks, being hyper sensitive to any perceived threat and reacting in an over the top way in order to “secure dominance” and all kinds of shit like that. The guys who are classically considered alpha put zero thought into embodying it; they’re just guys who are very comfortable with themselves and are very socially intelligent. If you asked them how they became alpha males they would laugh at you and ask you what the fuck you’re talking about.

If I had a dolorian for one day, I would go back and run over the guy who started all this bs. Garbage, unhealthy, counterproductive mentality; I wish people would drop it already.


AME: Thanks for the opinion. For me, the Alpha Male concept was to get guys to believe that they were someone of value and could aspire to go to the top if they wanted. I’m beginning to notice some severe negative connotations that are associated with the terms and even though the concept has a lot of positives, I think the negatives will always be too strong. So forgetting about Alphas and betas for now, if you had to give 3 tips to someone completely new to get good at this game with women fast, what would they be?

RJ: Accept that you are not getting the results you want in your life because you do not possess adequate knowledge to do so, and not because of random things that are outside of your control.
2. Don’t try to form roles, alter egos, or identities. Work on yourself and removing social conditioning and limiting beliefs from your life. Ignore the PUA community and all the egos and nonsense associated with it.
3. Figure out why you want to “develop game”. It’s not women – it’s never women. It has to do with a deep sense of dissatisfaction with yourself and who you are at a very deep level. The quicker you identify this and form an action plan to resolve it, the quicker you will see progress.



AME: Some good tips there. The Internet has a lot of tips and hints but a lot of people’s mistakes come from what they are already doing, not what they need to do. If you had to pick three things that the average guy does wrong in gaming girls (or life in general), what would you pick?

RJ: Being a loser. Displaying validation seeking behaviour. Developing an ego and joining a community of guys developing egos, and assigning worth to people based on how much they get laid.
2. Not being aware of their system of values and beliefs, where their values and beliefs came from, and not taking the time to design a system of values and beliefs that will facilitate the creation of a lifestyle they desire.
3. Not valuing the right things. Getting laid does not make you cool. Posting pictures with random girls and statuses about kissing or having sex with girls does not make you cool. Being a solid person and bringing real value to the table are the best goals you could have.
If you had to pick three things that the average chode does wrong in gaming girls (or life), what would they be?4. Getting defensive and clinging to their worldview. It’s likely you are where you are because your worldview sucks. If people say you’re being a dork, don’t get defensive, consider that they might be right. Trying to be alpha forces people to be all “Haha.. right bro.. I’m a dork.. I got 3 kiss closes tonight.. I’m so alpha” instead of going “Yeah, maybe I am being a douche. How can I improve myself?”


AME: So who DO you look up in today’s entertainment and society? Are there people you do consider ‘Alpha’ or even role models?

RJ: There are guys I admire and aspire to be like; Frank Sinatra, George Clooney, Brad Pitt, Clive Owen, and Robert Downey Jr. are all great examples. I refuse to use the “A” word anymore, it weirds me out.


AME: Your site has some great articles. For someone new visiting, hat do you consider your three best videos/articles that they should check out straight away?

RJ: I would say



AME: Some good links there. Finally, a much loved question. Can you tell me any tips you have found that shouldn’t work but do – the ones that sound so stupid and absurd that go against what people traditionally think works but they do get results (e.g. ignoring a girl makes her work harder to get you)

RJ: BE YOURSELF! If you can’t be yourself and be successful, transform yourself into someone who can. This is NOT accomplished by using lines, routines, dressing like a stage magician, or using catchy nicknames. It’s accomplished by lots of introspection, work with a mentor or coach, and lots and lots of more introspection. Improving your lifestyle sets the groundwork, the next step is addressing unhealthy values and beliefs that lead to lacking the balls necessary to approach women in the first place, and finally going out and talking to women, getting the experience caps it all off. “Game” is skipping or briefly addressing the first two issues and going straight to number three.

