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Guest Post: How to increase your attraction level

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In case you are already confident when you approach women and it is absolutely no problem for you to approach even the hottest girls, but you still don’t get the results you want to achieve, you might act in a way that isn’t attractive to women. As soon as you approach a girl there are a few things you can do that will help you to increase your attraction level.

Of course it is important that the girl is at least slightly attracted to you from the beginning, otherwise no tactic in the world can turn a totally disinterested woman around and transform her into a girl who is begging to suck your dick. Unfortunately, that’s not how it works. However, there are some things you can do during an interaction that make you more attractive to the girl you are interacting with.

The process of increasing your attraction level can basically be divided in two main aspects that you have to consider. Because those two main aspects might be a little bit too abstract to put them directly into practice I want to provide you with a few practical things you can do in order to automatically act according to the two principles that will increase your attraction level.




Being Confident

The first principle that will make you more attractive to women during a conversation is by showing her that you are a confident guy. Self-confidence is one of the most attractive things in a man and I have never met one girl who said that she doesn’t prefer confident guys over a guy who acts in a very shy and insecure way. Now, how do you show a girl that you are confident?

During an interaction there are mainly two things you can do. First of all you should approach her by walking up to her in an upright position and by smiling at her in a seductive way while being totally relaxed. I am talking about meeting women with a self-confident body language.

Thereby, you shouldn’t try too hard and walk around like Arnold Schwarzenegger in his best days by showing that you are able to sprawl out your arms and walk around as if you shitted yourself. A self-confident body language has nothing to do with acting arrogant or totally exaggerated. All you have to do is to relax and to walk up to her by having a normal posture that communicates that you are okay with yourself. Before I forget it, it also helps when you smile, to show her that you are a fun guy and not a serial killer.

The second thing you can do to show her that you are a confident guy, which will eventually increase your attraction level, is to look her in the eyes. Thereby I don’t mean that you should look her in the eyes for a second and as soon as she looks back you look away because you can’t take the pressure. That’s not the best way to attract women. By looking her in the eyes I mean that you are able to hold eye contact and to show her that you are more confident than 99% of the guys she met, who are not able to look a girl straight in the eyes. Of course many of us were raised in the belief that it is impolite to look another person straight in the eyes. That’s why it is necessary to relearn this ability by starting to practice prolonged eye contact and eventually putting this skill into practice.




Being Sexual

Besides showing the girl you are with that you are a self-confident guy who has balls of steel you also have to show her that you are a guy who knows how to use those balls of steel. You have to communicate to her that you are okay with being not only a human being but also a sexual being and that you are interested in her in a sexual way.

This automatically increases your attraction level and prevents you from getting labeled as “such a nice guy” or “a good friend”. There are mainly two things that are highly effective when you want to show a girl that you have a sexual interest in her. You can express this interest either by saying something sexual or by acting in a sexual way.

The best way to say sexual things is by transforming a regular conversation into a flirt. By flirting with her you show her that you are a fun guy who is not ashamed of saying things that can be interpreted in a slightly sexual way. By allowing her to interpret your words in whatever way she wants, you also allow her to associate you with sex. This eventually leads to her feeling the desire to sleep with you.

Another way of being sexual with a girl is by touching her. By doing this you should be careful that you are not too aggressive and too forward right from the beginning. Start in a subtle way by touching her arm when she says something funny and as soon as you see that she is comfortable with being touched by you, you can increase the intensity of your touching. This behavior can lead to a kiss after five minutes of talking, whereas the guy who doesn’t touch girls only gets the usual hug.





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