How to be the Alpha Male in a Group of Guys – Lord Flashheart (Blackadder)


What is it?

Character: Lord Flashheart
From: Blackadder
Type: Comedy Stars
What is this clip about: Blackadder and George have decided to join the ’20 Minuters’ flying squad and are going to their first training lession … being led by Lord Flashheart!

Why should I watch it?

  • Lord Flashheart just doesn’t care. He struts in and says and he says and does as he wants. Notice how he swaggers in, with complete confidence (the character is meant to be sex-mad so he leads by the groin).
  • He completely controls the group of men, who all hang on his words (obviously except for Blackadder who hates him!). He assumes that they all love him and want to follow him. He tools people who are not completely down with his beliefs. He trusts in himself that the guys will follow him.
  • He builds emotional state in the group by making crude jokes, talking loudly and excitedly and gets them to join in by repeating catch-phrases  (a lot of dating guys will get you to do this sort of thing at the start of a night to build your state and loose your inhibitions). He becomes the ‘cool’ guy of the group and people gravitate towards the cool person in the group.
  • He has complete control. He takes up the room, he is loud, projecting his voice far, locks eye contact with anyone who speaks to him and just tells them, not asks, tells them what to do. It’s an over-dramatic display but you get the gist of it!


How can I do that?

  • Stop trying to befriend everyone. Stop caring and trying to please everyone – it’s not possible. Set your beliefs and stick to them. You can’t appease everyone but you will be happier inside by being true to your core values as a person.
  • People like to be led. Try talking a bit louder than other males. Lock in eye contact with people you speak to. Build an emotional state in them. Do this by talking excitedly about what you enjoy, bring others into the conversation, look to give value to others rather than leech value from others.
  • Some people will try and challenge you for leadership. Learn to deal with confrontation. Talk loudly when needed. Speak your mind and don’t try to suck up but ensure you speak as you believe. Some people are general dicks and you should just ignore them as it isn’t worth your time.
  • Leadership is about understanding what you followers need and supplying it to them but also about telling them how to do it. Practise giving people small orders and expand from there. People follow people who are good at helping them. Build your reputation as the go to guy for help by continually learning and developing yourself.
  • Try volunteering with coaching kids or something similar. Maybe look at doing some supervisor work in your job. Start small but learn to lead from the front. Any experience in leading others (no matter their age) is a major step in the right direction.


How was it? Did it blow your mind or suck ass? Let me know in the comments below and then watch another!

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