I have yet to see a guy who says he has sick game dating a legit hot, high quality, cool girl. Guys look up to instructors from big companies but when you see the girls most of them are getting with it’s embarrassing. There’s a handful of dudes in the whole industry who are actually cool and get with legit girls… for the most part the advice that’s out there just doesn’t work and misses the point entirely. It’ll get you laid, but it won’t help you lockdown marriage material.


AME: Thanks for talking to me Ryan. I certainly agree with the last answer. There are too many people who feel that they need to trick women into bed using lines and other ‘tricks’ as they don’t value themselves to believe they are attractive enough. I hope that this site is helping guys adopt characteristics that are bettering their lives and feeling better about themselves. However, the comments you made about Alpha Males, although going against my site philosphy, actually got me thinking. I have been considering changing the site focus for a while now back to cool characters in entertainment and real life, which was the concept originally. Next up, I’m going to see what my readers really want from this site … keep an eye out guys for the chance to tell me what you think about the site!


If you’ve liked this dude and would like to keep up-to-date with what he’s doing, click on the following links to find his stuff:


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Scrawny to Brawny with Nate Green (audio)

Next Level Guy: Nate Green

Where is he normally? Over at Scrawny to Brawny – right click and open in a new window please!

Why should I care about what he has to say? Nate is the kind of guy who I want to be like. In my opinion, he’s a true Alpha Male. He’s got his life sorted, great friends, great girlfriend, great career and he  is constantly pushing to achieve more and more. Yet, he is a genuinely nice guy, who goes out of his way to help everyone. I’ve been trying to get to interview him for years as I had a serious man crush on him! He has golden tips for getting muscle, great beer, good friends, women … basically anything you could want. This interview is pure gold – enjoy!


Here’s the interview

Unfortunately, the recording software didn’t work very well. So instead of video, I have audio files. All you need to do, is to click each part below. I apologise for the ‘pain-in-the-arseness’ of it but its worth it, as Nate has given some amazing content!



Want to go to one of the links mentioned? Here ya go:


 Like this dude? Then follow him. Click on any of the following to hit up his Social Media links:



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Do the Impossible with Joel Runyon

Today, we have the next installment of ‘Alpha Interviews’. Who’s up?


Alpha Male #2: Joel Runyon

Where is he normally? Over at the Impossible HQ – right click and open in a new window please!

Why should I care about what he has to say? Joel was once like us … an average guy. He used to work the typical jobs and do the typical things but it was his reaction to being let go from his job that was anything but typical … it was pure Alpha! Joel decided to start challenging himself and doing the things he always dreamed about. He blogged about what happened and in a short space of time, he gathered a large following, proof that the world needs guys like Joel and the ‘Impossible League’ was formed. Joel spends his day helping others turn the Impossible into the Possible in their lives. He’s a cool dude with an awesome message. Let’s see what he’s got to say …


AME: Thanks for taking the time to talk to me Joel. For those of us who are maybe new to your work, can you please tell me a little about yourself … in other words, how did you go from an average dude to a heavyweight blogger?

JR: I started a few years ago and was bored with my life. I was laid off from UPS, unemployed and living at my parents house and I wanted to change a few things about my life and start doing stuff i had never done before. I wasn’t quite sure if I could or if I’d fail miserably, but I was so sick of doing nothing that I just started and I began writing about it on my blog. Everything sort of evolved from there.


AME: That is a great reaction to a redundancy, one we should all heed in this current climate. A redundancy is little more than an opportunity to retrain. I can relate as the same thing happened to me earlier in the year.

So where did the ‘Impossible League’ movement come from? Can you describe the philosophy behind it and what someone needs to do to join?

JR: I started the Blog of Impossible Things, because I literally felt like all the things I wanted to do were impossible. As I started actually doing some of those things and crossing them off my impossible list (running my first triathlon, taking 40 people skydiving, and running my first marathon and half-ironman), people began reading and paying attention. I started to realize that in addition to the story I was telling, they had a few stories of their own they were telling. We created the impossible league to help connect those people, encourage them to share their story and keep doing something impossible. If you want to join, all you have to do is start.



AME: That’s really cool. It’s amazing what you can do, when people just take that first step towards their goal and keep going. So out of all the things you have done so far, what do you consider your greatest achievement? What is the most ‘impossible’ thing that you’ve done?

