Which is the best protein for you?

Hi all,

Something I have been getting a lot of emails about recently is which is the best protein to use. Now, obviously the answer depends a lot on your goals, training experience, age and what not. However, My Protein have created a handy infographic which I just had to share.

Click the above image to open it in a new window.

The table gives you a rough guide on which protein is best for you to pick depending on when you work out, the choices that could fit into a vegan diet, options for those who need fast absorption of protein and so much more.

Personally, I use My Protein for all my supplement needs. I regularly buy Protein powder, Creatine, BCAA’s and so much more. Is this an area that you would like me to cover more? Let me know in the comment section below. I have tried other companies and I feel that My Protein offers a better service, tastier supplement range, less burping and farting from their product intake and easier on your wallet too.

If you are serious about getting into shape, then supplements are almost a 100% required evil. In an ideal world we would all get the vitamns and minerals we needed from our food intake. However, this is the real world. We have girls to date, jobs to work and need time to be awesome. This means that we don’t always eat as much or as regularly as we need to build muscle. Nevermind thinking about eating cleanly enough to build lean mass! It’s a minefield trying to get into shape. This is where supplements come into it. They are the easiest option to get the goodness your body needs to pile on muscle, lose weight and look great.

Hope it helps you pick the options you need and let me know what you think in the comments below. Please note that all hyperlinks above are for my affiliate link through My Protein (in other words, I make a very small £% off everything you buy).

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