How to give great eye contact – Randy Orton (WWE)

Character: Randy Orton
What is this clip about: This clip is a two minute montage of the ‘look’ Randy Orton is famous of giving – like his eye contact is penetrating your very soul.
From: WWE
Type: Sport

Who’s this dude then?

Good eye contact is one of the most important things that you can learn and will help you get better with women. However, most guys can’t look at anybodies eyes for more than a few seconds, nevermind a girls! So we need to use a role model to show you some basics. For this, I’ve gone for the master of the RKO (look it up on Youtube)!

Randy Orton. Orton is a ‘third-generation’ superstar (his father and grandfather were also wrestlers too) and there’s no one better to demonstrate the eye contact that I keep banging on about.

Now every wrestler gets a persona or a gimmick. They get nicknames and a image to play to. Their chance of success in the business (and earning potential) depends on how well they can sell their gimmick to the fans. Most wrestlers do an OK job, with the top performers earning top dollar. Orton however seems to be actually living his.

Orton is known as ‘the Viper’. He plays the role of a cold-blooded killer, waiting to strike at any moment perfectly.

When you watch the video, notice how Orton seems to look straight through you when his face is turned towards the camera. His eyes seem to penetrate through you. He has a way of making his face look snake-like before it strikes. Orton is brilliant at focusing his gaze through the ‘target’ and looking ‘evil’.

Yep, that’s all great for the cameras, but what use is this to me?

Today’s post is going to be a short intro into good eye contact but you can still learn a lot from watching Orton in this short video.

  • Look at the person in the eyes (yep that simple) but act as if you are looking through them to a few feet past them.
  • Keep your face loose. Don’t tighten the rest of the face as this can seem aggressive to others.
  • Know … don’t think … know that you are a Alpha Male. Know that you are attractive the way you are. Use this confidence to fuck a girl with your eyes. As you talk to her, imagine that you are looking through her bullshit, straight to her base needs. She wants to fuck. Show her that you are the man for her with your eyes and your confidence will do this.
  • Remember to blink! No stalker eyes.
  • If you’re struggling, aim to work a three point triangle. The top point is the person’s eyes. The other points are to the left and right of the person. Look the person in the eyes as much as possible but when you feel that you can’t continue, look to one of the other points (left or right of the person) and return back to the person as soon as possible. The outside two points are for quick relief only. I found this idea really helpful when I was trying to build up my eye contact ability.

What to do to get better?

  • If you are struggling with starting this or would like to work on this at home, you can! Grab a mirror (and somewhere private – people will think your mad if they see you do this!) and sit it a short distance away from you. All you got to do is look straight into your own eyes. That’s it. Simply stare into your own eyes. Look into them for as long as possible. If you can’t look into your own eyes, you won’t be able to look into other people (read: girls) eyes.
  • When walking down the streets, try and look people approaching in the eye, till they look away. As you will pass a lot of people, this will give you plenty of practise looking people in the eye. If you can barely do this at all, it will give plenty of opportunities to get better at it. If anyone asks what you are looking at or seems aggressive in response, simply say “oh sorry, I thought you were someone else”. Aim to have the other person break eye contact first.
  • When interacting with anyone at all, aim to look them directly in the eye.Remember to blink though – Stalker eyes ain’t attractive! Don’t just practise with women but also with men, women you don’t fancy, your parents and so on. Use every social interaction as a chance to practise.
  • Another thing that you can try, is to make it a given, that you will look into the persons eyes, when you say your introduction or opening statement. Aim for that only. Don’t worry about any other. Remove all other goals. Any time you can look someone in the eyes more than just at the introduction is a bonus. You remove the pressures that most people put on themselves when trying to learn a new skill (as they tend to try and be perfect straight away – which doesn’t work). As you talk to more people, try to look whoever you are speaking to more and more in the eye throughout the conversations. You will find that it is the initial introduction that makes people nervous, and it is this nervous energy that they carry on throughout the conversation. This makes them weak and unable to look people straight in the eyes. For the introduction, know you are the top dog and own it!


I’m going to be hitting this topic more in the future but I wanted to give you a brief look at it just now.

So what do you think? Agree? Disagree? Let me know in the comments below

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  2. How to give great eye contact – Randy Orton (WWE)

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