living life on your own terms

Episode #54 Michael ‘Silent Mike’ Farr on how to live life on your own terms

Episode: #54 Michael ‘Silent Mike’ Farr on how to live life on your own terms

Who: Today’s guest is internet superstar Michael ‘Silent Mikke’ Farr (@silentmikke), who describes himself as a Male internet Entertainer Coach, lifter, and content creator.

He recently left a massive brand and went his own way, forging his own career, businesses and creating the life he wanted to live. I was keen to get Mike onto the podcast as not only was I a massive fan but I also knew he would have some awesome gems on how you can do this too, and go for your dreams. He has gone from strength to strength as he is building up his platform and his message and I know he is the perfect person to discuss this. In this interview, we discuss taking the first step away, overcoming fear, building your own name up, diversifying to find out what suits you best and so much more. This is different from most interviews with Mike, we move away from lifting and cover an area few discuss but would change so many men’s lives, and that is building a life on your own terms.

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