How to sell to another person – Vin Diesel (Boiler Room)

Character: Chris Varick
Played by: Vin Diesel
Type: O.C.S

What is this clip about?

In this clip, Varick is demonstrating the perfect sales call to the other Brokers. However, if you look deeper, you realise it is a good example of an Alpha Male demonstrating his confidence and belief in himself as well as the ability to remain calm under pressure when surrounded by power-hungry colleagues. Kind of makes the pressure you feel when approaching a girl at the bar, feel silly now doesn’t it! In this clip, Varick is selling stock to a potential client, however you can use this same style of approach when selling your idea to someone or getting a girl to buy into the idea of having sex with you!


What does he do that I should take note of?
  • The strong dominant stance with open body language that Varick uses throughout the call.
  • He uses a slow, deep, masculine tonality throughout the call. He talks with passion and emotion as he builds the excitiment in the doctor as he talks.
  • He dresses as well as possible. The suit and the personal grooming give Varick confidence in himself. He knows he looks good, so he feels good. As he feels good, he acts positively
  • He has supreme confidence in his selling ability, he has made many sales calls before and has therefore built up success reference points – he knows that he is capable of success as he has done this before and internalised the feelings and actions needed. Varick has made successful selling part of his personality by repetition of the action. Therefore, he can source confidence from within himself rather than looking for external validation from his peers (always dangerous as it can be taken away at any time).
  • Listen to what Varick says to the doctor – listen how he uses emotional words to entice the doctor and uses the illussion that the doctor may miss out on something to get the doctor to buy the shares (people fear missing out on something more than spending money). The doctor is a great example of a Beta male being led by a Alpha Male.
  • Varick is proactive rather than reactive, where the doctor is very much reactive. Varick plants seeds of doubt in the doctors mind, he makes him fear missing out on a deal of a lifetime but Varick also knows when to stop talking. He knows when to push and pull the doctor depending on the feedback he is getting from the customer. There is little doubt that Varick can smooth talk the girls just as easy as he does with the doctor.
  • Notice how Varick leads the conversation throughout the call. He doesn’t suck up to the doctor or even thank him for buying the shares. Varick shows supreme confidence throughout (notice how he showboats to the other traders) he builds excitment in the doctor and the group. Varick builds a relationship in the call, he offers value, never taking it from the doctor. Varick doesn’t need to plead or persuade the doctor, he has him eating out of his hand.
  • Varick doesn’t use general, dull sales patter. He knows that he needs to sell the idea and benefits of why the doctor should buy the shares. Varick knows, like PUA’s, that people don’t ‘buy’ into sleeping with you/buying from you if you are logical. You need to be emotional. You need to build excitement and attraction in that person and let the person be controlled by their emotions. People will say that they have a particular type of person they fancy when you ask them away from the ‘rutting environment’, yet when they are working from a emotional level, in that club scene, any guy can make them the type of guy she wants by the emotions they create in her.
  • Notice the ease that Varick is with being the centre of attention. The other guys act so beta towards him. He has practised in this environment repeatedly, so this sort of work has become part of his identity, it is a natural part of him to embrace the pressure.


OK then, how can I do that sort of thing too?
  • Practice. You can imagine that Varick has spent hours practising his selling speel on the phone. He would have been blown out countless times but kept slugging away trying to find the right approach to sell consistently. Repetition gets consistency. You need to do the same. You need to practice again and again and even be happy if you get blown out. There is no rejection – just a learning experience showing you what doesn’t work. Take what does work, cut out the stuff that doesn’t and then practice … again and again. You will learn to be confident etc through repetition until the actions become part of your personality.
  • Put yourself into pressurised situations as often as possible. You can’t really know how you will react or i you have trained enough without getting into high pressure situations, be it a approach to a hot girl or a business meeting. Embrace every pressure event as a opportunity to get used to the emotions and feelings that such events inspire – learn how they feel, accept them as normal, notice how they won’t kill you and then look to experience them again … And again! As you experience these kinds of feelings more and more, your brain and emotions will become number to them and eventually after some practice, they will no longer phase you. Never look at these as negative events – instead look at them as a opportunity to push past your comfort zone, develop your personality and ability to handle stress better.
  • Use every social interaction as practice for ‘selling’. Sell yourself, sell your idea, at least sell the person/group the experience of you. Work on using social encounters as practice for giving value to others, for building up emotions in the other person, make it a mision to ensure the other person enjoys spending the time with you, no other outcome – this does not mean that you should be a clown joker, that is try hard and is not attractive to girls.
  • Dress to impress … yourself. Dress and groom yourself in a way that makes you feel good. Never try and impress others as you will fall into the trap of trying to appeal to others and relying on your confidence from external validation – if they take it away then your screwed! Instead, dress in ways that gives you confidence, look after yourself – hit the gym, read good books, eat hood food, sleep right. By working on your appearance and how you feel internally, you will feel confident and that confidence will come from within yourself – no one can ever take that from you.
  • Work on your body language, ensure you stand proud and erect, look people in the eyes, use open body language to entice people to speak to you. Negative body language includes crossing the arms, looking down when talking to people, fidgeting etc. When you talk, talk slow and deep (but be natural).
So what do you think? Is Chris Varick a good character to copy to learn how to sell? Let me know in the comments.
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