JR: My first thing that i ever finished where I really felt ‘Wow, that was tough ” was my first Olympic Distance Triathlon. I didn’t run it smart and ended up overheated and dehydrated. That was one of the first times I did something and looked back and thought to myself “I can’t believe I actually did that.” My first marathon was the toughest thing I’ve done. Although I wasn’t in as bad of shape physically, it was much more mentally taxing.


AME: I think what puts a lot of people off doing this sort of thing, is that they have no idea where to start. Worse yet, the typical advice on how to start living this sort of lifestyle, really isn’t helpful.There is too much non-sensical information out there from people who don’t do what they talk about and we need to heed advice from those in the know.

Talking of advice, can you tell me any tips that you have found that were so counter-intuative and absurd sounding that shouldn’t work but do? (e.g. ignoring a girl makes her work harder to get you). I love tips like that!

JR: The hard things in life aren’t always as hard as people make them out to be. Just because they seem hard, most people write it off from the get-go and pre-disqualify themselves. So, sometimes, when you go after the impossible things, you actually have less competition than you do if you go after things are that supposed to be “easy.” For example, a lot of people run marathons, but if you’ve never done it before – you tend to think only super-humans can do it. When I started, I never had ran more than 3 miles in my entire life and a year and a half later I finished my first marathon. If you want to do something impossible, you can.


AME: That’s inspiring dude! I lived 28 years of my life in a boring, typical stupor so I know the fear and anxiety, that people can feel when they try and move out of their comfort zone.

What would you do to get someone living the ‘Impossible League’ lifestyle? how would you motivate them?

JR:  can’t get anyone to do anything. I can do what I can do to show them what it looks like, but i can’t actually force someone to step outside their comfort zone – they have to choose to do it themselves.

A great example of this is Kurt Swann. I met him at WDS in 2011 and he was disappointed he didn’t come skydiving with the crew. He said he was going to home give it a shot. But he didn’t just do that – he did one jump, then another, and then another and then decided to get certified to jump on his own. I might have planted the idea in Kurt’s head, but the execution was all him.



AME: Your site is filled with great content but what do you personally believe to be the three best videos/articles? 

JR: I would say
Apathetic Living and the Edges of Reality –
Impossible Manifesto –

I’m pretty proud of Impossible TRI as well.


AME: Your manage to snag an invite to the ‘Mankind Summit’. You have a chance to talk to all men at once. What do you say?

JR: Stop being so scared to do the things you really want to do and just do them.


AME: Finally, do you consider yourself an Alpha Male? Why do you believe or disagree with it?

JR: Alpha Male has a aggressive connotation. I’m competitive, but I don’t feel like I had to fight off people who are potential threats to my ranking. I work at doing what I really enjoy doing and try to be the best at it and it usually turns out well.


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How to Get Women Fast with JT Styles

Hello and welcome to the first in the series of Alpha Male Interviews! In each episode, I will be interviewing an Alpha Male on the latest products, mindsets, techniques and so on, in other words, I’ll be racking their brains to help you improve your game and success with women the fastest. Some of the interviews will be text, some will be audio and if I ever fix my hair, some may even be in video!



Alpha Male #1: JT Styles

Where is he normally? Get Girls Not Game

Why should I care about what he has to say? JT doesn’t just rehash the same, tired advice that you can find on many blogs – he provides cutting edge, fresh and instantly workable advice. Better yet, he looks at all areas of dating, from what to say, how to improve your mindset, fashion, online dating, how external effects affect your dating and sex life and so on. He doesn’t just talk either, he shows guys how to do this with his coaching programme. This is all wrapped up in a awesome silver themed blog – check it out!


AME: Thank you for being here JT. For my readers who don’t know you, can you tell them how you got into the dating/pick up community – what made you want to get a handle on your dating life?

JT: I realized at 24 years of age that I had a BIG problem-

I was a virgin, never kissed a girl, and had absolutely no experience with woman whatsoever.

