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November 17, 2014

Today, we have a guest post from Joel Richardson on the importance about having uncomfortable conversations and saying what needs to be said, over to Joel:

A Persons success is usually measured by the amount of uncomfortable conversations that there willing to have“. – Tim Ferris

I’m currently reading Tim Ferris Book at the moment the 4 Hour work week.

Being a natural introvert, uncomfortable conversations are not something I generally like to have I remember there was a stage when heck I didn’t even like having phone call conversations because I didn’t want it to be awkward hah.

Flashback to my pubescent teenage school years just about every day I would go in to school and say to myself this week I’m going to ask out such and such on a date. Long story short, weeks turned to months then before I knew it the semester was over and that girl ended up never returning to school. I had lost the chance to tell my high school crush how I felt because I was unwilling to have an uncomfortable conversation with her. A similar thing ended up happening with an ex-girlfriend who messaged me through text that she wanted to end it, Instead of having an uncomfortable conversation.

Once you actually start to notice this just about everyone avoids having uncomfortable conversations. Instead we resort to texting and social media or just plain don’t have these conversations that we need to be having and avoid them like the plague.

Every man and women ought to step and have some uncomfortable conversations every now and then.

Thinking back to the last couple of uncomfortable conversation that I’ve had would have been for a refund and a talk with my center manager about marketing oh and also getting in contact with 50+ Potential Client Contacts.

It’s a thrilling and liberating feeling having finished these uncomfortable conversations and it’s always never as bad or really that uncomfortable as you had imagined or pictured it to be.

What uncomfortable conversations should you be having but are avoiding having?

-Not asking for a raise at work even though you feel, you deserve to be paid a lot more.

-Not speaking to that friend about how you feel he takes advantage of you.

-Not speaking to other successful people who you want to be like, for help or advice? Because that’s just too uncomfortable right.

List below the uncomfortable conversation you’re going to have.


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