How to deal with threats from other guys – The Joker (Batman Begins)


What is it?

Character: The Joker
From: Batman Begins
Type: Action Star
What is this clip about: The Joker has been arrested and is being interrogated by Batman (played by Christian Bale). Throughout the interview, Batman resorts to violence to try and scare the Joker into giving up information, which leads to interesting results.


Why should I watch it?

  • The Joker is himself throughout the clip, regardless of whether he is threatened by violence or is actually assaulted by Batman. The Joker does not back down, suck up to Batman or give up on his beliefs solely because Batman is trying to kick the crap out of him.
  • The Joker can read the real reasons behind Batman’s motives and actions. Batman can’t read the Joker and therefore has to resort to violence. The Joker says exactly as he thinks and sticks to his end goal throughout the clip.
  • The Joker is in Police room being interrogated by Batman – who scares all the other Mobsters and Villains, yet the Joker doesn’t care. The Joker remains in control when threatened, he self amuses and cracks jokes and says exactly as he thinks, looking Batman straight in the eye.
  • The Joker remains confident, self-assured and sticks to his skills – e.g. talks his way into people’s heads (Batman gets frustrated and has to resort to violence).


How can I do that?

  • Accept that some guys will be dickheads in life (and you will find a lot of them in Pubs and nightclubs). Some guys may go Caveman style at you if they see you coming into their area and trying on a girl they like. Understand that not everyone is as smart as you – assuming your smart as you’re reading this site! – and they may resort to violence. Be prepared for confrontation – just in case. Remember, bullies are scared of you taking their place in the group – try and befriend them if they are in the group with the girl you want (you should befriend and talk to all the group anyway!).
  • Learn to difuse situations away from Pick-up. Confront people (only when needed) in less potentially aggressive places. Stand up for yourself or debate things with people. Try and change their viewpoints and argue your side. Learn to use your negotiation and talking skills to turn people to follow your viewpoint and way of thinking. Bullies/aggressive people can be talked down (I do it regularly).
  • Learn to look past what is happening and consider why things are happening. Look at people’s actions. Are they afraid, are they out of control, are they a bully, have they never been challenged before and so on – each action we do in life has a motive behind it. Most guys will threaten but will never actually resort to violence. Learn to read the real reason somebody does something.
  • If someone takes a swing at you, remain calm. Stick to your true self. People that fight get thrown out. Let the chump get launched out and then go and hit on more hotties.
  • Have a end goal in your life. Find something that you want from life and pursue it continuously. People back down when they see you can’t be threatened by them. Having a end goal will help you ignore bell-ends trying to threaten or hit you when you are trying to pickup women.
  • Unlike the Joker, I’d advise you to learn some basic self-defence. I am leaning more towards Krav Maga as it seems to be the perfect blend of skills that you need in a fight where alcohol can totally affect someone’s normal behaviour.
  • Use positive, open body language. Smile and stand up straight. Anticipate the danger. Most guys throw wild haymakers and you can see them coming a mile away. Dress well so you feel confident in yourself and be sociable to all. Bullies won’t go for the person who is liked by the group – to avoid them becoming alienated by the others.


So, who do you think won in that scene? Did it blow your mind or suck ass? Let me know in the comments below and then watch another!

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