How to be the Centre of Attention – Criss Angel (Mindfreak)


Character: Criss Angel
From: Mindfreak TV Show
Type: O.C.S


What is this  clip about?

I found this clip whiles searching online and I think it is a great example of the Alpha Male (of this group), being a leader, maintaining the attention of the group and showing high value. I wanted to share it with you as I think it gives a good example of the sort of thing that you should be aiming for in becoming more Alpha in your daily life. In the clip, Criss Angel – a very talented magician – is viewing a friends painting and decided to make parts of it come alive. Enjoy!


Why should I care?
  • Angel is a good example of someone who uses his passion to draw people to focus in on him. He has a love for magic and loves to shock and amaze people – people just get drawn into the emotional quality of his tricks. Watch how the crowd are in awe of him. He loves to build the emotional experience in the crowd to fever pitch and doesn’t react to them like a beta male would, Angel commands and leads throughout.
  • Angel dresses the same as his friends (and most of his crew) yet he cultivates an image and acts in a certain way so that there is no doubt who the top dog is in the group. Notice how comfortable Angel is in being in control and being the centre of attention (yes, it is his show but he gives a great example to aim for in this clip).
  • Angel interacts with the group, he brings them into the experience. As a magician, this is obviously part of the act, but it is something you should remember when interacting with a group – whatever emotions you feel, the group will feel. So if you want the groups (read: the hot girls) to be excited and happy, you need to be excited and happy too! Be the emotion that you want the group to have. Also by bringing her/them into the experience you are making her feel involved and using social proof to your advantage. People love to be involved with the cool and happy people and being the centre of attention in a venue, use this to your advantage and be that type of person!
  • Watch how the painter and the other males in the crows (read: beta males) make Angel look even hotter to the girls by concentrating on him and showing beta behaviours. Yes, I know it’s a magic trick and Angel is meant to be the centre of attention but look out for this in group situations – beta males will actually ‘promote’ the alpha male by demonstrating weak behaviours and fawning/being submissive to the Alpha Male. Group dynamics are amazing to analyse! Be more aware when with people about people are acting when together, look for different behaviours than they normally demonstrate on their own, who is leading the group and so on.
  • The dude pulls a martini glass and cash out of a painting – pretty cool to watch man!


OK I like it. How can I be like this dude?
  • Find a passion for your life. You don’t need to learn magic tricks to do in a bar to attract girls (you can find PUA’s who offer to teach this sort of thing – don’t even get me started on that!!). You need to have something in your life that you are passionate about though. When you are passionate talking about something, you will be very emotional and confident, you will talk with an infectiousness tone and manner that will draw people in. It doesn’t matter what the topic is but if you find it interesting, girls will too. For example, my family have sheep they keep as a hobby after inheriting them. I have discussed the lambing season with girls and took her home – might say more about the girl though!
  • Practise leading. Girls have a biological want and need to be lead and a willingness to be submissive. Girls want to be lead by a man – its a biological thing. Girls want a guy to follow, protect and lead them, like in the cavemen – use this. Lead a girl through a interaction, tell her to come and get a drink with you, lead her through the venue, bring her to a more secluded area to escalate in and so on. Be the guy who tells her to come home with you, be the dominant person in bed. Don’t look for signs of attraction, assume she is attracted to you and wants to go home with you. Your job is simply to show her you are a confident leader and a dominan. Job done!
  • Use every opportunity as a chance to work on your social and group skills. Work on your ability to talk to groups so you are comfortable interacting in large numbers, work on things such as how you stand, how you talk, the tonality of your voice. Consider yourself on stage when you are interacting with people, imagine that you are the focus of the group and you need to lead them and build attraction in them. Work on commanding the group and leading the event.
  • Do things that give you confidence. Go to the gym, find a hobby you are passionate about, find a good group of friends that motivate you, read good books and eat good food and so on. Use this confidence to step outside of your comfort zone and believe in yourself. Forget about how others see you and what they might think of you. Accept your new role as a leader. Accept the pressure of being the attention in a group. Stop hiding away and revel in the attention leading others brings (especially from girls!). From this day on, you are no longer going to hide in the shadows, bask in the light of the centre!


So what do you think of Criss angel? Is he a good example of someone that you should be aiming to copy? Let me know what you think in the comments section below.
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