How to say anything you want – Frankie Boyle (Comedian)


What is it?

Character: Frankie Boyle
From: A range of Comedy Shows.
Type: Comedy Stars
What is this clip about: Frankie Boyle’s 10 darkest (read funniest!) jokes.


Why should I watch it?

  • Comedy is funny, Frankie Boyle is funnier. His jokes are like those you tell your friend when no one else is listening, he just says it out loud.
  • Boyle doesn’t pull any punches. He is self amusing throughout. You can tell he is just being himself and saying what he finds funny (notice he laughs at most of his own jokes).
  • He doesn’t suck up – like most people would do – when people comment on how bad his jokes are. He sticks to his guns and just says what he wants.
  • Boyle is in the public eye, where people are judged harsher than you would be in norml life but he continues his ‘dark’ material the same as he did before his TV fame.


How can I do that?

  • Stop caring, you can’t please everyone. Some people will dislike you regardless of how you act, so stop caring and concentrate on being your true self. Say as you think, don’t brown-nose to anyone.
  • Find people that you trust and can be yourself around. Use the confidence gained from this to be yourself with others.
  • Start small if needed. Look for small confrontations you can do and build from there. Instead of letting people off with things, say how you really feel. The confidence you gain from this can be used to challenge in bigger and bigger situations.
  • Humour is an important part of life. Use everyday as a chance to build on your humour and chances to see what you find funny in your life. Try new things and enjoy life. Don’t live someone else’s.


So, do I have it right? Did it blow your mind or suck ass? Let me know in the comments below and then watch another!

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