Episode #37 Tanner Guzy on how to build the Appearance of Power

Episode: #37 Tanner Guzy on how to build the Appearance of Power

Who: Today’s guest is the author of The Appearance of Power, Tanner Guzy (@tannerguzy). Tanner has spent a decade in the world of menswear and even longer writing. He believes the most important question a person can ask is “why” and discovered that this question was rarely addressed in the world of men’s clothing – so he set out to find the answer. From working with custom suiting to studying philosophy, to speaking to audiences of thousands, Tanner has unlocked the keys, principles, and philosophies of why men care about the way they look. Tanner is based out of Salt Lake City, where he lives with his wife and three children. He has traveled the world learning and teaching about masculinity and appearance and is always expanding his understanding of the way the world works.

In this interview, we discuss what our style portrays of us, how we can use fashion to transform our lives and how we can start building our own appearance of power right now.

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What we cover

  • Who he is
  • The reason he began to look into how appearance affects our lives and opinions of ourselves
  • What he thinks defines masculinity and what makes a good man
  • The common problems that he sees with men in today’s society
  • Why we should care about our style – how it affects us, others and how the world sees and interacts with us
  • How we use fashion as the first means of establishing an identity for ourselves
  • The Masculine Archetypes and what they mean to us, can you change and evolve into another or not
  • Good examples of each of the Archetypes in the entertainment world – Why Daniel Craig makes such a great James Bond
  • How you should start your own style transformation to build the Appearance of Power
  • How you should analyse a purchase – how to work out if it will give you the appearance you want and work towards your goals
  • Should you look towards tailoring your clothes?
  • Staple/essentials items for your closet? Do they really exist?
  • Are there any general fashion no-no’s for all men if our style is unique?
  • How we should wear accessories in our fashion
  • How should men avoid falling into the mass marketing we are subjected to and actually find items that we want to portray
  • How do you do this when you have to wear a uniform to work, have a religious dress or fit into a social tribe of some kind
  • The next steps you should take to start your transformation into having an Appearance of Power
  • The worst example of fashion mistakes … and what he’ll admit to doing himself – mistakes and what they teach us
  • What he thinks holds the majority of men back from creating their own Appearance of Power
  • How do we build a tribe of people if we are wearing clothes and accessories that contradict the messages of the others
  • How do we help our children build their own Appearance of Power
  • How do we know when we are on the right path and building the identity we really want
  • How will he deal with the Fast Break Questions?
  • What does he want guys listening to take from this interview
  • And so much more

Connect with the Guest

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Some things to reflect on

    • Good style reflects what we expect of ourselves, good style helps us expect more from ourselves and helps improve others opinions of us
    • Masculinity is expressed and communicated by the things that we wear
    • Your style will stop evolving as you stop evolving
    • Work out your goals for your fashion, then build your fashion around what you want it to portray yourself
    • The story that you tell yourself about the style of the man that you see in the mirror every day will shape how you go about life
    • The first step of change is to work out the goals are – what do you want your appearance to say about you-you need honest introspection to succeed
    • Each man’s situation is unique and so are you
    • Time, Energy and Money are the three variables you need to consider in your transformation
    • Accessories should help the look, fit into the story you want to tell about yourself
    • You need to consider the tribe and sub-tribes that you belong to, which do you give priority to and adapt your style to fit into this
    • We should be evolving, we should not be the same man we were five years ago nor be the same man we are today in five years time
  • Discover the primary identity in our life, let go of the BS we are still holding onto and then work on expressing this to the outside world

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