How to be flexible in your Gameplan – Jason Bourne (Matt Damon)


What is it?

Character: Jason Bourne
From: The Bourne Supremacy
Type: Action Stars
What is this clip about: Bourne is being chased through the streets of Moscow by the Police, who are trying to capture him, and an Asset, who is intent on killing him. Bourne has to escape capture, whilst injured and avoid his potential murder.


Why should I watch it?

  • Bourne is injured and is fighting like a wounded animal. He uses his ingenuity to escape throughout. This scene is a great example of someone with a goal (to escape the authorities), thinking on his feet and keeping a flexible game-plan if things go wrong.
  • Bourne doesn’t panic, he believes in himself and skills. Even when he is being shot at, he is focused on his goal of escaping and is prepared to crash into other cars and bumps to achieve what he needs to achieve.
  • Bourne is confident to drive, at speed, in a place which he doesn’t know well. Added to this, he reads the map and tends to his wound also while driving at high speed. That’s a great example of Alpha Male confidence!
  • After escaping the first cops, Bourne attempts his first route away. However, when more Cops join the chase, notice how Bourne quickly works out a new plan. He understands that he needs to stay fluid and flexible in his approach to ensure he achieves his main goal. This is a needed quality when picking up women!
  • Even in mortal danger and it looks like Bourne is about to be killed, he stays calm and works a solution, where the majority of normal people would have been too scared to do anything due to fear and panic.


How can I do that?

  • It is OK to go out with a game plan of what you are going to do (for example, the opener you will use, the chat up lines and what techniques you will use). However, it is wrong to stick too rigidly to it. You can never control another person and the events that happen on a night out. You need to be able to adapt and change as the events progress.
  • Accept that it will never be the right moment or the exact set of situations needed for your plan. It is OK to have a rough plan of what you want to do (e.g. approach 5-10 women, try a kiss test within 5 mins, go to these 3 bars then this club etc) but understand that nothing can be counted on. Be like water, and find a new path to flow into if your original channels are blocked. Be fluid, not solid in your resistance.
  • Try new things … a lot. Not only will it give you inner confidence and new experiences by doing new things, it will also develop your brain to think on its feet in new situations. Push yourself out of the comfort zone you’re in and learn to take risks.
  • Try some improvisation and debating classes as these will teach you to react to events and talk/act back without too much hesitation.
  • Have an end goal you would like at the end of the night but stay open and flexible about how you will achieve it. Try some nights, where you just go where a friend wants to go, a new place opening event, a evening class advertised in the paper etc.


So, do I have it right? Did it blow your mind or suck ass? Let me know in the comments below and then watch another!

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