I used to think that being good with women was something that guys were either born with or not; and at that time I figured I was just not born with it…

That was my belief until I caught an episode of ‘The Pickup Artist’ reality show on VH1. When I saw that getting better with women was something that can be taught and learned, I was convinced I could improve my situation. This was the only motivation I needed to get this area of my life handled.


AME: Well you’ve honestly got it covered now! However, if you had to pick three things that the average chode is currently doing wrong in gaming girls (or life), what would you tell them to stop?

JT: In no particular order-

1) Living in hope – “Hope” is an excuse for the average frustrated chump to read dozens of ebooks and attend numerous seminars hoping he’ll change his situation without ever doing anything out of his comfort zone.

Change (real change) only happens when a person takes action (approaching women), which is living in reality…not hope, which is where keyboard jockeys live.

2) Putting women on a pedestal – Before a man ever puts a woman he doesn’t know on a pedestal, he should put himself up on one first.

Women blow off guys because they can sense when a man doesn’t respect himself (because putting women on a pedestal is communicating that a man doesn’t believe he is worthy, and that he isn’t ‘enough’ for her); if a man can’t respect himself, he shouldn’t expect women to respect him either.

3) Playing to lose – Guys don’t want to be rejected, so they’ll seek to avoid rejection or seek to lessen its pain in any way possible. However, when a guy does this, he’s playing it safe…he’s playing to lose. Cowards do this, and women are not attracted to cowards. Chose to be bold and take risks, don’t chose to be a coward and avoid rejection.


AME: I personally love the variety and range of your articles. However, someone people can get lost in a sea of great material and not know where to begin. What do you consider your three best videos/articles for a beginner to look at?

JT:  #1 Unleash Your Inner-Pimp: Overcoming Shyness – 10 Tips to not only overcome shyness, but to become a man that confidently approaches the women he’s attracted to.

#2 Sex On The First Date? Yes, This Is For Me – A field report where I highlight and describe my championship mindsets and behaviors during a date.

#3  Decisions Chisel Fate – The decisions I made that chiseled the transformation in my dating life.

(Editors Note: Click any title to read the article on JT’s site)


That’s a mission I can get behind!


AME: Sticking with beginners, if you had to give 3 tips to someone completely new to get good at this game with women fast, what would they be?

JT: #1) Women desperately want to meet cool guys. Be a cool guy, get girls. That’s it. This means if a guy doesn’t already believe he’s cool, then work needs to be done from within.

#2) It’s best to have a nonjudgement attitude regarding sex so that a women can feel comfortable being sexual around a man; she isn’t worried that a man will lose respect for her just because she expresses her natural desires. Also, women love sex…but they won’t have sex with bitter, insecure, and needy men.

#3) Women won’t pick themselves up; meaning, it’s 100% the man’s responsibility to approach, lead, and take the reigns of a relationship. Women expect this from men, and when a man fails to do this, women become disappointed.


AME: One thing that changed how I looked at interacting with women was how sometimes you need to do things that seem wrong to get better with women e.g. ignoring a girl, makes her work harder to get attract you. Can you tell me any tips you have found that are like this? Things that shouldn’t work but do.

JT: It seems the overwhelming majority of pickup material focuses too much on opening. However, opening isn’t a big deal because it takes one second to successfully “open”. Let me explain-

Where most guys fail at opening is not having the girls’ full and undivided attention before they ever even open their mouth. No matter what a guy says or does, if he doesn’t have a girls’ focus entirely on him, then the pickup won’t go very far.

Instead of thinking about opening, guys should be thinking how they can get her attention first.


JT PoF Trick

Want results like this? Ask JT!


AME: Finally, the big question! Imagine we can get every guy to a ‘Get Better with Women’ summit. You get a few minutes to speak to them all. What speech do you give?

JT:  I’d tell men that getting better with women and improving their current dating situation is definitely something that can be done. I’ve done it for myself, and I’ve seen men of various ages, race, and status accomplish this as well.

The exact subject of accomplishing success with women is detailed over at my blog, Get Girl Not Game. Check it out!


Awesome! Well thank you very much for taking the time to speak to us JT, I think our readers will love the new insight and mindsets you’ve provided.

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