Episode #43 Alice Little on intimacy, connection and why our perceptions of sex work are very wrong 

Episode: #43 Alice Little on intimacy, connection and why our perceptions of sex work are very wrong

Who: Alice Little is the number one booking legal sex worker in the United States and works as a courtesan at the Moonlite Bunny Ranch. At only 4ft 8in, she is by far the tiniest lady at the legal brothels in Nevada. A New York native, she has worked as an EMT and horse jockey, loves electronic and tabletop entertainment, and adores intellectual stimulation. A frequent visitor to Virginia City and fascinated by its history, she loves exploring Nevada and all it has to offer. Alice has presented at over 50 Kink and BDSM events nationwide and frequently help couples with their problems in and out of the bedroom. She has recently started writing relationship advice articles for She Knows Media and was also recently featured on the Tim Ferriss Show.

In this interview, we discuss the benefits of sex work, intimacy, building connection with others and why your perceptions of sex work are very likely to be wrong. This topic may not be for everyone but Alice is very humble, honest, open and truthful about the pros and cons for sex workers and is trying to make the industry better for those who use it and work in it.

This interview may offend some but this podcast is here to delve into all areas and find out more and what makes people so successful and so appealing to others. Sex work is one of the oldest industries around and we would be doing a disservice to men by ignoring where we go wrong and by ignoring the industry and its positive benefits that can be provided to those who use it. I have never used a sex worker but this did not mean I was not interested in finding out more and learning about the other side of life as the saying goes. I hope that if anything, like Alice says you learn that sex workers are humans too and deserve the same level of respect and interest as anyone else and hopefully this interview changes your perceptions on sex work too or helps you at least consider your current views on the industry and those who work in it.

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I hope you have as much fun listening to this one as I did interviewing Alice? enjoy! This one is probably not suitable for listening to at work!

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What we cover

  • Who she is and why you may have heard her name
  • Her upbringing and how it shaped her outlook on life
  • Is there a common problem that is identifiable in her customers and why they come to see her?
  • What is her definition of masculinity and where do men go wrong?
  • How someone interested should try sex work for the first time
  • Why is the ‘Girlfriend Experience’ so popular among her clients?
  • What does she enjoy the most about her job? How has it changed her and her outlook on life in general?
  • Has she encountered negative reactions to her chosen profession?
  • Has the acceptance of sex in today’s society, changed the type of people she encounters as a client
  • Any favourite client transformations of hers
  • Why she has been more successful than other professionals in the sex industry
  • How does the age of the client affect how they interact and the type of services they look for
  • How does she deal with the feelings that sex and connection may raise with her customers
  • What does she consider will be the evolution of sex work – will it ever be legalised nationally or internationally and accepted throughout?
  • How does she deal with the fast-break questions?
  • What she hopes people take from the interview?
  • How you can keep in touch with her
  • And so much more

Some things to reflect on

  • Tamorrow Pierce First female knight
  • Her clients have a self-awareness of what they want in life – is there something that you would like to try but are not sure how to communicate this to your partner?
  • Alice finds men “struggle with connection and communication”
  • The heart of the problem is the lack of sex education and communication – if you can’t verbalise it, should you really be doing it?
  • We need to be vulnerable and open with our partners to find true intimacy – the stereotype of being the strong silent man is really holding us back from finding the connections with our partners on the level that we truly desire
  • Our society has become very touch-starved and physical intimacy is on the decline – leave the phone alone and build a connection with the person opposite you
  • You need to stop looking to the future as it is not a guarantee, the only thing we have that is promised is the here and now
  • Find out more about ‘Hookers for Health Care’ here
  • Alice does not compare herself to others, she just works on becoming the best version of herself – why are you competing with others? Be open, vulnerable and become the man you want to become by competing only with the person you were yesterday and improving on that
  • Porn isn’t bad but it can be in how you use it and allow yourself to be desensitized to sexual needs and wants – is your use of porn healthy?
  • “The speed at how we have sex has got to slow down” and “we need to spend more time on things like foreplay” as we are “missing the beauty of sex” because we are rushing things
  • Relationships require work and we shouldn’t shy away from doing the work
  • As Alice says “there is an aspect of every single human being .. to fall in love with”, so stop worrying about who you are and allow yourself to be open, honest and intimate with your partner, friends etc and build true and honest connections with others
  • Sex workers are people too, so learn to identify with the person and connect with them rather than with your own belief about their profession

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