Episode #57 Coach Tom Davey on BJJ and how it will change your life


Episode #57 Coach Tom Davey on BJJ and how it will change your life

Who: Coach Tom Davey is a BJJ coach and owner of the Grappling Academy. He is a Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Black belt and MMA/Shootfighting Coach, and is ‘Head Instructor’ and owner of South Coast BJJ & MMA. He recieved his grading from World Champion & Coral Belt Jiu Jitsu Professor Carlos Machado. Coach Tom’s teaching mythology is a reflection of his gym’s ethos and believes in a detailed and enjoyable learning environment. He is someone who I greatly admire, his videos are awesome and he is a fantastic coach. I am delighted to have him on the show and rack his brain on how we can become the best at BJJ that we possibly can become. If you train BJJ you need to know who Coach Tom is and his teachings will change your skill level and enjoyment of BJJ forever!

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I hope you have as much fun listening to this one as I did during the interview. Enjoy!





  • Who is he
  • How did he get into BJJ 
  • Has he ever considered giving up BJJ? If so, how did he overcome the feelings to give up?
  • What are the usual excuses not to do BJJ and how does he encourage those to start who are maybe unsure?
  • How BJJ allows someone to learn to overcome the fear of confrontation 
  • What motivates Tom, what gets him out of bed excited and motivated each morning?
  • What does he think would have happened to him if he had not found BJJ and martial arts?
  • How do you learn to let go of the ego and be a true student of martial arts?
  • The difference between training and competing in terms of mentality and the benefits from it
  • How you can be the perfect BJJ student
  • The way to look at being tapped out and what it should teach you
  • Where does he think most BJJ practitioners are going wrong with their training 
  • How you can develop your BJJ the fastest
  • How can you juggle BJJ training with your other commitments?
  • What does he want people to take from this interview
  • How can you keep in touch with Tom and the Grappling Academy
  • And so much more



  •  Martial arts can teach children virtues like respect, honour etc, and can certainly give a participant a sense of belonging, becoming a member of a team etc. Martial arts will teach you more about life than nearly anything else. 
  • Everyone is capable to do things, however, not everyone is willing to put in the work to achieve things
  • Martial arts provides far more than just self-defence, you will become fitter, happier, more confident, less likely to get into a fight, deal better with stress and so much more
  • You must be willing to ‘pay the price’ before you get the benefits from BJJ but it is so worth the struggle to get there
  • Coach Tom used martial arts to become the man he wanted to be when he was younger
  • Martial arts will teach you how to appreciate failing, how to learn by leaving the ego at the door and learn by overcoming the fear of failure
  • “You’re goal isn’t to win, you’re goal is to improve”
  • Don’t aim to be perfect, aim to get just 1% better each training session. Anything more is a bonus. 
  • Make your own style of BJJ or the martial art, work with your strengths and work your own style, make it part of you. Stop trying to copy others. What makes you special? Figure it out and find out what make you ‘you’ and incorporate that into your BJJ! 
  • When you want to quit, it is normally the worst thing you can ever do. It is not the real reason, it is the thing they need the most to keep on.
  • Sometimes the biggest opponent you will ever face is the negative voice in your head.
  • We are all dying, pick your goal and go for it, live the life you really want, don’t act out someone elses life





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