Alphas in Action: Mötley Crüe


In their 80’s Hay-day


Who: Mötley Crüe
Type: Music Stars
What are these clips about: In these clips, there are two different versions (the 2005 is a liv version while the 80’s version is the official music video) of Mötley Crüe’s song ‘Girls, Girls, Girls’. Despite the difference in time, Mötley Crüe demonstrates how to use your image and the environment you create to attract girls!


So what is it they do?


You may like or hate their music, but their is no denying that Mötley Crüe got a shitload of pussy. You can do it too without having to get tattoos or play a musical instruement!

  • Be self amusing. Notice how the guys are laughing and fooling around in the strip club and not really paying attention to the girls. They are able to make their own fun regardless of what is happening. It isn’t hard to imagine that they can be the life and soul of any party. Girls love guys who are self-amusing. They want to be with the cool guy(s), not the ones that they can wrap around their finger. Go out to have fun, picking up women should be secondary. Strange as it may seem but by having fun, usually means you end up attracting women to you as a given.


  • They dont pander to the women as the rest do. The rest of the club are fawning over the half naked girls. Our Alpha’s do what they want and have fun together. The guys from Crue, aren’t putting the girls on a pedestal lik your typical guy who is desperate. The Motley guys are showing the girls that they don’t need to sleep with them, that they have other options – that having fun is more important. Girls don’t like this – it makes them try harder to attract you as they assume that you have hotter girls in your life. They want to be the best girl. By the guys pretending that they aren’t interested, the girls in return try harder to win them over. It’s a strange dynamic but it works!


  • The Crue guys dress exactly as they want. They act as they want. The guys don’t follow any particular social norms (notice the rest of the guys wear suits and business looks. The Crue guys are rocking leather and denim. Don’t deny who you are. Wear what you want, express who you truly are. Women love it when you are authentic. By being authetic, you are showing that you are confident enough to be who you truly are, that you don’t pretend to be someone else. That is a hot quality to women.


  • At the gigs, the environment is set for girls to get down and dirty. By having other girls dance sexy, girls lower their own inhibitions. Girls use the social cues from other females in the area on how to act. By seeing the stage girls act slutty, it allows them to do so too asthey won’t be judged too harshly by others doing it. Use this to your advantage. For example, be touchy feelly with your female friends, use the social proof of girls been close to you and giving you a lot of attention, to show her it is OK for her to do so to. Always remember that girls worry that they will be judged as sluts by society, they have to watch how they will be regarded as by society. Use social proof and set your environment to work to your favour.


  • Watch the performance. The Crue guys love what they are doing. You can see the absolute joy they have in playing music and enjoyment they take from their fans. It doesn’t matter what your hobby is but be authentic about it. You can be into stamp collecting but if it is enjoyable to you then women will pick up on it. Women can see through lies and any bullshit. Be authentic about your hobby, if you enjoy it, your passionate will show through and a passionate guy is a great turn on for a girl. Besides, a lot of girls love a creative guy. The reason people wit boring hobbies don’t get laid, is that they don’t get passionate about it. They talk about it boring. Don’t fall into this trap.


  • The guy use very confident body laguage. They look the girls in the eyes, they strut, they use open body language, they hold the girls in close, walk with their groin and so on. They ooze sex appeal.


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